Raymond "Ray" Terrill (born March 1995) is the husband of Leo Snart and a member of the Freedom Fighters known under the alter ego the Ray.


Original multiverse

Early life

Ray originated on Earth-1 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, having an older brother named Michael who fought in the War Against Terror until he was killed. The only child of the Terrills left, he still lived at home with them and kept his homosexuality a secret from his parents as he reached adulthood. Insisting on working at jobs that only helped the less fortunate, Ray worked alongside his friends Jenny Knight and John Trujillo until one day when they all got laid off. That night, Ray gained light-based powers from his dying doppelgänger and used them to stop crime in his hometown, honing his skills and becoming The Ray. This was noticed by Curtis Holt and Cisco Ramon, who got him to team up with them, The Flash, Green Arrow, and Vixen to stop a rogue military robot attacking Detroit.

Later, Ray was at home with his parents when Overgirl broke in and stole the remains of Red Tornado that Ray's Earth-X counterpart had left. Ray decided to come out as gay to his parents before departing to Earth-X to face Overgirl. Teaming up with the Freedom Fighters, Ray battled the forces of the New Reich, eventually defeating Overgirl in single combat and tossing her into the distance while his new allies captured Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg.

At some point, Ray met and fell in love with Leo Snart, for which he was rounded up by Nazis and taken to a camp, being given a power-dampening collar.[1]

Crisis on Earth-X

Ray Terrill returning to the Freedom Fighters' base

Ray after he returned to the base of operations of the Freedom Fighters.

While at the camp, Ray interacted with a number of heroes from Earth-1, their origins unbeknownst to him. When a Sturmbannführer came to do a check, the heroes and Ray were pulled out of the area to be executed. On their way, some of the Earth-1 heroes attempted to escape but were stopped by shocks from their power-dampening collar. They continued on, but before they could be shot, Leo intervened, breaking Ray's collar and allowing him to use his powers to let them escape. They returned to the base of operations of the Freedom Fighters, where Ray was brought up to speed on who they were and their abilities. He introduced them to General Winn Schott, who told them of their plans to blow up a gateway to Earth-1. Alex Danvers attempted to argue, wishing to return home and help their friends, but Schott's mind was decided, a fact Ray tried to assure her. Ray and Leo left to their quarters, where the former questioned why the latter was so adamant about helping the heroes, eventually coming round to the idea. They suited up, before going to talk to General Schott. After some arguing, he agreed to give them some time, an hour. They discussed a game plan, before heading for the hangar. The group was able to get in under the guise of transporting the Führer. After some difficulties, the Ray and the Flash watched the perimeter for Red Tornado. Deciding not to give them a full hour, General Schott sent Red Tornado out, much to the distress of the two heroes. They caught up with Red Tornado, attempting to make him stop, but he was otherwise unaffected, sending them crashing to the ground.[1] Suggesting they combine their powers at once, the Ray had the Flash send lightning at him, while shooting a beam of light energy, successfully defeating Red Tornado. Successfully opening a breach to Earth-1, The Ray flew through it.[2]

The heroes arrived at just the right time, the Ray and Firestorm flying in to help destroy Metallo. Sometime later, all of the combined heroes gathered aboard the Waverider, discussing their course of action, as Overgirl, who was about to go nuclear, was in Central City. They were then hailed by another timeship and the heroes watched on as the Green Arrow talked to his doppelgänger. The heroes soon after took to the streets, where the Ray flew around taking out Nazis. After the threat was eliminated, the Ray watched on as Steel caught Supergirl after falling from space. Following the ordeal, Ray decided to return home, albeit without Leo, who decided to hang around for a bit before returning to Earth-X.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

As the antimatter wave spread throughout the multiverse, Earth-X was one of the many Earths that were affected by it. The Ray used his powers to navigate above his city to help anyone in need.[3] During the attack, he fought other Nazi soldiers but he is taken by Harbinger to Earth-1 before the wave hit him. He then joined forces with the other heroes to stop Outkast from wiping out other universes.[4]

New multiverse

In 2016, Ray became a vigilante, using the name "the Ray."[5] His current whereabouts and whether or not he remains in his hometown of Tulsa remains unknown.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Ray gained light-based powers from his dying doppelgänger and used them to stop crime in his hometown, honing his skills and becoming The Ray.
    • Solar energy radiation: Ray's powers are based on solar radiation that generate when he uses photokinesis and leaves a trail behind his movements, but quickly dissipates. Similar to Kryptonians, Ray can also absorb energy from the Sun. However, while Kryptonians are granted abilities native to their species, Ray was granted the power of photokinesis: the power to manipulate light.
      • Photokinesis: Ray has the ability to manipulate light, due to absorbing energy from the Sun.
        • Hard light constructs: Ray can use photokinesis to create constructs of pure light, including his suit.[6]
        • Invisibility/Molecular vibration: Ray is able to vibrate his body at such frequencies that it allows his photokinetic powers to make his body invisible and intangible, which can help to evade bullets, although he is not bulletproof.[6]
        • Light speed: Ray is capable of supersonic flight and is able to escape crime scenes without notice, he is also able to use his power to vibrate his molecules. This allows him to move at speeds comparable to The Flash.[2]
        • Light energy blasts: Ray is able to project bursts of light energy at his enemies, using them to cause explosions.[1][2]
        • Flight: Ray can fly unassisted through the air, reaching great speeds, able to keep up with Barry Allen's running speed.[1]
        • Enhanced durability: Ray was able to take several blows from an enraged Overgirl, a powerful Kryptonian, without showing signs of serious injuries.
        • Super strength: Ray was able to trade blows with Overgirl and even defeat her despite her Kryptonian strength and durability.


  • Power-dampening tech: When Ray was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp, he was forced to wear a collar that dampened his powers.[1]


  • The Ray suit: Ray uses photokinesis to create a "hard light" suit made out of solar energy. It's implied that the mechanic behind suit's creation is instinctive, as Ray ended up creating the same kind of suit as his doppelgänger without really trying.[6]


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Ray Terrill is a superhero with light-based powers, at times being a member of the Freedom Fighters, Justice League of America and Young Justice, among others. His father, Langford "Happy" Terrill, was the original Ray, being a member of the Freedom Fighters and All-Star Squadron during World War II.


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