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"Rayo de Luz" is the fourteenth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-forty-seventh episode overall. It aired on June 22, 2021.



Barry tells the group that he and Iris are going on a get-away and will be off the grid for some time. Frost is back and the group has a down day. Chester wants to play Dungeons and Dragons and invites Frost, however she has plans already and leaves. Allegra gets a Citizen Tip Line tip about Ultraviolet and leaves to investigate. She later meets with Chester and reveals to him that Ultraviolet is in Central City and that she needs to make amends directly with her cousin. At that moment, Ultraviolet appears at Jitters to attack her.

Cecile and Joe go over their investigation into Kramer and discover proof of a mysterious gathering between Kramer and another person that could highlight Kramer being essential for the ambush that killed her unit. Joe isn't completely persuaded she's an enemy at this time.

Ultraviolet doesn't want to reconnect with her cousin and the two battle in Jitters. However, before Ultraviolet can take Allegra out, Sue appears and stops her. With the police nearby, Ultraviolet leaves. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Sue explains that rumours about Ultraviolet being in Central City is the reason she stayed nearby and is astonished to see that all they have of Team Flash right now is Chester, Allegra, Caitlin and Frost is radio silent. Since Ultraviolet is in the city to kill somebody, they have to stop her even without Barry. Sue can figure out where Ultraviolet is going and has a gadget that can stop her.

Sue and Allegra track Ultraviolet to a free clinic downtown and use the gadget to stop her. The person she was trying to kill was the doctor who she says made her into a monster, not a target she was hired to take out. Sue and Allegra question Ultraviolet at S.T.A.R. Labs and she tells them about how she got her mask, revealing how the Black Hole doctor cut her voice out of her. She asserts that he's still doing it to other people and reveals her scars while blaming Allegra for everything that happened to her. Allegra agrees to work with her to find the doctor, despite the fact that Sue thinks it is a bad idea.

Joe goes to visit Kramer in her office and stands up to her with the proof he's collected about her. He needs her side of the story. Rather than talking with him, she tells him to leave and says she will try to arrest him if that he tries to bring her down. Joe converses with Cecile and understands that something is definitely wrong with Kramer. He figures he may have to go to the Governor, however gets a message from her requesting to meet.

Ultraviolet tries to teach Allegra about her powers, but Allegra is struggling. Sue steps in and goads Ultraviolet into fighting her and Chester gets injured in the crossfire. Ultraviolet leaves to search out the specialist herself. Chester is hurt but will be OK. Sue begs Chester to persuade Allegra to give up yet gives him an idea. Sue goes alone to try to persuade Allegra to stop. Sue reveals that when she had the option to get her parents out of Black Hole, she couldn't save them. They were too far gone and didn't want out. Allegra counters that that means she needs to try even harder to get them out.

Chester's revelation ends up being about Allegra's yin-yang tattoo, He can use Allegra's powers to follow Ultraviolet's and find out where she is. When they find her, Chester and Allegra go to stop Ultraviolet at Dr. Olsen's warehouse. There, Ultraviolet meets the doctor who offers her one final experiment.

Allegra gets into the warehouse and is surrounded by guards. Sue arrives to help, allowing Allegra to go after Ultraviolet. She tracks her down in the doctor's lab. It's revealed that Ultraviolet made a deal with the doctor. He will give Ultraviolet her voice back if that she kills Allegra and the rest of the team. They fight and Allegra does everything she can to get through to Ultraviolet but the doctor spurs her on. She tries to kill her with a beam of light, but Allegra meets it with her own powers. Allegra's powers get stronger, fueled by her love for her cousin, momentarily making Allegra glow.

Dr. Olsen is captured and taken back at S.T.A.R. Labs. Allegra talks with Ultraviolet and explains that she was thinking about family when her powers got stronger. She additionally reveals to Ultraviolet that they recovered the doctor's files and Caitlin thinks they can fix her forever.

Joe meets with Kramer at a bar and she reveals to Joe that she understands why he was suspicious. She gives him a photograph and reveals to him the entire story. The soldier that sold out her unit is her "sibling" Adam Creyke and they grew up together. She didn't realize he had sold them out, yet the night before he had been making an effort not to go. She is managing the blame as she was unsuspecting of somebody she adored. She requests that he help her find Adam as she confides in him.

Sue chooses to remain in Central City and not abandon her family. Frost finds Chillblaine in a back street. He's been released from jail for turning state's witness which comes as a surprise to Frost as she had been wanting to take him back to jail.



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  • This is the lowest rated episode of Season 7 with a rating of 4.8 on IMDb.
  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Candice Patton (Iris West-Allen), though she does appear through archive footage.
  • The episode's title translates from Spanish as "Ray of Light".
  • While still performing Ultraviolet, Alexa Barajas no longer provides the voice. Instead, Erika Soto starts voicing Ultraviolet here.
  • This marks the third episode that is directed by Danielle Panabaker, after "Godspeed" and "License to Elongate".
  • This episode is somewhat similar to "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach", because in both cases, Barry and Iris went on a trip for most of the episode, allowing other characters the center stage.
  • Caitlin's line about Chester almost winding up a hole in his body is a reference to the fact that Chester has a black hole in his body in the comics.
  • The map on Allegra's tablet shows that Central City is in Missouri, Opal City is in Illinois, and Metropolis in New York.
  • It's revealed Esperanza Garcia needs her mask to speak, due to the damage to her vocal cords Dr. Olsen caused.
  • Allegra's transformation into her more powerful form is similar to the one Carol Danvers takes in the film Captain Marvel.
  • Olsen believed only dark emotions could bring forth the true power of Esperanza and Allegra; however, Allegra uses her courage and love for her cousin to empower herself.