"I admit I destroy, but with a cleansing fire, that's the only way to deal with the scourge of humanity. I have been here for millions of years. It's how it always been and how it always will be. "
—Rama Khan to Supergirl[src]

Rama Khan is a powerful entity who is one of the former leaders of the planet Jarhanpur. He was tasked with the responsibility of protecting Earth from harm, forming and leading Leviathan.


Original multiverse

Early life

Thousands of years ago, after the destruction of Jarhanpur, Rama Khan came to Earth with other members of his species.[1]

Rama Khan has been in charge of Earth for the last 2 million years, and claiming responsibility for the destruction of Pompeii.[2] He was also responsible for Antioch, the Yellow River flood, the Bhola Cyclone, and Noah's flood.[1]

Battle with Supergirl and D.E.O.

In late 2019 in Leviathan headquarters's, Rama Khan is approached by Margot, who says she was unable to recover the Medallion of Acrata from Lena Luthor. So Gamemnae offers his help with her expectation to deal with the planet but Rama Khan denies it. So Rama Khan broke into Lena's press conference and tried to steal the medallion but she was saved by the Supergirl.[1]

Rama Khan attacks Lena.

At his headquarters, Rama Khan is disappointed that he can't discover Lena and the Medallion, yet he makes sense of they are in the Fortress of Solitude. Rama Khan appears at the Fortress so they battle, with Supergirl understanding that while Rama Khan can twist the earth, the Fortress isn't Earth - it's actually material from Krypton. Lena appears and hits him with the changed firearm, however Rama Khan get away.[1]

Later, Rama Khan and Gamemnae talk about their current circumstance and Gamemnae say that they have to destroy the humans and she notes that the planets are altogether coming into arrangement without precedent for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time. They needs to release a volcano and they just need Acrata to do it.[2]

Then Rama Khan appears to Acrata (Andrea Rojas) and demands that she help with his plan, when she denies it, he captures her and forces her to help. When the volcano is activating, Supergirl appears and they fight and Supergirl wins. Acrata is released by J'onn J'onzz and takes Rama Khan back to headquarters.[2]

Andrea is saved by Gamemnae.

When Rama Khan and Acrata are transported back to Leviathan's headquarters; Gamemnae grabs the Staff of the Shadow World from Rama Khan before he can strike Rojas. After the last event, Rama Khan lost his position as the guardian of Earth to Gamemnae.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Rama Khan as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[3] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[4]

New multiverse

"He hasn't been seen on this Earth for hundreds of years."
Nia Nal[src]

Rama Khan illustrations.

In the new multiverse, Rama Khan always works for Leviathan,[5] but was never seen on Earth-Prime in the present day. There were artist depictions of him, but when he, or Leviathan, is researched too deeply, the investigator is usually discouraged from continuing.[6]

Destruction of the D.E.O. National City headquarters

"I came here to give you a second chance to destroy the Supers."
—Gamemnae to Rama Khan[src]

Years ago, Rama Khan lost a group of rings[6] which somehow were in the Fortress of Solitude until Lex Luthor stole them.[7] As Rama Khan played solitaire in the mothership headquarters, Gamemnae presented him with his rings; since they were his, he knew exactly how to use them to kill Supergirl.

Rama Khan went to Portland and started an earthquake; Supergirl and Dreamer opted to oppose him while Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian went to stabilize the tectonic plates and to help the citizens. During the battle, Supergirl noticed that he was weaker without his staff. Upon his defeat, agents from the D.E.O. arrived, placed power-dampening cuffs on him, and took him into custody.

Deflecting heat vision.

At D.E.O. National City headquarters, Director Querl Dox talked to Rama Khan in the native language of Jarhanpur, much to his surprise, as Supergirl and Dreamer watched through a two-way mirror. Threatening to imprison Rama Khan indefinitely, Brainy wanted access to the mothership of the Jarhanpurians; Rama Khan laughed, as he was where he wanted to be. As Brainy realized that it was a trap and that Rama Khan feigned defeat, Supergirl broke through the mirror to challenge her foe. During the battle, the Martians came to help; Miss Martian acted as a distraction while Brainy evacuated the building. Meanwhile, Rama Khan summoned all of the Kryptonite in the building to himself. Having what he wanted, he made a dramatic exit and destroyed the building.[6]

Clash with the Superfriends

Charging the rings.

Gamemnae told Rama Khan to disable the shields in anticipation of Lex Luthor's arrival; she was countermanded by the Elder who said that for their protection, the shields would remain. When Lex arrived, he fell to Rama Khan's feet; Rama found amusement that a Luthor was bowing before him. He assured them that with the Kryptonite and the fact that he can track her if she uses her powers that he will deal with Supergirl; he, Sela and Tezumak then loaded the rings they had with radiation.[8]

Rama Khan and Tezumak.

There were two sightings of Supergirl, one on a rooftop and another in a park; Rama Khan and Tezumak went to the park. There, they found Dreamer with J'onn J'onzz impersonating Supergirl. Since the true target was not there, after J'onn was hurt, they were allowed to retreat.[8]

Rama Khan is disintegrated.

When Supergirl did use her powers, she was in a warehouse, so the trio went to attack her and found her with Dreamer and Miss Martian; they succeeded in poisoning her with the kryptonite, but suddenly she returned to battle in a new suit that protected her. Supergirl then caused an explosion that disintegrated the ancient ones, but, proving they were immortal, Rama Khan and the others reconstituted themselves, causing the heroes to flee in terror.[8]

Rama Khan is bottled.

Later, Rama Khan received an insult telepathically from Martian Manhunter that made him so angry he vowed to conquer Mars after he was done with Earth. Rama Khan led the others against the Superfriends, but unexpectedly, they were teleported back to the mothership headquarters, shrunk, and placed in a bottle by Querl Dox. Lex eventually took the bottle, including Rama Khan, to Lillian Luthor.[8]


He can be described as hypocritical. He sees humanity on a path to destroying the planet, yet he is willing to cause world wide destruction himself.[2]

Powers and abilities


"Extinction level events have been happening since the beginning of time... I should know I was here to make it happen."
—Rama Khan[src]

Rama Khan in his stone form.

  • Jarhanpurian physiology: Due to Rama's alien physiology; he has superhuman physical attributes and was gifted with the power of geokinesis.[1]
    • Geokinesis: Rama creates natural disasters like earthquakes and becomes part of the Earth itself. He has complete control over the earth on any scale and makes it part of him like when he took Supergirl's full heat vision at no effect because he used Earth as a buffer. Controlling the elements, he is responsible for what happened in Pompeii, Yellow River flood, Bhola cyclone, and even Noah's flood.[1]
    • Hydrokinesis: Rama can manipulate and bend water to his will to a point of creating mass destruction.[1]
    • Atmokinesis: Rama has claimed to have manipulated and bent the weather to his will, as he has taken responsibility for the Bhola cyclone in East Pakistan.[1]
    • Extended longevity: Rama is nearly immortal having lived at least 2 million years, participating in ancient cataclysmic events such as Pompeii's explosion.[2]
    • Accelerated healing factor: Rama is able to heal much faster, more extensively and efficiently than normal humans.[1]
    • Super strength: Rama possesses considerable physical strength as he overpowered Supergirl without manipulating the earth.[2]
    • Super senses: Rama can feel anything that is near the elements. That is how he knew Lena Luthor and Supergirl were in the one part of the world that wasn't of the earth: the Fortress of Solitude.[1]


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a Jarhanpurian general, Rama Khan was highly trained in unarmed combat.[1]
  • Expert tactician: As a Jarhanpurian general, Rama Khan is a highly trained tactician.[1]
  • Bilingual: Rama Khan speaks Jarhanpurian and English.[6]


  • Connection to the Earth: Rama Khan can only connect himself to one planet at any one time. As such, he can only control the material that makes up that one planet and requires a connection to the ground to use his reconstructive abilities. This means he must be on the ground to use his abilities. It also means he cannot control the Fortress of Solitude as this is Kryptonian material.[1]


Original multiverse

  • Staff of the Shadow World: Rama Khan used the power of the staff to enhance his earth bending ability to cause several of history’s worst natural disasters including the destruction of Pompeii, the Yellow River flood, the Bhola Cyclone, and Noah's flood. When the planets become aligned the staff combined with the power of the Medallion of Acrata can be used to cause an extinction level event.[2]

New multiverse

  • Staff of the Shadow World: Like in the original multiverse, Rama Khan has a mystical staff.[8]
  • Kryptonite rings: Rama Khan owned rings that were stolen from him and place in Fortresses of Solitude, but later returned to him by Gamemnae. He, Sela, and Tezumak loaded these rings with Kryptonite and used its radiation against Supergirl.[8] These along with his staff were shrunken and place in a bottle.



Season 5


  • Gamemnae states that she is giving Rama Khan a "second" chance[6] and Kara Danvers brags that she has beaten him "once" before[8], both on Earth-Prime; whether they are referencing a previously undocumented battle or the old multiverse is unknown.
    • If she is referencing the old multiverse, then Gamemnae and Rama Khan retain past memories.

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, Rama Khan is not an alien but a human, specifically a homo magi (a sub-race of naturally magic-wielding humans that evolved in a parallel but separate evolutionary line, alongside homo sapiens). He lived 3,000 years ago as the ruler of the nation of Jarhanpur. He later became a member of the League of Ancients, after being manipulated by Gamemnae to attack the Justice League in the 21st century.
  • Rama Khan is responsible for the following natural disasters:
    • Noah's Flood in chapters 6–9 in the Book of Genesis, God's floods the world for 40 days and 40 nights, to rid the world of sin, saving only 2-7 of every animal plus Noah and his extended family.
    • Starting in 1233 BC Antioch was destroyed by multiple earthquakes & war. For over 1500 years, it had immense power and "the cradle of Christianity" due to its role in Judaism and early Christianity.
    • 79 AD, Pompeii of Roman was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius under 13 to 20ft of volcanic ash.
    • 1839 The Yellow River Flood was created by the Nationalist Government in China during the Second Sino-Japanese War to stop the rapid advance of Japanese forces. Affected 5 million people.
    • 1970 The Bhola Cyclone devastating East Pakistan & India's West Bengal. It remains the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded and one of the deadliest natural disasters, killing 500,000 people.


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