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"You do this, you take a piece of his darkness, and you carry it with you forever. Now when you put that suit on, you became a symbol. You give people hope. Don't let them down by stooping to his level."
Supergirl to Dreamer on the latter's duty as a hero.

"Reality Bytes" is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-second episode overall. It aired on March 15, 2020.



Nia Nal's apartment (Earth-Prime)

Margot Morrison is at an unspecified location with multiple victims suspended from the ceiling and on gurneys. They are all alive but trapped inside VR Obsidian Platinum lenses.

Supergirl congratulates Dreamer on taking down a Dominator, before quickly making her escape for a date with William. Brainy arrives to take the alien into custody at the D.E.O. and the two have an awkward post-breakup interaction. Kara calls over her sister for fashion advice before her date; it is her first one since Mon-El and she is having butterflies. Both sisters scoff at the TV at the mention of Lex Luthor who is doing groundbreaking work with obsidian platinum. William and Kara go out for a game of pool, that she is winning.

Nia is at home with her roommate who insists she stop moping about her ex and invites her out on her blind first date with someone she met online. The roommate blows off a guy trying to talk to her and when she goes outside looking for her date, it turns out to be the same man from inside the bar. He attacks her and Yvette is found by Nia. The next day at their apartment they call the police to report it, and Kara shows up concerned. Nia is angry as the man was trying to get to her, through her roommate. At work, Kara calls Brainy to inform him of the situation, asking if he could look into it, as he has more resources than the police.

Trevor Crane

Al comes to J'onn hoping to find his missing brother, Trevor Crane. He explains he hasn't heard from him in a while and after going to a trial for Obsidian lenses, he hasn't been seen since. Alex finds Kelly wanting to know if she could locate a missing alien who they believe is still inside the game. She gives her the latest version of Obsidian lenses and instructs her how to track him. Once inside she skips past her personal options to find the connected world of VR Las Vegas. Once inside she is instructed to an out-of-place haunted mansion on a hill. Once inside she finds two people trapped in large glasses of water. She has a flashback of almost drowning, but is able to manage and help both escape. They explain they were here with Trevor and another person named Richard Bates. On the right track, Alex uses her Martian weapon to create a key and enter the obscured replace door. Meanwhile J'onn and Al are searching his apartment for clues. They meet with a woman who isn't able to give them much concrete information about the situation. Once Alex is inside she begins walking down the long hallway but loses communication with Kelly. She goes through a second door and finds Trevor, who is in a state of panic, insisting his body self-destructs randomly every couple of minutes no matter what he does. Alex is eventually able to talk him down, but they are interrupted by the infamous unknown Richard. Alex is physically able to take him but they quickly have to make an escape. They find Richard's physical body in the real world, and after being confronted by J'onn, he appears to die, as he becomes unresponsive and his Obsidian lenses turned red.

Kelly and Alex discuss about VR's morality

Nia is disappointed with the police's investigation and sets up her own Upswipz profile to find out the assailant. She was able to get a match with the suspected assailant and dresses up as Dreamer for their date. He explains his disgust towards her, and she loses her temper and physically attacks him, weighing the option of killing him. Before she can, Supergirl arrives to talk her out of her anger. She insists Supergirl could never understand what she is going through, but Supergirl tells her that's not the point and killing is never the answer. Dreamer releases him and he is put into police custody.

Alex is surprised when she receives an unexpected phone call from her mother, informing her of the death of her father. She finds Kara to tell her the news. Meanwhile at the hospital, Margot has taken charge of Richard's body. He is transported to an unspecified location where his body is added to the collection of physically suspended people in the air, and on gurneys.



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  • The title references the 1994 film Reality Bites.
  • This episode shows the first sign that Obsidian North may have a hidden malevolent purpose.
  • The dating app Upswipz from DC's Legends of Tomorrow appears.
  • The end scene is similar to the 1978 movie Coma.
  • Dreamer's dark moment brought back something not seen since J'onn attacking M'gann back in season two (after learning that the latter was a White Martian); the hero is overcome with rage and is willing to kill.
  • In Virtual Las Vegas, Alex mentions the "Siegfried and Roy Interactive Experience". Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn were a duo of German-American magicians and entertainers best known for their appearances with white lions and white tigers.


  • When Kara is helping William Dey with his article it says that Gregory Bauer had been arrested for assaulting Yvette but at that point nobody knew who had committed the assault and nobody had been arrested yet.
  • In the scene at Kara's apartment, Kara asks Alex whether she should wear a purple or blue top to her date with William, and Alex says that she should always go with blue. However, in the scene where she is playing 8-ball with William, she is wearing a purple top.
    • It's possible Kara rejected Alex's clothing advice on that.