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Reggie is a blind newspaper seller and a friend of Henry Allen.


Early life

At some point, Reggie became friends with Henry Allen and came to know his son, Barry Allen.[1]

Henry Allen Murder Anthem

In 1990, Reggie learned that Johnny Ray Hix escaped prison and tried to kill Henry, who had arrested him. While buying a newspaper from Reggie, Barry questioned him but the only information Reggie divulged was that Hix is still in town. Reggie also informed Barry that Hix's people don't question since they will most likely be killed. He then asked after Henry, to which Barry assured him that his father was okay.[1]

Murder of Dr. Emil Velinski

Four weeks later, Dr. Emil Velinski went to buy a newspaper from Reggie, who felt the presence of another man behind him which Velinski denied. Suddenly, Reggie heard the unknown man choking Velinski to death. Later, another person (The Flash) arrived and interrogated Reggie about the murder. Reggie gave him the approximated size of the killer. Based on the person's breathing, Reggie recognized him as Barry.[2]


  • Honed senses: Due to being blind, Reggie's other senses are significantly amplified; he could sense the near-silent presence of an intruder behind Emil Velinski and deduce some of the murderer's physical details. Upon encountering the Flash, Reggie soon figured out the speedster was Barry Allen due to familiarity with the latter's breathing.


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