The Reactron suit is a bio-medical technological suit powered by the element known as thorium-232 and used by Ben Krull.


Ben used the suit to engage Superman several times in the past, later fighting against Supergirl with it. After it was damaged in an encounter with Supergirl, Reactron kidnapped Maxwell Lord to fix it. The core of the suit was later removed by Supergirl, and encased in lead.[1]


  • Flight: The suit allowed the user to fly.
  • Enhanced strength: The suit's chest plate provided the user an increase in strength while using the suit, enough to fight a Kryptonian.
  • Nuclear blasts: The suit allowed the user to shoot highly concentrated blasts of nuclear energy, which can weaken and kill a Kryptonian if repeatedly used on them.

Known users



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • The Reactron suit was first featured in Supergirl vol. 2, #8 (June, 1983), created by Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino. In a retelling of Reactron's origin in Superman: Secret Files 2009 (October, 2009), the uniform was dubbed as the StarSuit.


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