Rawhides is a novel written by Mick Rory under the pen name Rebecca Silver.


A part of the book tells of Captain Cash Harvey fighting the Prairie Bandits while Nasgowa literally stowed away in the captain's Conestoga wagon, and Nasgowa died because of it, but only because she desired to connect with him.



Mick, under the alias "Rebecca Silver", published and released Rawhides at some point in early 2019.

Mona Wu presumably bought a copy and read the book. When she attended Rebecca Silver's panel at Romanti-Con 2019 and saw Charlie, she asked her a difficult question regarding the plot of Rawhides, which Charlie failed to answer correctly. Mona caused an uproar with the audience, but was immediately defused by Mick, who explained the correct answer and revealed Rebecca Silver's true identity.[1]


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