"I will never accept death, not like you did."
—Ramsey Rosso to Rachel Rosso[src]

Dr. Ramsey Rosso is the son of the late Rachel Rosso and a friend of Caitlin Snow. His plans to create a cure for HLH using dark matter as a binding agent led to him becoming a meta-human.


Early life

When Ramsey was a young child, he hurt his knee in a biking accident. He felt extreme pain and wanted to give up, but his mother encouraged him to never give up despite the pain. Years later, this would become a defining incident with Ramsey and his personality. He eventually followed in his mother's footsteps and became a doctor, working alongside Caitlin Snow until she left to join S.T.A.R. Labs on his mother's recommendation.

Eventually, his mother was diagnosed with HLH cancer forcing Ramsey to watch as his mother's life slowly faded over the course of months. However, instead of fighting the cancer, Rachel Russo instead spent her remaining time doing the things she most wanted to do in life. This particularly angered her son who felt she was being cowardly by not fighting her cancer. Rachel then passed away, leaving her son with lingering feelings regarding death and lab results that showed a 99% chance he would have the same cancer she had.[1]

Fighting death

Ramsey relentlessly researched a cure for himself, running countless simulations that all came back with the same result - that he needed dark matter to complete the cure. Knowing that Caitlin was still employed at S.T.A.R. Labs, a known producer of dark matter, he invited her to his mother's funeral. There, they exchanged pleasantries and Ramsey brought up the idea of meeting again under the guise of friendship.

Caitlin eventually agreed to share coffee with him and they met at CC Jitters. Ramsey quickly moved the conversation about his mother to his research, letting Caitlin know that he needed dark matter to finish it. Caitlin repeatedly objected on the grounds that it would cause unknown risks, angering Ramsey and causing him to leave the coffee shop. Now being forced to find dark matter elsewhere, Ramsey purchased a dark matter powered weapon off the black market. Taking the dark matter he needed, Ramsey injected himself with the cure. Initially, it seemed to work, but things turned horrifying moments later, mutating Ramsey into something else.[1]

Dealing with Mitch Romero

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Ramsey can be defined by his obsession and fear of death. Watching his mother die without fighting her cancer caused Ramsey to develop an intense obsession with defeating death. And his mother's acceptance of death caused him to label her a coward, for not taking a chance to fight and survive. Ultimately it was a fear of death that pushed Ramsey to extremes in developing a cure for cancer then testing it on himself, despite advice being given to him about its possible adverse effects. His new obsession strained his friendship with Caitlin Snow.[1]

A short time later, Ramsey began going down a much more sinister path. Having seen a victim of his powers produce a much healthier blood substance (which heals ailments) Ramsey is determined to create more no matter the lives it costs.[2]

Despite having a copy of the Hippocratic Oath hung up in his lab, he showed no value to the quote 'I will DO NO HARM to others.' and proceeded to break the oath. He found out that through killing humans with adrenaline infused blood, he can achieve eternal life no matter how many humans it takes for him to kill, which drove him all the more mad.[3]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: After injecting himself with the untested HLH cure infused with dark matter, this supercharged Ramsey's cells, allowing him to access his new-found powers.[1]
    • Haemokinesis: Ramsey possesses the power to control and manipulate blood. Through this power, Ramsey can absorb blood as well.
      • Reanimation: Should Ramsey use his abilities to take blood from others, the trace amount of his own dark matter-infused blood that he leaves in their systems will replicate itself and replace the blood of the victims, reviving them as violent and lumbering zombies that follow Ramsey's desire for dark matter. Shortly after he learned that he turn people into zombies, he found out that he can also command and control the zombies.[2] Should any zombie go on without dark matter being injected into them or without Ramsey nearby, they'll melt into a pool black blood.[3]
    • Superhuman strength: Ramsey has shown to have a remarkable amount of strength, as he demonstrated the ability to break open a lock with his bare hand when stealing blood from a hospital.[3]


  • Genius intellect: Ramsey is exceptionally intelligent individual, possessing a doctorate.[1]
    • Medical knowledge: Ramsey is a skilled biologist possessing intricate knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology, allowing him to experiment on himself.
  • Acting: Ramsey is a very good actor. He can act like a civilized doctor when around others without them suspecting anything.


  • Insatiable hunger: Ramsey is addicted to dark matter infused blood. He needs to "feed" to maintain his strength. Specifically, he finds out that in order to maintain his health, to keep himself alive, he needs to feed off of human beings with adrenaline infused blood, not normal blood.
  • Emotional instability: His obsession with defeating death has defiled his humanity. He only cares about surviving and nothing else. The more people he kills, the more unstable he becomes.


The Flash

Season 6

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Bloodwork was an enemy of the Flash who had the power to control blood. His first appearance in the comics was The Flash #29 (October, 2017).
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy also portrayed a doctor/scientist on NBC's Heroes, Dr. Mohinder Suresh. His Heroes character also gained powers through injection. Although, in Heroes, his injection was missing one ingredient. In The Flash, he had all the ingredients.
  • Ramsey currently serves as the main antagonist of the "Pre-Crisis arc" of Season 6 of The Flash.


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