""Danger". "Hazardous waste". Thinks he's doing us all a favor when he really just helps fund the laws that are separating our city... Gotham, am I right?"
—Reagan about Tommy Elliot to Kate Kane[src]

Reagan is a bartender and the ex-girlfriend of Kate Kane.


Early life

Reagan was born in Gotham City as the only daughter of an English teacher. In her childhood, she lived in a quiet neighborhood in a small, yet welcoming building of ten apartments. However, when a group of real estate moguls began buying these buildings to turn them into luxury penthouses, Reagan, her family, and all their neighbors were forcibly evicted.[1]

At a young age, Reagan openly came out as lesbian. As an adult, she started to work as a bartender.[2]

Relationship with Kate

In late 2018, Reagan worked at Elliot Tower to the open bar of the party held by Tommy Elliot himself in order of self-celebrate that he has officially became richer than Bruce Wayne; however she had a very strong dislike for Tommy and his manners.

Reagan meets Kate

Reagan meets Kate.

During the party she met Kate Kane and briefly introduced herself, they had a quick back and forth flirting session and, afterwards she revealed to have eavesdropped on Kate's conversation with Tyler, in which she correctly deduced that he married Kate's ex and doesn't know about it. Which prompted Kate to compliment her ability to "read people".

Reagan ask Kate out to dinner

Reagan asks Kate out to dinner.

Later that night, after Tommy's terrorist attack and subsequent arrest, Reagan found Kate in the hall of Elliot Tower and asked her out to dinner, which the latter gladly accepted.[2]

Reagan and Kate share a moment of passion

Reagan and Kate share a moment of passion.

After that, Reagan and Kate became a couple and started a relationship. A few days later, after spending the night together, they listen to Vesper Fairchild's radio talk show that commented over Batwoman absence on the site of Magpie last robbery. While they were cuddling each other, Reagan stated that she liked Batwoman despite asking herself if she was "doing" Batman, to which Kate asked her if Killer Croc was the one that told her about that. Then, Luke called Kate at the phone and she was forced to leave, promising however that she would be forgiven and affectionately kissing Reagan several times.

Reagan and Kate on a date in the city

Reagan and Kate on a date in the city.

Later that day, Kate made plans for having lunch with Reagan, who told her about her childhood and correctly guessed that she had returned to Gotham due to her ex. The bartender intended to took Kate to the Indian vegan restaraunt of an acquaintance of her mother, however before they managed to reach the place, Kate was called again and invented an excuse to depart begging for Reagan's forgiveness and asking her to be her date at the party in honor of the Museum of Antiquities's new exhibit. Reagan accepted and went to the gala at 21:30, there she was reached by Kate, discovering that Sophie was also there and having a brief encounter with her. She however dismissed the situation and joke about how much embarrassing it was to meet Kate's ex, meekingly trying to save the evening.

Reagan and Kate break up

Reagan and Kate break up.

After Magpie stormed into the museum to stole the items, Kate fought her as Batwoman, while Reagan was forced to evacuate alongside all of the other visitors. Following the villainess' defeated, Reagan, having realized all of Kate's lies, asked her if there was something wrong, to which Kate admitted that she was not in the right place for an honest relationship. Understanding, Reagan blessed her for the better before the two women amicably broke up.[1]


  • Keen intellect/Profiler: Reagan is very inquisitive and insightful individual . Due to working as a bartender, she has developed an ability to "read individuals".[2]
  • Mixology: Being a bartender, Reagan is a capable mixologist.



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