Rainie is the former director of security for Malcolm Merlyn's operations in Corto Maltese.


Rainie helped Malcolm Merlyn with some new technology, including stealth tech, along with a lab. Once he returned to the lab, she was told to communicate with the lab that he wanted to test the technology with drones. However, their fortress promptly began to be attacked, causing her to grab a local Malcolm had hit and run to safety.[1] Once they were inside, she became annoyed that she was caught in some sort of crossfire. She suggested Russians to be the attackers, but Malcolm dismissed the idea. He opened bags marked for Arthur King, revealing to Rainie that it was his true name, before inspecting an Arabic ring. Malcolm explained their attackers to Rainie as The Hidden, a secretive organization, despite her skepticism. She suited up, ready for the Hidden, and began to fend them off as they broke through their defenses. Suddenly, the local man noted his knowledge of the caves, showing them a secret exit.[2] They found their way through the tunnel, sealing their entrance, following the old man through the mountain. They found an outline of a tiger on the ground, discovering it to be a secret opening. They were ambushed by a horde of bats controlled by Saracon, causing them to fall through the ground,[3] closely followed by The Hidden. Having lost her gun, Rainie beat off some of the attackers, before disappearing[4] with an arrow in her back.[5]



Arrow: The Dark Archer


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