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Ravan Nassar is the former head of the Kahndaqian military and a former member of Task Force X and a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.


In 2012, Kahndaq was liberated by A.R.G.U.S. and a multitude of soldiers, leading to the imprisonment of Ravan at Guantanamo Bay and a lot of sectarian violence.[1]

Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Ravan Nassar

Deadshot, Bronze Tiger and Ravan Nassar.

Two years later, an extremist sect named Onslaught began kidnapping and murdering, leading to Lyla Michaels asking Ravan to join the Suicide Squad.[1] Ravan was cleaned up and given clothes and weapons. As they were ready to leave, John Diggle showed up to join them.[2] As they were preparing to drop above the Sinai Peninsula, Diggle questioned Nassar as to what piqued his interest in the mission, considering the nature of the others' membership, being chided for his previous actions as the country's head of military. Once on the ground, they snuck in to the nearby city. They ambushed extremists in the midst of an execution and Ravan, contrary to their initial plans, planted an IED on one of their trucks, leaving only one, badly-burnt survivor.[3] They took him to a house, tying him up and interrogating him. They requested to know where the resistance leader Khem-Adam was, but he claimed to have no idea. He refused to give up the location, until Diggle intervened, instead talking to him rather than torturing. Being told the Amon-Shu Caves, they rode on camelback, finishing the journey on foot. They broke through in to the caves, fighting off Khem-Adam and his men. However, before Nassar could take on Khem-Adam, a former soldier under his command, he was stopped by two arrows from Nyssa al Ghul, who took Khem-Adam. With Bronze Tiger killed, they escaped[4] to return home. Ravan was returned to his cell at Guantanamo Bay, believing that he had to pay for his past crimes.[5]



Arrow: Season 2.5[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Ravan Nassar is likely a reference to the DC Comics character Ravan, who was an enemy of the Squad for many years before later joining them.
    • A member of the Suicide Squad named "Raven" appeared in the Arrow episode "Unthinkable".