Reggie Harris (died March 16, 2020)[1] was an inmate of Blackgate Penitentiary who was framed by the Crows for the alleged murder of Lucius Fox, who held a grudge against Jacob Kane for this; but he eventually became a situational ally of him.


Early life

Reggie Harris was raised in Gotham City by his grandmother.[1] As an adult he apparentely entered a gang and started to operate as a petty criminal.

Framed for Lucius Fox's murder

In 2015 he went inside Sip&Dash to buy some chips and, after someone knocked him out, woke up with a gun on his hand and Lucius Fox's blood on his body,[1] thus he was arrested by the Crows for allegedly committing said murder and sentenced to Blackgate Penitentiary as he was framed by Stu Donnelly, Angus Stanton and Raymond Calverick, who managed to corrupt a Crow agent to destroy evidence convincing the jury that the cameras in the interrogation room weren't working at the time Harris was interrogated.[2]

Meeting Jacob in Blackgate

In 2020, after Jacob Kane was sentenced there too for the alleged murder of his wife Catherine Hamilton-Kane, Reggie placed a knife into his meal and tried to provoke him to start a fight, however the former commander didn't fall for the trick and leave. Later, Reggie tried once more to harass Kane during his daily phonecall with his daughter ordering him to move, which he did dropping the phone in defiance.[3]

Few weeks later, when Chuck Dodgson attacked Jacob Kane in Blackgate's showers, stabbed him and violently beat him, Reggie intervened, preventing him from killing Jacob, thus; saving his life, stating that he was more useful to him alive as he was close to be release.[4]

It’s possible he intended Jacob to prove his innocence.

Trial and Death

The day of his post-conviction hearing, Judge Wellington accepted his appeal for a new trial setting Reggie free until that date, causing him to exult along with his lawyer Bobby Reeves. That night, after shopping for dinner with his grandmother, Reggie was approached by Luke Fox outside his home. After senting the woman inside, Harris was asked by Luke why he killed his father, to which he explained that he didn't, stating he was used as a scapegoat for someone who was probably rich enough to cover-up everything. While saying this, Reggie was shot by a sniper an killed in front of Luke's eyes.[1]


Due to Reggie's death, Luke became convinced that there's a conspiration behind his father dead and that the real killer is still at large.[1]



Season 1


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