"The Flash is a masked vigilante! Probably an unstable personality."
—Rebecca Frost about the Flash[src]

Dr. Rebecca Frost is a psychiatrist in Central City who questioned the concept of vigilantes.


When Felicia Kane was kidnapped by the People's Army and saved by a deadly vigilante, Rebecca Frost was one of the first who pointed out that the Flash was responsible due to his unstable personality, expressing her opinion at the precinct and on television. Later, at the hospital, she was called by Desmond Powell in order to arrange her aptitude regarding her criticism of the Flash and met Curtis Bohannan that she recognized as the son of a criminal. The next day, she and her patient Felicia discovered that the Flash wasn't behind the massacre, but she still believed him to be unstable. Later, Barry Allen brought her on a date at a restaurant, and she explained what would be the Flash's psychological profile and was interrupted by Chesley Keefe a lawyer that supported the People's Army and who was about to reveal who the Flash was but was shot by the Deadly Nightshade. She would cry over Keefe's death and Barry who had disappeared came back and helped her. Later, on WCCN, she expressed her theory about what kind of man the Deadly Nightshade was. The latter breaks inside and interrupts the live show where he asked Kline to confess to the crimes he believed he has committed. She and Kline would be saved by the Flash. Some time later, when Desmond Powell was arrested for being the Nightshade, she came to question him if he was really the Nightshade. Days later, after Bohannan's arrest, Rebecca asked Barry out on a date since she did not believe that he would ask her by himself.[1]


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