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"No vengeance is worth your soul!"
"What soul, old man?"
J'onn J'onzz and Manchester Black

"Rather the Fallen Angel" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the seventy-second episode overall. It aired on November 25, 2018.




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"Rather the Fallen Angel" begins with Kara floating above National City, tuning in for something. Machester Black is in a stalemate with one of the Children of Liberty. The psychological militant attempts to shoot Manchester, but Kara flies in and stops the slug.

Outside, the Liberty operator educates the team about the gathering focusing on an approaching payload shipment of taken parting poles.

James is taken to meet with Agent Liberty himself. James is unaware that the veiled individual is Ben Lockwood. Lockwood uncovers that he needs James to annihilate a landmark.

At L-Corp, Lena's collaborator illuminates her that they've found a willing member to take an interest in their new trial.

Kara shows up at the DEO to Alex giving her Ben Lockwood's new TV program. Kara orders Brainy to take a stab at finding the previously mentioned parting poles.

James is currently being held hostage at Agents of Liberty office when Tom and reveals to him that the gathering needs him to wreck the landmark on Shelly Island, the inviting port for outsiders in National City. The Agents of Liberty corner James and Tom outside and in return for the gathering keeping Tom alive, James consents to annihilate the landmark.

The guinea pig starts addressing Lena with regards to why he was the just one picked for the medication preliminary. Lena uncovers that she picked him since he was the one generally like her.

Alex shows up at Kara's loft soon thereafter to advise her sister that Brainy has discovered the assemblages of the five missing Children of Liberty.

Kara flies to Manchester's level to apologize for her activities prior. While there, Brainy radios to Kara that he thinks the parting bars are being utilized to make a little atomic weapon.

Lena advises the guinea pig the reason behind the preliminary — whoever experiences the system will pick up capacities that makes them powerful. In the wake of hearing that, the guinea pig gets agitated in light of the fact that he wouldn't like to transform into a saint and recounts to the anecdote about how his sibling left away in the wake of giving behind one of his kidneys.

Kara and Manchester reach the resolution that they're going to utilize the bomb in relationship with an occasion at Shelly Island. The two head out and it's uncovered that Manchester has set Supergirl up. Presently that she's on Shelly Island, she's weak in the possession of the Children of Liberty.

Lena's showing some kindness to-heart discussion with the guinea pig — who we currently know as Adam. She goes into the narrative of how she watched her mother suffocate and Adam reminds her it wasn't her flaw.

In his green room at the studio, Lockwood pulls up a surge of a surveillance camera on Shelley Island on his tablet. They've tied Kara up inside the base of the landmark without disclosing to James she's there. In the long run, Kara's ready to break free and uses what small amount power she has left proportional up the mass of the landmark and post to see James starting to film the prologue to his video that they're going to communicate preceding the destruction of the outsider sculpture. Kara cannot shout sufficiently boisterous to stand out enough to be noticed.

The Children of Liberty take Manchester inside, he flips sides again and begins shooting the operators. James is going to press the catch of the bomb when he looks toward the landmark and notification Kara attempting to get out. He won't press the catch and starts assaulting the specialists encompassing him.

Manchester gets outside and kills the force hosing gadgets, permit Kara to get every last bit of her forces indeed.

Lena strolls in the diagnostic room and reveals to Adam that they're done continuing with the trial however he persuades all her it going. In the wake of finding out about Adam's thinking for needing to proceed, Lena concurs and continues to infuse him with the medication.

Manchester's attempting to get away from the island when he's halted by J'onn, who goes up against him about his selling out of Kara. J'onn reveals to Manchester that he won't permit him to slaughter any longer individuals, even it was Agent Liberty himself.

Soon thereafter, Lena's talking into her voice recorder and it's uncovered that despite the fact that Adam had superhuman quality for around three minutes, he at last wound up biting the dust.

Back at CatCo, James apologizes to Kara and reveals to her he will compose an opinion piece about his side of the story with the Children of Liberty. The two discussion about Manchester Black's selling out. James admits to Kara that he comprehends why Lena deceived him about the lead prosecutor.

Later on, James takes supper to Lena's office and asks her how her day was, yet she turns it down, saying she'll see him tomorrow.

Brainy's staring at the TV with Kara and Alex when there's a thump on the entryway. Kara answers and it's a crushed J'onn. He's wailing and he is sorry to Kara for putting stock in Manchester.




  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature April Parker Jones (Lauren Haley) after signing on as a series regular.
  • In Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh, this episode was pushed back to 11:00 pm due to various after shows of Nightly Sport Call.
  • The episode's director, Chad Lowe, had a recurring role in the third season as Thomas Coville.
  • COL actors Artin John (camera-man COL) and Eric Regimbald (COl soldier) are best friends in real life. Appearing in the same episode as CW villains was a coincidence. They were also simultaneously rehearsing for stage-play "Best of Men" (where they played best friends) while in production for Supergirl.


  • Just after 1:15, Melissa Benoist glances directly at the camera before quickly recovering and continuing with her lines.