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"You were really mad, at something else. You need to find... find that anger behind the anger. And you need to figure out what is really making you mad."
Cat Grant to Kara Danvers

"Red Faced" is the sixth episode of the first season of Supergirl, and the sixth episode overall. It aired on November 30, 2015.




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Supergirl happily flies above National City, with Alex Danvers checking in on her over their shared intercom. Unfortunately, Supergirl's peaceful flight comes to an abrupt end as Kara hears a road rage between two men using her super hearing and flies down to end it. Supergirl arrives and abruptly stops the cars before several children are hit in a school zone crosswalk. One of the men gets out of his car, angry at Supergirl because she broke his nose and totaled his car. Supergirl yells back at him. He then attempts to hit Supergirl, though she catches his punch and twists his arm, hurting the man and scaring the children in the process.

At the D.E.O. headquarters, Hank Henshaw reprimands Supergirl for losing her temper, reminding her that there is a reason that some people feared Superman. Not because of his powers, but of what he might do with them if he ever lost his temper. Afterwards, Agent Vasquez shows Supergirl a video of Maxwell Lord criticizing her recent actions. At Noonan's, James Olsen and Lucy Lane have coffee together. Before she leaves for work, Lucy tells James that her father, General Sam Lane, is coming to town and wants to have dinner with them. After he agrees, Lucy leaves, passing by Kara on her way out and thanking her for the "invite". Kara then goes over to James, making sure everything is okay. James explains that he and Lucy's father don't get along because James consorts with aliens and the general is against them. During their conversation, James explains that he invites Lucy to their regular game night, with Kara reassuring James before leaving that she is fine with it.

At CatCo Worldwide Media, Cat Grant asks her mother what brings her to National City. Katherine replies that she is there for a book tour, and expresses criticism towards Cat for calling Supergirl a girl, rather than "Superwoman". Throughout the conversation, Katherine repeatedly demeans and patronizes her daughter both subtly and overtly, but Cat does not confront the psychological abuse. Arriving at CatCo, Kara comes across Alex, who is there to get Winn to hack into the D.E.O. mainframe to find out what happened to her father. Though initially reluctant, Alex and Kara explain the situation to Winn, and the two successfully persuad him to do so. Both Kara and Alex are then summoned by Henshaw. Later, at the D.E.O. base camp, General Lane arrives, ordering Henshaw to have Supergirl fight their field robot, Red Tornado.

Back at CatCo in their base of operations, Kara told Winn and James of her fight with Red Tornado the next day. After reassuring Winn that game night—one of the last vestiges of normalcy in her life—will not be cancelled, Kara walks with Cat Grant, telling her that dinner with her mother is booked for the night. Arriving in her office, Cat's mother cancels dinner with her, since she wants to attend a private dinner with Toni Morrison and other famous people instead. After her mother leaves, Cat asks Kara for the proofs for the revised fashion spread, though after looking them over, she demands that Kara take them back to editing to be retouched. Before Kara leaves for editing, Cat criticizes her over the way she throws herself at James after hearing about their "office game night", and tells her to be more professional. Kara is miffed at the insult, but she doesn't fight back.

Later at Kara Danvers' apartment, James and Lucy are winning against Kara and Winn at game night. After Superman is mentioned in the game they'd been playing, Lucy tells the group of how she'd met Supergirl earlier that day and wasn't impressed. The next day, Supergirl flies to the D.E.O. base camp for her fight with Red Tornado. While there, Kara tells Alex that she is craving a good fight. As the fight begins, Red Tornado knocks Supergirl back with his wind abilities, and sends missiles after her. She then burrows into the ground, sneaks up behind him and knocks him over. As the fight progresses, Supergirl losses her temper, breaking off Red Tornado's arm in the process. Red Tornado then flies away, and Supergirl is informed by his creator, T.O. Morrow, that the fight has caused the robot to go into self-preservation mode. Sam Lane berates Supergirl for her recklessness, accusing her of unleashing an unstoppable killing machine on National City.

Back at the D.E.O., Sam Lane demands that Red Tornado be found and destroyed. However, T.O. Morrow speaks against that order, as he had invested too much time and money into Red Tornado. General Lane then fires him, citing that both Morrow and Red Tornado have failed. At CatCo, Cat repeatedly calls for Kara. Kara then arrives, being reprimanded for not coming when she was called. In the middle of being criticized, Kara verbally lashes out at Cat, as she is frustrated with always being yelled at, despite working hard at her job, on top of all the other stressors and recent failures in her life. As soon as the words leave her mouth, Kara is mortified by what she has done, and she apologizes profusely. Cat shushes her and tells her to forward the phones as they were going somewhere.

Elsewhere, at Lord Technologies, Maxwell Lord greets Alex. She presents Max with Red Tornado's arm and says she needs help finding the android. However, Max refuses, telling her that he is "kind of busy". At dinner with General Lane, things get tense between James and the general after Lucy goes to powder her nose. James reveals that he knows why General Lane was in National City, and Lane finally tells James that he isn't good enough for Lucy—that he surrounds himself with special people because he's not good enough himself. Kara and Cat have drinks together at Noonan's, with Cat giving Kara advice on controlling her temper at work. Cat tells her that she needs to find an outlet, and more importantly, she needs to find the anger behind her anger. Upon exiting the restaurant, General Lane, Lucy, and James are confronted by Red Tornado, with James using his signal watch to alert Supergirl. Red Tornado hits Lucy with an air blast, knocking her back into a table.

As Red Tornado attempted to attack General Lane, Supergirl arrived, intercepting his punch. A fight between the two ensue, with Red Tornado creating a tornado that begins traveling down a busy street in National City, allowing the android to escape while Supergirl rescues everyone. Supergirl successfully disperses the tornado by flying circles inside it. Back at the D.E.O., General Lane reprimands Supergirl for letting Red Tornado get away, telling her that if anything else happens, both she and the D.E.O. will be held accountable. Hank Henshaw then arrives, telling Lane he discovered that they have made the android to kill Kryptonians, and that Lane owes Supergirl his gratitude instead of his contempt.

Alex arrives at Lord Technologies, as Maxwell wants to see her concerning the Red Tornado situation. The two begin to talk, with Max telling her he wants to know who he is working with, and both confiding in each other regarding their parents. Lord then informs her that Red Tornado isn't acting alone, as Red Tornado is a drone—and that Morrow is in fact still controlling it. At a garage, Kara and James blow off steam together, saying what they are mad about and letting their fists fly, with Kara hitting a car and James a punching bag. During their session, Kara losses her temper, then reveals to James the "anger behind her anger": that she thinks she'll never find love or a normal life. She is then called away by Alex, who has found something and wants Kara to meet her at the D.E.O.

At the D.E.O., Alex informs Hank and Kara that Morrow is still controlling Red Tornado, and they can find Morrow by drawing out Red Tornado and then tracing the relay signal that Morrow is using to control Tornado, back to him. Kara reassures Hank that she can control her anger, and Henshaw told General Lane that they had a plan to fix his mess, but he'd need his help. Later, the D.E.O. used hologram technology to draw out Red Tornado and get a fix on Morrow's location. As Red Tornado attacked the hologram, Supergirl flew herself as a projectile at the android, with the two engaging each other in battle.

Elsewhere, Alex confronted Morrow, who revealed that he was neurally linked to the android now. He tells Alex that she'll have to kill him to stop Red Tornado, then he begins to attack her. The fight results in Morrow's death, which momentarily stops Red Tornado—until it becomes sentient and continues to attack Kara. However, Kara uses her heat vision in an attempt to stop Red Tornado. The android continues advancing, but Supergirl unleashes her anger and intensifies her heat vision until the powerful blast causes Red Tornado to explode. Kara then confirms to Hank that she is okay over her intercom. Later at Noonan's, Lucy tells her father that she is resigning from the military and staying in National City with James, though General Lane disapproved. At Kara's apartment, Winn informs Alex that her father went missing on a mission with Hank Henshaw in South America, with Hank being the last person to see Jeremiah Danvers alive.

At CatCo, Katherine berates Kara for not calling her a car to the airport. She then continues to rant to Cat about Kara's ineptitude and worthlessness, which causes Cat to tell her mother that Kara is excellent at her job, and she isn't allowed to speak to her that way—as she is Cat's assistant. Afterwards, Kara thanks Cat for her kind words, though Cat tells her it is just for effect. While cleaning up a glass from a cup she has dropped, Kara cuts her finger, which, much to her surprise, begins to bleed.




  • The way that Supergirl disperses the tornado created by Red Tornado is similar as to how Barry Allen/The Flash stopped a similar instance in The Flash episode "Pilot" when he goes against Clyde Mardon.
  • This episode focuses on Kara coping with her building rage, rooted in her feelings of isolation on Earth. In the New 52 comics, Kara briefly became a Red Lantern in the Red Daughter of Krypton storyline because of the rage in her heart cumulating from the pain and stress in her dual lives since waking up on Earth.
  • Cat and Kara develop a closer relationship after this episode.


  • In Kara's first fight against the Red Tornado, she freezes and then breaks off the android's left arm. He immediately flies off, but his right arm is shown lying on the ground at Supergirl's feet. Later, when Alex takes the arm to Maxwell Lord for his help in finding Red Tornado, it is again the right arm when it should be the left.
    • It's possible that T.O. Morrow repaired Red Tornado's broken arm, since he was secretly controlling it too.
  • When Lucy Lane appears in her Army dress blue uniform, she is wearing an enlisted soldier's cap device. The officer's cap device is the same for men and women, so it should've matched General Sam Lane's.