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For the Supergirl episode, see "Rebirth".
"What I don't understand is what's in this for you. I see someone giving up her most valued possession to save a woman she hates to unlock the memories of another woman she doesn't even know. It's either remarkable or remarkably stupid."
"I know what Kate Kane stands for, and I owe a debt to the symbol she created. Found my second chance at a life because of her."
"I've never met her, but... I believe you'd make Kate Kane proud.
Safiyah Sohail and Ryan Wilder

"Rebirth" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the thirty-sixth episode overall. It aired on June 13, 2021.



A covered lady with two blades assaults a finance manager, and escapes before Batwoman can stop her. At the point when Batwoman brings in to the Batcave, Luke doesn't reply, and she discovers him sitting on the edge of Wayne Enterprises. Luke recommends that he needs an ideal opportunity to himself, and Ryan regards that, however offers her assistance on the off chance that he needs it.

Afterward, Batwoman finds that the veiled lady is Tatiana. Ryan and Mary find that one of Tatiana's casualties was the one who Circe assaulted, prompting her going to Arkham.

Tavaroff is delivered on bond. Luke goes covert at a bar for law authorization, where he faces Tavaroff and provokes him to a poker match. Ryan shows up to monitor Luke, who uncovers that he would not like to awaken from his trance state. Luke - and John Diggle, who is visiting the area on an agreement from A.R.G.U.S. - play poker against Tavaroff, and Luke wins. Outside of the bar, Tavaroff stirs something up with Luke, however Diggle steps in and secures Luke.

Sionis is discontent with Jacob Kane's status in Gotham, to some extent since he censures him for murdering Circe. Sionis meets with Safiyah, who had given him the data to crash Kate's plane. Sionis additionally uncovers that he's intending to once again introduce Circe into society — including making her the substance of "Resurrection", Janus Cosmetics' new line. Safiyah enlightens Sionis regarding Alice's association with the Kanes. In the interim, Alice and Jacob capture Circe, and a DNA test uncovers that she truly is Kate. Sea presents to them a pack of Kate's things to help trigger her memory. Circe doesn't move, until Alice offers her a mug she made her when Kate attempted to come out to her as a kid. That triggers Circe into imagining youthful Kate secured in a similar shelter Alice was in.

Jacob considers Mary on the telephone and enlightens her regarding Circe being Kate, similarly as Tatiana and individuals from False Face appear and hijack Jacob. Batwoman drives the Batmobile to where the Kanes are and discovers Circe, who got away. Sionis takes steps to openly uncover the way that Beth is Alice and has GCPD officials capture him.

Ryan carries Circe to Wayne Enterprises, where she doesn't perceive Mary. Sophie appears - and they in a split second perceive one another. Circe is set off into another vision, of youthful Kate being assaulted by Circe in the fortification. Circe assaults Mary, who takes her out with a narcotic. They understand that Alice is fundamental in opening Kate's recollections from Circe and that they may have to exchange Safiyah the Desert Rose to get her.

Afterward, Diggle remembers him as Lucius Fox's child, and they bond about their dead dads. Diggle recommends that Luke attempt to turn into his own saint and uncovers he's in Gotham on the grounds that he has a clinical arrangement to sort out his cerebral pains. The two of them see the bat-signal being lit in morse code, requesting Luke to come help Batwoman. Luke gets back to the Batcave, and Ryan and Mary uncover to him that Circe is Kate.

Sionis freely uncovers that Alice is Beth and Jacob is faced about it on the news, yet he accepts it. Alice watches the news report while being held prisoner by Safiyah and Tatiana. Safiyah stands up to Alice for annihilating Coryana and blames her for being ruined. Batwoman shows up with the Desert Rose in return for Alice's security and Safiyah acknowledges. As they're going to leave, Alice raises Ocean and Safiyah hints that he is being compromised. Alice leaves Batwoman and goes to the sewers, where she discovers Tatiana getting ready to murder Ocean. She slaughters Tatiana - and discovers Ocean dead before long.

Sophie looks after Circe in Mary and Ryan's loft, as she fights the Circe and Kate sides of her. At the point when Sophie leaves the room, Circe is seized again and taken back to Sionis and Safiyah.

Jacob calls Mary from jail, where he uncovers he's being moved to a jail in Metropolis. He requests that Mary help save both Alice and Circe, and contends that there's a path for them to be Beth and Kate once more.

Ryan discloses to Luke that she doesn't regret saving his life.



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  • This is the last episode of Batwoman to feature Dougray Scott (Jacob Kane) as a series regular.
  • The title is a reference to the cosmetic for which Kate Kane (as Circe Sionis) modeled as seen in this episode. It also refers to Kate getting back her consciousness.
  • Roman Sionis states that the events of this episode takes place two days after "And Justice For All".