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Raymond Jensen[1] is a former agent of the D.E.O. He later betrayed the organization and joined Mercy and Otis Graves in their mission with the Children of Liberty. As part of the organization's goals, Jensen willingly became infected with an Angon alien parasite, briefly becoming the second Parasite. However, when convinced by Alex Danvers to stop his rampage, Jensen rejected the parasite and fell into a coma.


Working at the D.E.O.

At some point between June and October 2018, Jensen became an agent of the D.E.O..

In October 2018, Jensen was amongst the new recruits of the D.E.O. training with Director Alex Danvers. After a brief sparring match, Alex had Jensen pinned down. Their match was then interrupted by president Olivia Marsdin's arrival. A couple days later after Otis Graves was captured, Alex instructed Jensen to take him into holding.[2]


Jensen uneasily watched the news report on president Marsdin being outed as an alien. One of his co-workers says disrespectful remarks about her, but another D.E.O. agent did not like his disrespectful remarks towards the former president of United States and put him in his place, coldly stating that Marsdin not reviewing her identity as alien does make her a traitor, which was about to result in physical confrontation between the two. After Alex broke up the fight, Jensen informed her that he'd moved Otis into interrogation. After Alex questioned Otis, Jensen took him back to his cell. [3]

Later after Mercy Graves was captured, Jensen monitored her and Otis. Mercy revealed she had researched Jensen and expressed the "irony" of him imprisoning humans instead of aliens, to which Jensen firmly stated that his job was to maintain peace between both species. Mercy took advantage of his fear, claiming aliens attack and invade Earth because they want to be humans, yet he was working with them. Shaken, Jensen tried to claim he trusted Alex and took an oath, to which Mercy pointed out that the president did too, stunning him into silence.

Jensen witnessed Alex promise to protect Brainiac 5, during Supergirl's speech to National City. Jensen glared at Brainiac in fear and mistrust, ultimately making his choice, freeing Mercy and Otis and joined their mission with the Children of Liberty. He helped Mercy and Otis steal Lena Luthor's lead dispersal device from the D.E.O. and looped the security footage of their containment cells with holograms to buy them time. At the Children of Liberty's base, Jensen watched as Mercy and Otis used the bomb to fill the atmosphere with Kryptonite.

Believing that Jensen had fulfilled his purpose, Mercy grabbed him and held a knife to his throat, ready to slit it, but she was stopped by Liberty, who convinced her that Jensen could get them back into the D.E.O.[4][5]

Becoming Parasite

The D.E.O. stands off with Raymond Jensen.

Later, Jensen got infected by a Parasite and started to attack aliens. He was about to kill a shapeshifter, but was interrupted by Supergirl. He blocked one of her attacks and used her heat vision on her. He then finished his job and killed the alien by taking his power. He shapeshifts into Alana, who was present, and escaped D.E.O. agents.[1]


Later, when the D.E.O created an isolation dome so that he can't get away, he terrorized everyone by throwing fire, but during a confrontation, Alex tries to resonate him and tells him that no humans have to die because he wants to kill a few aliens. After giving in to Alex, Jensen removes the medallion from him and collapses. Jensen is still unconscious and has been imprisoned in a military desert base.[1]

Powers and abilities

Former powers

  • Energy/Power absorption: Upon bonding with the Angon alien parasite, Jensen was able to absorb the life energy/powers of other beings through physical contact, leaving withered corpses.[1]
    • Invulnerability: Jensen could withstand any attacks after stealing this ability from Supergirl.[1]
    • Superhuman strength: Jensen had superior strength to the average human after stealing this ability from Supergirl.[1]
      • Super leaping: Jensen could jump higher and further than the average human after stealing this ability from Supergirl.[1]
    • Pyrokinesis: Jensen had the ability to emanate fire from his hands after absorbing the ability from a Infernian, killing him in the process.[1]
    • Heat vision: Jensen was able to generate laser beams from his eyes after stealing this ability from Kara.[1]
    • Flight: Jensen was able to fly after stealing this ability from Supergirl.[1]
    • Shapeshifting: Jensen was able to take on the appearance of others after stealing the powers of a shape-shifter, killing him in the process.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former agent of the D.E.O., Jensen is in top physical condition.[2]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: While unknown to exactly what degree, Jensen has skills in hand-to-hand combat, as seen during his training with Alex Danvers.[2]


  • Hyper-metabolism: Jensen has to keep feeding on the life energy of other beings, otherwise the parasite will slowly and painfully consume his body.[1]


  • Amulet: With the Amadei Derros' amulet, Raymond was able to go on for days and never be tired of the parasite consuming his body.[1]



Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Raymond Maxwell Jensen is a former plant worker who came into contact with harmful energies from biohazard materials, becoming a large, purple-skinned super villain known as Parasite.