Ralph Dibny is a member of the Rogues from Earth-27.


Early life

At some point after Johnny Quick took over Central City, Ralph Dibny joined the Rogues to stand against Quick and his regime.[1]

Meeting a new speedster

In 2016, Ralph and the Rogues met Barry Allen, a speedster from Earth-1 who agreed to help them in their fight against Johnny Quick. The group discussed Johnny Quick and Ralph revealed to Barry that the villainous speedster was a former cop since he noticed that in the rare occasion where Johnny Quick's voice was heard, he used vocabulary specific for law enforcement.

Later, Ralph took part in the interrogation of a captured Quickling, Fred Chyre, until Barry decided to step in.[1]

Freeing Central City

After Barry managed to defeat and imprison Johnny Quick, Ralph, Len Snart, Mick Rory, and the other Rogues gathered supplies to prepare in helping the citizens of Central City come out of hiding and battle the Crime Syndicate.[1]




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