"You got your book. You can trade it for your freedom but I'm out. I'm done being event scout for Magpie."
—Reagan to Margot[src]

Reagan is a bartender in Gotham City, the daughter of an unnamed woman, the sister/former associate of Margot, and the ex-girlfriend of Kate Kane.


Original multiverse

Early life

Reagan was born in Gotham City to an English teacher and raised in conditions of great poverty alongside a sister, Margot.[1] In her childhood, she lived in a quiet neighborhood in a small, yet welcoming building of ten apartments. However, when a group of real estate moguls began buying these buildings to turn them into luxury penthouses, Reagan, her family, and all their neighbors were forcibly evicted.[2]

At a young age, Reagan openly came out as lesbian. As an adult, she started to work as a bartender.[3] After Margot began her criminal career as a thief, Reagan started to help her sister, acting as a "scout" on Margot's behalf for places and events she wanted to rob.[1]

Relationship with Kate

In late 2018, Reagan worked at Elliot Tower at the open bar for a party held by Tommy Elliot to self-celebrate him officially becoming richer than Bruce Wayne. However, she had a very strong dislike for Tommy and his manners.

Reagan meets Kate

Reagan meets Kate.

During the party, Reagan met Kate Kane and briefly introduced herself. The two women had a quick back-and-forth flirting session and, afterwards Reagan revealed to have eavesdropped on Kate's conversation with Tyler, in which she correctly deduced that he married Kate's ex-girlfriend, Sophie Moore, and doesn't know about it. Kate complimented her ability to "read people".

Reagan ask Kate out to dinner

Reagan asks Kate out to dinner.

Later that night, after Tommy's terrorist attack and subsequent arrest, Reagan reunited with Kate in the hall of Elliot Tower. She asked Kate out to dinner, which the latter gladly accepted.[3]

Reagan and Kate share a moment of passion

Reagan and Kate share a moment of passion.

Afterwards, Reagan and Kate began dating. A few days later, after spending the night together and laying in bed, they listened to Vesper Fairchild's radio talk show discuss Batwoman's absence on the site of Magpie's last robbery. Reagan admitted that she liked Batwoman despite thinking she might be "doing" Batman, to which Kate jokingly wondered if Killer Croc told her that. Kate was then called away by Luke Fox for a work issue, but promised to make it up to Reagan, affectionately kissing her several times before leaving.

Reagan and Kate on a date in the city

Reagan and Kate on a date in the city.

Later that day, Reagan and Kate made lunch plans together. Reagan told Kate about her childhood and correctly guessed that she had returned to Gotham due to her ex-girlfriend. Reagan intended to took Kate to the Indian vegan restaurant of an acquaintance of her mother, however before they managed to reach the place, Kate was called again and invented an excuse to depart begging for Reagan's forgiveness and asking her to be her date at the party in honour of the Museum of Antiquities's new exhibit. Reagan accepted and went to the gala at 21:30, there she was reached by Kate, discovering that Sophie was also there and having a brief encounter with her. She however dismissed the situation and joked about how much embarrassing it was to meet Kate's ex, seekingly trying to save the evening.

Reagan and Kate break up

Reagan and Kate break up.

After Magpie stormed into the museum to steal the items, Kate fought her as Batwoman, while Reagan was forced to evacuate alongside all of the other visitors. Following the villainess' defeat, Reagan, having realized all of Kate's lies, asked her if there was something wrong, to which Kate admitted that she was not in the right place for an honest relationship. Understanding, Reagan then blessed Kate for the better before the two women broke up.[2]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Reagan as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[4] only to be restored a month later after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[5]

New multiverse

Reunited with Kate and betrayal

Reagan is reunited with Kate

Reagan is reunited with Kate.

Over the following year, Reagan began to go at The Hold Up in a few occasions, hoping to meet Kate, and also following her real estate's activities. One night, in early 2020, while she was working at the Lookout, Reagan spotted Kate among the customers and they were reunited. Kate told her she was there in order to keep an eye on the competition and Reagan offered her a drink invented by her, openly confessing that she missed her, still had feelings for her and hoping that Kate would have fought harder for the two of them, to which Kate replied she missed her too.

Reagan gives vodka to Mary Hamilton

Reagan gives vodka to Mary Hamilton.

Due to being there in mission, Kate then feigned a headache and went looking for Johnny Sabatino's office, taking advantage of a blackout caused by Luke, but was caught, prompting Mary Hamilton to go to the Lookout too in order to rescue her, passing by Reagan's counter and asking her a vodka in order to gain fortitude.

Kate and Reagan reconcile

Kate and Reagan reconcile.

Later that night, after Sabatino and the mobsters at his auction were all arrested, Reagan saw Kate outside the nightclub and noted how it was strange that every time Kate showed up, Batwoman was there as well. Kate explained that Batwoman had helped her steal a journal that belonged to Wayne Enterprises and was important to her.
Kate and Reagan have sex again

Kate and Reagan sleep together again.

Reagan jokingly asked if she would have been able to get her Batwoman's autograph; she replied she could accompany her home instead. Reagan however stated that she would rather have a drink at her place. The two went to Kate's penthouse and slept together.
Margot talks with Reagan

Reagan talks with Margot.

Reagan then betrayed Kate by stealing the journal and fleeing before the morning. She later met up with her sister, Margot, in a square and handed the journal over. However, Reagan declared she was abandoning her partnership with Magpie and walked off, furious at how Margot's actions costed her Kate's trust.[1]

Sometime after this, Reagan was accosted in a parking lot by a British blonde, who threatened her for the location of the journal at knifepoint. However, Reagan told her aggressor that she didn't know anything.

Kate storms in Reagan's motel room

Kate storms in Reagan's motel room.

The following night, Reagan was hiding in a motel when the door to her room was suddenly kicked open by an enraged Kate demanding the journal. Shocked at how Kate found her, Reagan tried to apologize for her betrayal, but Kate was not in the mood to listen. Reagan then explained that she stole the journal for her sister Margot - whom Kate knew as Magpie - so the latter could buy her freedom from Arkham.

Reagan confess the truth to Kate

Reagan confesses the truth to Kate.

With these revelations, Reagan fully disclosed her family origin and previous job to her former girlfriend. Reagan insisted that she was honest about her feelings for Kate, and didn't know for whom Magpie worked due to never asking her sister about it. Finally, Reagan revealed she already told everything to Kate's friend, the "blonde chick with a British accent", to which Kate was shocked since she didn't know about it.[6]


Reagan is a very outspoken, extremely direct woman while flirting, and honest regarding her feelings.[1] She is also quite inquisitive and has a tendency to study the people to whom she is speaking, always managing to "read" them and understand the truth behind their actions. Also, much like her sister, Reagan greatly despises the disparity between rich and poor in Gotham, once stating that people like Tommy Elliot just help fund the laws that are separating the city.[3] She is very sweet, kind, patient, and supportive, as demonstrated when Reagan amicably broke up with Kate Kane after the latter admitted that she was not in the right place for an honest relationship.[2]

Despite often being at odds with her sister, since Reagan's much more sentimental, she loves Margot deeply, being very loyal and willing to do anything for her.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Skilled tactician/Profiler: Reagan is an extremely intelligent individual and a very skilled tactician.[1] She is also very inquisitive and insightful, developing an ability to "read individuals" from working as a bartender.[3]
    • Skilled deceiver/manipulator: Reagan is skilled in the art of deception as she managed to successfully trick Kate Kane and steal Lucius Fox's journal from her.[1]
    • Skilled thief: As Margot's accomplice, Reagan is a capable thief in her own right.[1]
  • Mixology: As a bartender, Reagan is a capable mixologist.



Season 1


Behind the scenes

  • Reagan is a character created exclusively for the TV Show Batwoman as in the DC comics, Magpie is an only child in all her incarnations.
  • Reagan's character became popular and well-received among the LGBTQ community of viewers due to the realistic sex scene she had with Kate Kane in "Who Are You?".[7]


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