Rebecca Merlyn's clinic is a free clinic opened in the West sector of the the Glades in Star City by philanthropist Rebecca Merlyn. The clinic provides accessible healthcare to the individuals living in the Glades.


Sometime prior to 1985, Rebecca Merlyn started up the clinic to provide medical care to the low-income denizens of the Glades. Malcolm Merlyn and the Queen family were amongst the clinic's regular benefactors.[1]

After Rebecca's death in 1993, the clinic fell under the dual ownership of her husband, Malcolm, and son, Tommy Merlyn.[2]

20 years after Rebecca's murder, Malcolm had the clinic shut down by May 2013 in preparation for the Undertaking, not wanting to see it leveled with the Glades.[3]

The clinic was not destroyed in the partially-successful Undertaking, as the building was located in the West sector of the Glades. Following Tommy and Malcolm's deaths in the Undertaking,[3] the clinic was eventually reopened under unknown new management.

Alderman Sebastian Blood began supporting and bringing awareness to the clinic during his campaign, aiming to keep it thriving for years to come.[4]

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