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For the titular character, see Reign (split personality).
"Who is she?"
"Worldkiller. The one who will bring about the end of times. This is your purpose, to fight the Devil."
Kara Danvers and Thomas Coville

"Reign" is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the fifty-first episode overall. It aired on December 4, 2017.




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"Reign" starts with Samantha awakening from a bad dream. Ruby surges in to comfort her mom, and we discover that Samantha has no memory of going into the desert to find answers.

At the DEO, the gathering is discussing the 31st century with Mon-El and Imra. The last advises that her group — the Legion of Super-Heroes — were established to carry on Supergirl's strategic. Mon-El clarifies they accidentally went back in time, and he needs the DEO's assistance of fixing their ship so they can return into what's to come.

Kara invites Mon-El and Imra over to her apartment for a vacation party, yet the couple declines.

The majority of the DEO team is there including J'onn, Alex, and Winn, as is Lena Luthor, James Olsen, and J'onn's father M'yrnn. There's a thump at the entryway and it's Samantha and Ruby; they're running late.

Samantha complains of a harsh day at work while Alex pulls Ruby out of the way to ask what it's like to work with Supergirl.

Samantha begins drinking scotch with Lena and prods her supervisor if she wants to date James. Kara concurs that she sees the chemistry between James and Lana too. J'onn approaches Kara and discloses to her he's gotten a call, and they need to go.

The two go to a burnt field, and Kara flies up to get a bird's-eye see. She sees a logo burnt onto the field — it's the logo of Reign.

Kara approaches the hologram image of her mom about the token she saw consumed into the ground. She discovers that the image is Kryptonian, however discovers there isn't a known interpretation of the logo.

At CatCo, James is sitting in front of the TV sets where the news is showing reports that the city has been vandalized with different Reign seals. Lena strolls in and reveals to James that he believes that Morgan Edge is behind the vandalism.

Lena and James approach Morgan at his office about the vandalism, however Edge claims innocence.

Mon-El and Imra are out having Christmas Eve dinner, and Kara and Winn appear. Seeing that Kara needs to address Mon-El alone, Winn pulls Imra aside for a brew. While she's conversing with Mon-El, Kara gets a gather call from Albatross Bay Correctional.

Kara appears and we discover that it was Thomas Coville — the minister the lead the Cult of Rao — who called her. He's murmuring different Kryptonian-like platitudes before turning upward and revealing to Kara she has a long way to go.

Coville clarifies that the end is close, and that it's Kara's purpose to battle the fallen angel. Kara clarifies that the devil isn't real, however she appears to be reluctant in her own convictions.

Samantha's working at CatCo, and Ruby is hungry and needs to go eat. Samantha clarifies that she's too occupied to even think about going out so the family babysitter will get Ruby. A resentful Ruby is in the long run quieted down after Samantha converses with her around a couple of the Christmas memories the two have. Samantha then gives Ruby a present; a neckband of the Supergirl seal.

Kara's conversing with the group at the DEO about Coville's call, and Imra strolls in and says she can help. Imra pulls Kara aside to converse with her about Kara's past with Mon-El. Imra consoles her that Mon-El didn't proceed onward from Kara easily.

Lena and James are researching the images, still under the feeling that it's something that Morgan Edge has been doing. They're pursued and fired at by a shooter with a laser gun, before James stops him by redirecting a laser blast back at the shooter with his shield.

We see a drug deal going somewhere around the docks when the lights begin going out. The dealers are taken out by individually by a concealed figure until the last dealer begins fleeing. He's in the long run halted by the shadowy figure, as we see through the figure's first-individual perspective.

Back at her office, Lena and James are attempting to do some exploration on the man who pursued them. They uncover that the shooter recently worked for a meeting Morgan Edge used to work for.

As Lena and James go to take a look at a news report, where journalists report on the murders of the street gang members at the docks, Samantha looking at an image of Edge on Lana's PC before leaving the workplace and opens her shirt, revealing her Reign costume.

At the DEO, Winn discovers the gang members were killed by a Kryptonian's heat vision, and not by Morgan Edge.

Mon-El apologizing to Kara, that Imra was not her intention to upset her but kara made it clear that she didn't do anything wrong. Kara tells Mon-El she's kind and generous even though she looks like a Greek goddess and tells she can't find any reason to hate her. She made clear to him that at least two of us still get be happy. While Kara explains this to Mon-El, she feels she is the third wheel with a heavy heartbreak when Irma is around with Mon-El. She is trying to be okay with Mon-El loving Irma more than her, but she is disturbed when she sees that Mon-El has no love in his eyes when he is looking at her.

Edge calls Lena to give his sympathies about her attempted murder when Reign begins unleashing destruction on his Christmas celebration. He hides in a lead-lined panic room in his office long enough for Reign to take off attempting to find him somewhere else.

Kara advises the news to the group at the DEO before she takes off attempting to discover the Kryptonian herself, not realizing that it's Reign, the alter-ego of Samantha.

Morgan Edge assembles a public interview, where he tells columnists that he was assaulted by somebody. He explicitly makes reference to that he can't be sure that it wasn't Supergirl who assaulted him. Lena and James are watching the report when the two present themselves with a glass of bourbon.

Sooner rather than later, the two put their bourbon down and start kissing.

Mon-El and Imra are training happily at the DEO and a heartbroken Kara looks on. Winn and Alex stroll in to disclose to Kara that Reign is waiting for her where she left her mark.

Reign is on the head of the CatCo building, where she acquaints herself with Supergirl. After of talking, the two start battling.

Kara and Reign's battle overflows into a structure, where the two interfere with a Christmas party. The two keep battling as "Deck The Halls" plays on out of sight.

The two leave the high rise and battle on a cargo ship before the two fly around National City before stopping to battle on a road downtown. Reign is ready to hit Kara over the head with a metal pole, causing her to bleed.

Seeing a young lady looking on, Kara gets back up to battle. Reign keeps beating on Kara, before flying her to the head of a structure. Reign drops Kara off the side of the structure, who collides with the walkway underneath.

The DEO specialists swarm the scene and take an unconscious Kara back to the DEO, where she starts slamming.

The next morning, an energized Ruby runs down the stairs at home to wish her mother a Merry Christmas. As she looks around, Ruby sees her mother — who's dressed in all black — peering out the window. Ruby calls out to Sam, who begins to quickly turn around.