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An unnamed woman, codenamed Red, is a member of the Longbow Hunters.


Early life

According to Anatoly Knyazev, the Longbow Hunters were perceived as a myth. They consisted of only three assassins, but still, strike fear into all who went up against them including the League of Assassins, and were believed to have died out by the 1950s.[1]

Allying with Ricardo Diaz

Sometime in 2018, after becoming the leader of The Quadrant, Ricardo Diaz got in contact with the Longbow Hunters and they allied themselves with him.

Attack on Star City

Five months after Ricardo Diaz was forced into hiding, the Longbow Hunters broke in an off-site facility of A.R.G.U.S. where they stole prototype B-24, a high-density renewable battery able to power an entire town. The group later attempted to raid a train to steal an energy weapon that could be used combined with the B-24. John Diggle and a team of A.R.G.U.S. agents tried to stop them but they ambushed them and took out the agents. John was able to get to the weapon and escape, causing the Longbow Hunters to fail.[2]

The group later attempted a break in on CDC, a secure government facility to steal a bio compound. The Longbow Hunters encountered Samanda Watson, Dinah Drake and Ramirez who tried to stop them. After a fight, the group got the bio compound and escaped the facility however Silencer ended up captured. Later, while debriefing the situation, she witnesses Diaz's transformation as he became a Meta-human.[3]

Days later, they assist Diaz when trying to destroy the city with bombs. When the new Green Arrow interfered and helped to stop Diaz, she and the Longbow Hunters decided to leave the fight and she shot a dart that caused a small distraction to escape.[4]


Red prefers quiet, subterfuge and subtle tactics, over confrontation and brute force, she seemed annoyed when Bear killed a security guard.


  • Peak human physical condition: Red is a top physical condition, enough to briefly overwhelm Samanda Watson in combat.
  • Expert of deception: Red is proven to be highly skilled in deception, using acting skills and a made up story to gain access to a highly secured building.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Red is a very skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; able to fight Samanda Watson and was skilled enough to push her back long enough to escape. Red was also able to fight Dinah Drake for some time.
    • Master markswoman: Red is able to shoot darts with great precision and does not even need to look to hit her targets.
  • Pickpocket: Red was able to steal an access card by bumping into someone.


  • Red suit: She wears a suit as her villain alter-ego, Red.
  • Darts: She has a device that can shoot darts capable of doing a variety of effects including compromising security cameras, shooting gas, controlling digital locks and killing instantly.



Season 6

Season 7

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics universe, Red Dart is also an unnamed female Longbow Hunter working for Ricardo Diaz against the Green Arrow, making use of wrist mounted trick dart launchers. The alias was also used before Crisis by a villain of Green Arrow named John Mallory and before Flashpoint by an unnamed Justice League villain.


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