For the drug, see Red Death.
"Flash did everything he could, but Cicada killed more people than Zoom or even the Red Death."
David Singh[src]

The "Red Death" is a supervillain who terrorizes Central City some time in the future.


Erased future

Sometime in the future where Nora West-Allen came from, an unknown individual known as Red Death plagued Central City. Zoom and Red Death were both said to have had high kill counts by David Singh, although they were exceeded by Cicada.[1]


The Flash

Season 5

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Red Death was Bruce Wayne from Earth -52, one of the negative Earths of the Dark Multiverse. After losing many "Robin" sidekicks to crime, Bruce believed he needed to take a more brutal approach in fighting it; he decided to steal the speed of his Earth's Flash after defeating his Rogues and confiscating their gear, which he used to capture the speedster. Bruce then absorbed the Flash by driving himself and the speedster into the Speed Force, where he gained powers by sharing the Flash's body, though Bruce's consciousness was in control. He later joined the Dark Knights to stop the collapse of the Dark Multiverse, invading the Multiverse and coming into conflict with the mainstream Flash.


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