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"As a matter of fact, my partner on my Earth, Randolf, used to say, 'Why, H.R., you could convince a cowboy to buy dirt in a sandstorm.'"
Harrison "H.R." Wells to Barry Allen[src]

Randolf Morgan was the business partner of the late Harrison "H.R." Wells and a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth-19.


H.R. using Randolf's likeness.

In 2016, after Harrison Wells from Earth-2 sent a coded message with an equation on different Earths to find his replacement for Team Flash, on Earth-19 it was intercepted and decoded by Randolf, a business partner of Harrison "H.R." Wells at S.T.A.R. Labs, who brought it to H.R., giving him the opportunity to travel to another world and write a book.[1] Using a facial transmogrification device from Earth-19, H.R. Wells later took on Randolf's likeness so as to not be confused with the "Evil Wells", hunted on Earth-1 as a murderer.[2]

Cisco would later ask if Randolf had solved the cryptogram in order to get rid of H.R.[3]

The Flash later used Randolf's appearance in setting a trap for the Young Rogues at McCulloch Technologies, acting as a security guard.[4]

Due to the destruction and recreation of the multiverse, Randolf's status is unknown.


"This is not a riddle. This is a complex algorithmic cryptogram designed to test deductive reasoning, IQ, problem-solving skills, anything that our team will need to combat threats, meta-human or otherwise."
Harry Wells to Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Genius level intellect: Morgan cracked Harry Wells' complex algorithmic cryptogram, and caught his trick of embedding the secondary measures in the primary data string, which most people would not have caught. This means that Morgan has a high IQ and is capable of deductive reasoning and problem-solving.[5]


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