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For the Batwoman episode, see "Rebirth".
"I am Kara Zor-El. I'm entrusting a record of my knowledge and experience into the crystals you see before you... in the hope that they will bring guidance to others, whenever they need it, now that I'm... now that I'm gone."
Supergirl entering a recording into the crystals of the Fortress of Solitude.

"Rebirth" is the first episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 30, 2021.



Alex as Sentinel.png

Dreamer finds Querl Dox dying in the Leviathan ship; the Superfriends arrive just as Gamemnae attacks Brainy and Dreamer. The Martians and the Kryptonian are not as vulnerable to the ship's radiation, so they fight Gamemnae. Brainy tells Alex Danvers that the Anti-life equation is needed to stop Gamemnae, so Alex works with Supergirl to deliver the program and destroy the technological Jarhanpurian before the ship is destroyed.

Meanwhile, the powers of the other Jarhanpurians are absorbed by Lex Luthor as Lillian Luthor observes his vital signs and progress. Lex plans to "fix" every planet in the universe, after he makes Humans loyal to him through the "I Love Lexi" program that he installed in the satellites that he had launched months ago. Lillian, though already immune to the program, forces Lex to make Lena immune as well.

When the Superfriends return to the Tower, they learn that Eve Teschmacher has agreed to give William Dey an exclusive interview about everything she knows about Lex's plans. Lena reveals that Project Non Nocere was reprogrammed by Lex. Suddenly, Dreamer has a vision of Lex as the new Anti-Monitor.

Jarhanpurium strips Lex of Leviathan powers.png

M'gann M'orzz proposes to use a Martian ritual that would link her with J'onn J'onzz so that they can destroy Lex's satellites. Since Lena and Kara are amicable again, Kara proposes that Lena uses Myriad to deprogram anyone affected by "I Love Lexi" and Kelly Olsen is teamed with Lena. Jarhanpurium is the needed element that would weaken the newly-immortal Lex. Knowing Lex's obsession to kill Kryptonians, Supergirl offers to act as a distraction at the Fortress of Solitude until the others can enact the plan.

At CatCo, Andrea Rojas cries, because her father has publicly denounced her leadership of Obsidian North and has set the company towards bankruptcy.

Brainy explains to Nia why he had hurt her for months and the two decide to mend their relationship.

Andrea transforms into Acrata and saves CatCo by hacking her father's computer in Buenos Aires and having him buy all of the failing company's stocks.

While in the Fortress, Supergirl makes a video as a will.

Kara in Phantom Zone.png

As everyone enacts their portion of the plan, Lex arrives at the Fortress and poisons Supergirl. Dreamer and Alex defeat Otis Graves and Lillian to get the bottle with the Jarhanpurians. Ultimately, the Superfriends defeat Lex, but as a last ditch effort, Lex fires a Phantom Zone projector and expels Supergirl to the Phantom Zone.

At the Tower, Alex is given the code name "Sentinel".

Lena uses Myriad to make Lillian and Lex forget Supergirl's secret identity, after Lex threatens the lives of Kelly and Eliza Danvers if he were put in jail.

Supergirl awakens to find herself surrounded by Phantoms.



Special guest starring

Guest starring



  • Events happened directly after "Immortal Kombat", thus occurring in mid-2020, before "Heritage".
  • Lex listens to We Are the Champions while playing with the Fortress of Solitude's weapons.
  • Earth-TUD17 is seen in Nia's vision of Lex destroying the world; implying that it would not be immune to the fatal Q-waves.
  • Lillian and Otis are immune to the Q-waves as they are already loyal to Lex, without brainwashing.
  • Thanks to Eve's testimony, Lex's post-Crisis freedom is over, though he can still spin it in his favor by blaming Leviathan.
  • Lena uses Myriad to erase all memory of Kara's true identity from Lex and Lillian.
  • During their fight, Lillian calls Nia Nal Dream Girl. In the comics, Nura Nal, also known as Dream Girl, is a member of the Legion of Superheroes.
  • Lex's "I Love Lexy" program to brainwash half the world's population is a reference to the American sitcom I Love Lucy.
  • Despite being a former main cast member, Andrea Brooks is credited as guest starring rather than special guest star like all former regulars usually are.
  • It is implied that Jarhanpur was located in the Andromeda Galaxy due to the Jarhanpurium weaponry being in the Andromeda Galaxy section of the Fortress of Solitude.
    • If this is the case, either Krypton was located in a significantly different location than it was On Earth-38, as it was said to be only 2000 light-years away from Earth, or On Earth-Prime, Jarhanpur was not a sister planet of Krypton.
  • This episode was originally supposed to be the season finale of the fifth season. After the COVID-19 shutdown,some of the footage filmed for it was put in "Immortal Kombat".[1]


  • In the synopsis for the episode, Gamemnae's name was misspelt as "Gamenmae".
  • Supergirl's haircut changes the moment she ends up in the Phantom Zone. Not only does she not have bangs anymore, her hair is longer and looser like her first haircut. This haircut remains her haircut throughout the season. The production reason is that scene and the episodes after this episode were filmed after this episode was filmed before the COVID-19 shutdowns.