"Rebirth" is the first episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 30, 2021.



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Gamemnae managed to survive, much to Brainy's surprise. She said him can't kill technology, but technology can kill him. Nia appears on the Leviathan ship and saves Brainy. Gamemnae then appeared and attacked the Superfriends. She entered the ship's computer system and assumed her true form, but she was killed by Supergirl using the Anti-life equation.

In the phantom zone, Kara appears unconscious and is approached by phanoms.



Special guest starring

Guest starring



  • Events happened directly after "Immortal Kombat", thus occurring in mid-2020, before "Heritage".
  • Lex listens to We Are the Champions while playing with the Fortress of Solitude's weapons.
  • Earth-TUD17 is seen in Nia's vision of Lex destroying the world; implying that it would not be immune to the fatal Q-waves.
  • Lillian and Otis are immune to the Q-waves as they are already loyal to Lex, without brainwashing.
  • Thanks to Eve's testimony, Lex's post-Crisis freedom is over, though he can still spin it in his favor by blaming Leviathan.
  • Lena uses Myriad to erase all memory of Kara's true identity from Lex and Lillian.
  • During their fight, Lillian calls Nia Nal Dream Girl. In the comics, Nura Nal, also known as Dream Girl, is a member of the Legion of Superheroes.
  • Lex's "I Love Lexy" program to brainwash half the world's population is a reference to the American sitcom I Love Lucy.
  • Despite being a former main cast member, Andrea Brooks is credited as guest starring rather than special guest star like all former regulars usually are.
  • It is implied that Jarhanpur was located in the Andromeda Galaxy due to the Jarhanpurium weaponry being in the Andromeda Galaxy section of the Fortress of Solitude.
    • If this is the case, either Krypton was located in a significantly different location than it was in Earth-38, as it was said to be only 2000 light-years away from Earth, or in Earth-Prime, Jarhanpur was not a sister planet of Krypton.


  • In the synopsis for the episode, Gamemnae's name was misspelt as "Gamenmae".
  • Obsidian North having financial issues from Supergirl convincing everyone to stop using Obsidian Platinum makes little sense. She only told them to stop ignoring the truth of reality and accept it. It shouldn't mean they all stopped using them. Unless Gamemnae messed with Obsidian's records out of spite before she went to Leviathan headquarters.


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