Randall Hode is a man who hacked Starling City's wealthiest bank accounts and distributed the money by dropping it from a plane.


Hode hacked almost all of the wealthy people in Starling City, gathering all of their money and loading it on a plane. He began dropping it from the plane, allowing anyone to take it. Suddenly, The Hood found a way onto the plane. Randall attempted to shoot him, but The Hood was too quick and knocked him out. The Hood redirected the crashing plane towards an abandoned warehouse, and the two parachuted down before The Hood left Hode to be found by the police.[1]




Behind the scenes

  • The character's name is likely a reference to the legendary outlaw Robin Hood (in many iterations alternatively spelt "Hode"), who stole from the rich to give to the poor, just as Randall Hode did.


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