Chief Raynes is the fire chief of the Starling City Fire Department.


Raynes was the leader of The Fireflies, a unit of firemen in the Starling City Fire Department. In 2009 during the Nodell Towers fire, Raynes led his crew out of the building, but Garfield Lynns was left behind trying to extinguish the fire. He was presumed dead, but actually survived with severe burns.

In January 2013, Lynns started to target the members of his team, including Raynes, who had now become a fire chief. Raynes was attending a fundraiser at Oliver Queen's then-unnamed night club dedicated to the firefighters. Lynns attacked the event and cornered Raynes, whom he doused with a flammable liquid and prepared to burn. However, Raynes was rescued by the Hood.[1]



Season 1


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