The Reign suit is a protective suit that Samantha Arias wears as the supervillainess Reign, while terrorizing her victims.


Just like the Supergirl suit, the Reign suit includes a cape and has a symbol on the chest. However, unlike Supergirl's suit, the Reign suit bears the symbol of the Worldkiller on the chest. Additionally, unlike Supergirl, Reign wears a mask to conceal her identity, and pants in the place of a skirt.


The suit is briefly seen when Reign takes out a street gang and later when she tries to murder Morgan Edge. The full suit was then seen during Reign's fight against Supergirl.


  • Cape: To help with her flying, Sam relies on a cape due to the fact capes help with aerodynamics.
  • Identity concealment: Sam uses a black mask with eye-holes and some slashes throughout it, to conceal her identity from her victims. The mask covers the upper-half of her face, only leaving her eyes, mouth, and chin open.
  • Advanced durability: It is unknown what materials the suit is made out of, however, the suit is just as durable as Sam; as bullets cannot penetrate it.

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  • Like Overgirl and Red Daughter, Reign wears pants instead of a skirt. She also has bladed gauntlets, shoulder pads, and a sharp hair piece. The latter of which are direct nods to Reign's comic-book suit.
  • Physically, her suit resembles an all-black version of Supergirl's suit.
  • In "Of Two Minds", it is shown that Reign's outfit supposedly materializes out of nowhere, contrary to previous episodes where Samantha was shown to have worn it underneath her clothes.


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