For the lord in 1802, see Remington.

Remington Meister is a German crime boss that hosted an auction that included selling the Ring of Fire.


Early life

At some point before 2019, Remington had hired Esperanza Garcia/Ultraviolet to usually kill people for him to the point that she became like a personal bodyguard. At some point, he met Sue Dearbon.

The Ring of Fire auction

In 2019, Remington organized an auction for his destructive satellite the EYE-3C9 that he prefer calling "The Ring of Fire". He greeted Ralph Dibny and Barry Allen in the hall. When Allen talked about information that included the missing Sue Dearborn, Meister asks Idna to bring him the guest list and act like he is looking for her on the guest list and note that Dibny and Allen aren't invited. When the two left, he contacts all units to be on high alert, including Ultraviolet. Later, with his electric rings, he shocks Dibny who was trespassing in the monitor's room. Later, with the Flash and Dibny tied up, he explains his plan of destroying Central City with his satellite, while at the same time, his laser machine would kill them and references it with a Goldfinger quote before leaving. Later, during the auction, while presenting the satellite, a drunk Barry Allen appears on stage and Remington orders Ultraviolet to escort him out. When Dibny somehow shows up and deactivates the computer, Remington fights him and after shortly knocking him out, he started the satellite countdown aiming for Central City. During his fight, with Dibny, the latter blinds him with a device hidden in his bow-tie allowing Allen to uses Ultraviolet's weapon to short circuit his electric rings. Defeated, Remington admits that their performance was spectacular before being arrested.[1]


  • High-level intellect: Remington is a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Remington is showed to be able to handle a hand-to-hand fight with Ralph Dibny.
  • Bilingualism: Remington speaks English and German.


  • Shock rings: Remington wore shock rings around his fingers to electrocute his adversaries.


The Flash

Season 6


  • He is a fan of the Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire.[1]
  • He speaks German seven times:'Tapferkeit' (bravery), große Feier' (Big party), 'Nicht so viel' (Not so much), 'Danke schön' (Thank you very much), 'meine Freunde' (My friends), he says 'Wunderbar' twice (Wonderful).


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