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Red is Tobias Whale's enforcer.[1]


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Red stood guard while Tobias watched on a laptop the raid of the Pierce house. With Val Seong proving her place with Tobias, Red volunteered to intimidate Marshall Bates to make him work faster; Tobias was pleased with the initiative that Red showed.

At Monovista International, Red used his powers to threaten Marshall that he would put a bullet through his skull with magnetism if Marshall did not work faster. Meanwhile, via the security cameras, Jefferson Pierce and Peter Gambi watched the confrontation and had proof that Red had killed Billy Black.[2]

Days later, Marshall presented Tobias with the machine Tobias wanted; Red watched as Marshall was paid before Red escorted Marshall away. Later, Red watched as Tobias genuflected before a stained glass painting of Tori. Tobias then activated the machine and each member of Black Lightning's team lost their powers.[3] To test a power-restoring wristband, Red was told by Tobias to stop a bullet that Tobias fired; Red succeeded. Tobias then told Red to remove the wristband while still at gunpoint. Red nervously did as he was told. Tobias fired a bullet at the vase behind Red; Red jumped in fear as he could not stop the bullet and the vase shattered. Tobias laughed, consoled Red, who quickly reattached the wristband, and told Red that he owned Tobias a new designer vase.[4]

A couple of days later, Red has found JJ on a date with Uriah Coleman and attacks her by throwing bullets with his magentokinetic powers. JJ, allowing Uriah to know her secret identity, erects a shield to deflect the bullets as Uriah runs, but he is struck fatally by a stray. As JJ tries to help Uriah, Red warns her to stop being Lightning before more innocents die; Red leaves as Uriah succumbs to the bullet.[5]

Red was later present when Tobias Whale convened with the Shadow Board. Sometime after that, Lightning tracked Red down and handed him over to the Freeland Police Department with enough evidence to arrest him in revenge for his murder of Uriah.[6]


Not much is known about Red's personality, as he mostly appears as Tobias Whale's imposing enforcer and talking only when asked to. Despite this, Red is noticeably brutal and cold when working under Tobias, having threatened and killed many of his enemies; he seemingly holds little emotion for his actions and inflictions. He has even displayed an amount of enjoyment in causing pain and fear, as he was more than willing to offer himself to be the one to threaten Marshall Bates without any incentive.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Through unknown means, Red's DNA was altered, turning him into a meta-human.
    • Magnetokinesis: Red was able to use his magnetic powers to kill Billy Black without anyone knowing.[7]


Black Lightning


  • Red has never played chess.[8]
  • In Tobias Whale's payroll ledgers, Red is listed under the code "R-403//01."[4]


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