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"You're still a good boy."
"Oh, I think we both know I wasn't."
"But a good heart.
—Raisa and Oliver Queen[src]

Raisa is a former employee of the Queen family, working among their house-staff at the Queen Mansion. She later became the caretaker of Oliver Queen's son, William, for a time.


Early life[]

Raisa was in employment by the Queen family since Oliver Queen's childhood.[1] She once collected him from a playdate at Tommy Merlyn's house with a four-month-old Thea in a stroller, which was the first time Malcolm Merlyn saw his daughter.[2]

Oliver's return[]

When Oliver returned home in October 2012 after being shipwrecked on Lian Yu for five years, Raisa warmly greeted him, and Oliver was unaffectedly glad to see her. That night while serving dinner, Raisa tripped and nearly dropped a bowl of fruit on Oliver, which he caught. She tried to apologize, only for him to reply in Russian that it was fine, much to her surprise.

The next day, Raisa brought Oliver a meal in his room. When asked by Oliver if he seemed different to her, Raisa told him that he didn't, as he was still a good boy. Oliver pointed out he was far from it in the past but Raisa assured him that he still had a good heart. Oliver responded that he hoped so, because he wanted to be the person she always told him he could be, much to her joy.[1]

Taking care of William[]

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Raisa becomes the caretaker of William after the explosion on Lian Yu killed his mother, Samantha Clayton.

Raisa often comforted William when he woke from nightmares about his mother dying. When Oliver went with Slade Wilson to locate Slade's son, Joe, Raisa made William eat granola for the weekend, much to William's distaste.

Alternate reality[]

In the alternate reality created by the Dominators, Raisa still worked for the Queen family. When John Diggle arrived at the Queen Mansion and asked if he could see Oliver, Raisa let Diggle inside and directed him to where Oliver was preparing for his wedding to Laurel Lance.[3]


Raisa is an affectionate, nurturing, and kindhearted woman. She is very close to Oliver Queen, who views her as a second mother. Raisa is able to understand Oliver and always believed he had a good heart, even though his behavior wasn't the best before being shipwrecked.

Because of Raisa's close bond with Oliver, she has come to see his wife, Felicity Smoak and son, William Clayton, as a daughter and grandson to her, respectively.




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  • Raisa knew that Oliver was the Green Arrow prior to his confession.[4]