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"Call me Kilg%re."
—Ramsey Deacon[src]

Ramsey Deacon, self-nicknamed Kilg%re, was a meta-human with the power to control technology, and a former computer programmer in the Silicon Valley.


Early life

Ramsey Deacon graduated from MIT. Afterwards, he became a computer programmer in Silicon Valley.[1]

Creating and losing Kilg%re

In 2013, Deacon created a malware he termed "Kilg%re" out of his garage along with Tim Kwon, Kurt Weaver, and Sheila Agnani. On January 17 of the following year, Deacon was honored at the 21st Annual Quasar Award Banquet in Keystone City. However, Deacon's three partners grew frustrated that he didn't try to make "Kilg%re" something bigger so they stole his idea and sold it to a large technology company for billions, leaving him with nothing. Deacon was unable to take legal action since Kurt erased any connection between the four of them.[1]

Gaining his powers and revenge

In late 2017, a despondent Deacon rode Central City Bus 405. The bus stopped to pick up Becky Sharpe, who sat near him. During the ride, the bus was hit with dark matter from a portal opened to release the Flash from the Speed Force, transforming all of the occupants into meta-humans.[2]

After discovering his powers, Deacon wished to gain revenge on his partners and first targeted Kurt. He followed Kurt to an apartment building and hacked into an elevator he was riding, causing it to shake Kurt about, eventually killing him.

The next day, Deacon went after Tim and made his car speed uncontrollably. However, this attempt was thwarted by the Flash. After Tim was taken to the Central City Police Department, Deacon followed him into the precinct, where he took control of a bomb disposal robot and made it set off a grenade to kill Tim, only to be thwarted again by the Flash. Deacon followed up by going to Sheila's house, where he found both her and Tim. When Sheila mocked Deacon, unapologetic for stealing "Kilg%re", he controlled her insulin pump and put her into shock before kidnapping Tim. However, Sheila was saved by Kid Flash and revealed that Tim had been captured.

Deacon brought Tim to a warehouse, where he chained him up and streamed Tim confessing to stealing "Kilg%re." Ramsey then attempted to kill him, but the Flash intervened. Ramsey, now calling himself Kilg%re, began to play with the Flash's suit, realizing it had large amounts of technology in it. He used the suit to knock out Kid Flash and throw the Flash about. However, the Flash was able to speed away, causing Kilg%re to focus his attention back on Tim, whom he decided manually kill with a gun. The Flash arrived in time, grabbing the bullet and injecting Kilg%re with a virus to negate his powers.

Deacon was then locked up in a triple-padded cell in Iron Heights Prison with signal-dampening walls. He was subsequently visited by Detective Joe West and CSI Barry Allen, who questioned how he got his powers. Deacon refused to say and simply mentioned that he wasn't the only meta-human of his type, implying that others like him would come to Central City.[1]

Escape from prison and death

A few months later, Gregory Wolfe was arranging for Deacon to be sold along with Barry, Mina Chaytan, Sylbert Rundine, and Becky Sharpe to Amunet Black. Deacon didn't believe that his situation would really change until Barry warned that Amunet's clients were among the worst and would turn him into their personal weapon. The group escaped their cells after Barry got the supplies he needed to melt the locks with acid. Deacon didn't want to trust "a cop" like Barry, but was told that he didn't have a choice if he wanted to be free and safe from Amunet.

The group went underground into an old unused prison wing that was buried underneath the new meta-human wing. When Barry pointed out that the Flash would put them back in prison if they returned to crime, Deacon claimed he would be going into "legal crime" by playing the stock market. As the group journeyed through the tunnels, they came upon a maintenance man and jumped him. Barry argued that they didn't have to kill him but Deacon believed they needed to avoid getting caught. Before Deacon could strike the man with a pipe, Barry knocked him out, stating they could just tie the man up and be on their way. The group came to a locked door with a keypad, which Barry recognized as one used outside of the meta-human wing; if they get through the door, they should be able to use their powers. Deacon tinkered with the lock, eventually allowing them to open the door and escape.

After getting through to the other side in the prison yard, Deacon quickly felt his powers returning and could tap into all the tech around him. He and the others thanked Barry before being ambushed by Wolfe and his men. Deacon disabled the security systems around them while he went to confront Wolfe with Mina and Sylbert. However, Wolfe revealed that Barry was the Flash and the one that imprisoned them, to begin with. Enraged, Deacon, Mina, and Sylbert tried to kill Barry, but Becky protected him using her powers, inadvertently killing Wolfe's men. The Thinker then showed up and attacked all of the metas (excluding Barry), absorbing their powers and transferring his consciousness into Becky's body.[3] Deacon was killed in the process.[4]


It is presumed that Deacon once had a close friendship with his partners and enjoyed designing programs with them. However, after having his credit stolen by them, Ramsey turned bitter and desired revenge. After gaining his powers, Deacon became corrupted, growing cruel, vengeful, and ruthless. He aimed to brutally murder his three partners in cold blood and even relished the idea of giving them slow, painful deaths. Deacon didn't care if he hurt civilians in his vendetta, willing to kill anyone who got in his way, intentional or unintentional. He is also sadistic as well, taunting Tim Kwon and Sheila Agnani as he tried to murder them.

Deacon previously admired the Flash, stating that controlling the hero's suit made it feel like he had his own action figure.

Even after being imprisoned, Deacon hadn't changed his ways; during his and his cellmates' attempted escape from Iron Heights Prison, Deacon was willing to kill an innocent maintenance man to ensure they wouldn't get caught. Upon learning Barry Allen was the Flash, Deacon immediately tried to kill him, despite Barry genuinely helping him escape from a fate he claimed that was worse than death.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After Deacon was struck by the dark matter energy given off when the Flash was released from the Speed Force, this altered his DNA and cells, enabling him to access his newfound powers.[2]
    • Technopathy: As a meta-human, Deacon had the ability to control any form of technology, overriding it with his own encryption, which changes and mutates like a biological virus, and can make the tech do whatever he desires. He also seemed to be able to sense technology in his surroundings, as when he went up against the Flash, Deacon stated that he could "smell" technology in the speedster's suit.[1] In addition, after getting far enough away from the meta-dampeners in Iron Heights' meta-human wing, he mentioned that he could smell technology within a five-mile radius of his location.[3]
      • Eye transformation: When doing so, his eyes and all lighting's affected by his powers glow purple.
      • Technological Reincarnation: Ramsey never knew it himself, but DeVoe later explained that he could upload his consciousness into computers to effectively become immortal.[5]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert programmer: While lacking drive or direction, Deacon was known to be a proficient programmer and able to create "Kilg%re", an effective malware, in his garage. His work was great enough to earn a cover shot on a magazine and a Quasar Award.[1] Deacon was also able to hack into a prison security door with a numbered passcode lock.[3]


  • Attentiveness: Ramsey must be focused and aware when using his powers; while controlling the Flash's suit, Deacon was momentarily distracted by Tim Kwon trying to escape, causing his technopathy to waver, thereby allowing the Flash to break free of his control and run.[1]
  • Non-technology area: If Ramsey placed in an area without any technology, he can’t use his powers at all nor sense technology beyond.[3]
  • Power-dampening tech: Despite his ability to control technology, Deacon's powers can be neutralized by using power-dampening tech. However, it the tech needs to be customized with a Kilg%re anti-virus, given that Ramsey was not initially locked in the meta-human wing of Iron Heights.[1]
  • Virus: Since Ramsey's powers work similar to a computer program, they can be counteracted if he is injected with a biological computer virus. This also leaves him temporarily incapacitated.[1]


The Flash

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Season 6


  • Deacon seemed to enjoy heavy metal music.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Kilg%re is an electro-organic intelligence that consumes electrical life to survive. He has a robotic body and possesses electrokinesis allowing him to interface with technology. He is an enemy of the Flash, as well as the Justice League.
  • Due to Janet Petty, another of DeVoe's victims, being listed as alive in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, Deacon's Post-Crisis status is currently unknown.