Redmond is a city in Oregon in the United States.


Dominator invasion

In 1951, the United States Army engaged the Dominators in combat in Redmond. The invading aliens easily defeated the army, and took numerous humans back to their mothership. Mick Rory, Amaya Jiwe, Nate Heywood, Cisco Ramon, and Felicity Smoak traveled back in time aboard the Waverider to this battle with the goal of capturing one of the Dominators and questioning them about their motives. However, the three members of the Legends were abducted along with a Dominator by the U.S. Army and taken back to a secret location. Using weapons stored on the Waverider, Cisco and Felicity rescued their friends and together they freed the Dominator, who returned to the mothership aboard a Dominator ship that the Legends had previously captured.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 2


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