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"I watched as my wife got shot to death by a drug dealer from these streets. And for a long time, all I saw was red. Then I met Oliver Queen and their team, and they helped me channel my anger into a fight for a better life. I just want to pay that forward."
—Rene Ramirez to Emiko Adachi[src]

Rene Ramirez, nicknamed Wild Dog by Felicity Smoak and Curtis Holt, is a vigilante operating in Star City and an alumnus of Star City High School. He was eventually recruited into the ranks of Team Arrow by Oliver Queen. Rene is the husband of the late Laura Ramirez and father of Zoe Ramirez.

After discovering that Oliver, John Diggle, and Felicity Smoak spied on him, and being kicked off the team for cutting a deal with the F.B.I. to testify against Oliver, Rene joined with Dinah Drake and Curtis Holt to form their own team known as New Team Arrow. The trio eventually became estranged from Team Arrow until Rene apologized to and made amends with Oliver. He then rejoined Team Arrow to help them battle Ricardo Diaz.

Rene later became a deputized hero working with the Star City Police Department.

After the destruction of the multiverse and restoration of the universe, J'onn J'onzz restored his Earth-1 memories and helped to stop the Anti-Monitor. He attended Oliver's funeral to honor his friend. He decided to stop being a hero and began to run for mayor.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Rene Ramirez was born in Starling City and raised in the dangerous district known as The Glades.[1] He implies that his father was abusive to him.[2] As a kid, Rene was caught tagging a building by an at-the-time beat cop, Quentin Lance. Instead of arresting him, Quentin crouched down and told Rene that "he could be more than just some rip-and-rug thug", which set the latter on a much better path for life.[3]

Rene graduated from Star City High School,[4] where he once pulled the fire alarm, most likely as a prank.[5]

Rene served with the United States Navy, later becoming a Navy SEAL. At one point, he was part of a team transporting a prisoner with valuable information. When intelligence couldn't get anything out of him, Rene took matters into his own hands and tried to beat the information out of the prisoner, leading to him being dishonorably discharged.[2][6]

Rene fell in love with and married a woman named Laura, despite her being a former drug addict. Sometime before 2016, the couple had a daughter, Zoe.[1]

Laura's death[]

In March 2016, Rene began to suspect his wife had relapsed and become an addict again, which was proven correct when he found drugs in their bedroom. He and Laura had an argument about this, with Rene threatening to kick his wife out of the house if she didn't become clean.

That night, Rene took Zoe out to a hockey game and when they returned to the house, it was ransacked. Immediately sending Zoe to her room, Rene investigated and found his wife being held at gunpoint by her dealer, who demanded the $500 that Laura owed him. Rene claimed that the money was in the safe (where he actually kept his gun), and began to reach for it. However, Zoe appeared and unknowingly spooked the drug dealer, causing him to throw Laura on the ground and start shooting at Rene, which left a bullet hole in his hockey jersey. Rene eventually grabbed his gun and killed the dealer, but not before the latter shot a stray bullet that killed Laura.[1]

Rene Ramirez become Wild Dog

Rene becomes Wild Dog.

Guilt-ridden over his wife's death, Rene became depressed and an alcoholic. One night, he passed out drunk while reheating soup for Zoe. She then tried to take the soup off the stove, but ended up burning her hand. Rene was woken up from his stupor by Zoe crying and immediately attended to his daughter. Afterwards, Zoe was removed from his custody and placed in a foster home. Rene was still allowed visitation rights, but only under the supervision of a court-appointed guardian.[7]

Becoming a vigilante[]

Wild Dog's makeshift outfit

Wild Dog's first vigilante suit.

On the night that Damien Darhk was killed, Rene called child services and asked to see his daughter, only to be rejected multiple times, rudely. After seeing Darhk's death at the hands of the Green Arrow on TV, he was inspired to take justice into his own hands.[1] Rene began acting as a vigilante. However, his antics were disapproved by Green Arrow, who warned him to stay off the streets, though Rene didn't listen.[4]

In late 2016, the anarchist Lonnie Machin attempted to blow up a significant portion of the city using multiple bombs. Rene somehow found out about this and attempted to disarm the bombs. However, Green Arrow pushed him away and did so himself. The archer reminded Rene he'd previously ordered him to stop his vigilantism, to which Rene protested that Star City was his home too. Before leaving, Green Arrow shot an arrow through Rene's leg.[4]

Joining Team Arrow[]

Oliver reveals his identity to the recruits

Rene and the recruits learn Green Arrow's identity.

One night while chasing down a drug dealer, Wild Dog tried to jump from one rooftop to another but hit his foot, causing him to fall off the roof. Before he hit the ground though, Green Arrow used a grappling arrow to save him. The archer decided to take Rene under his wing, offering him the opportunity to "become someone else, something else". Green Arrow cut Rene down and left behind the address of a building to meet him at the next day. Rene showed up and met the other recruits, Curtis Holt and Evelyn Sharp. During training, Green Arrow's harsh methods annoyed him. The next day, Oliver sent Rene, Curtis, and Evelyn to an AmerTek Industries event disguised as volunteers to serve as security looking out for, at the time unidentified, the "Ragman". When Ragman broke in, Wild Dog disobeyed Oliver's instructions and attacked Ragman, ripping a piece of his rag suit off. After a scolding by Oliver, Rene and the other recruits quit their training, not wanting to work with Green Arrow due to his aggressive personality. However, Rene and the others later rejoined the team after Oliver revealed his identity to them all. Rene asked Oliver if he could rethink his code name, but Oliver amusingly replied, "no chance".[8]

Recruits in the Arrowcave

Recruits in the Arrowcave.

Later, Oliver was looking for details about the new street drug called "Stardust" and learned it was being manufactured by Derek Sampson. After he returned to the base Oliver gave instructions not to go looking for any more intel. Rene, knowing where the warehouse that the Stardust drug was being made, ignored Oliver and went to the location, bringing along Evelyn Sharp. He claimed that he was there strictly for intel, but once he knew for sure the drugs were there he jumped down and started attacking the men working for Sampson. After shooting many thugs, Wild Dog fought Sampson one on one. Sampson had the upper hand on Wild Dog and brutally punched him numerous times nearly knocking him out until Evelyn shot Sampson in the shoulder. This distracted him and Wild Dog threw him into a vat of stardust and presumably killed him. The next day Oliver was furious at Rene for not listening to him and killing Sampson, as Adrian Chase, the district attorney, was close to taking down Sampson and all of his men. Oliver later forgave Rene and apologized for never trusting him and giving him a chance in the field. Later once Team Arrow found out Sampson was still alive and couldn't feel pain, they figured out his plan which was to create an army of men like himself. Oliver decided to bring the new team to stop Sampson in which they succeeded. This was the first time Oliver trusted Rene.[9]

Rene and the team led by Green Arrow tried to capture Sergio Espinoza, however Wild Dog did not obey the orders of the Arrow and he had to intervene, stunning the enemy. Oliver decided to give the team a few days off for an unknown reason. As it turned out later, the man wanted to rescue his friend from a military prison, so Felicity stopped him on the road. They hoped that when he saw them in tune, he would give up the impossible plan, but that didn't happen. Queen beat up his team and then drove off. For a long time she could not recover and was afraid to act without her leader, but when Tobias Church decided to retake Sergio, the team joined forces again and tried to stop the criminal. Unfortunately, Curtis suffered during the fight, and Wild Dog, wanting to help his friend escape, decided to keep the enemy for some time. Despite his courageous fight, Ramirez fell, and when he woke up he was tortured by Church's men.[6]

Rene tortured by Tobias

Rene tortured by Tobias.

While tortured by Church, Rene told him that Oliver Queen was the Green Arrow although he doesn't remember telling Church. He was brought to the woods by Church and his men to dig his own grave, and while there, Church told Rene his plan and why he came to Star City. Church told him his plan because he planned to kill Rene once he finished digging. Oliver showed up moments after killing Church's men and saving Rene, but Church got away. The next day Rene met with Diggle to try and remember anything from his time being tortured, to see if he heard anything about Church's plan. Rene and Diggle bonded due to their similarities and Diggle served as somewhat of a mentor to Rene. He remembered Church's plan and told the rest of the team. This ultimately led to Church being arrested and then murdered by Prometheus for trying to kill the Green Arrow.[2]

Facing new enemies[]
Team Arrow overlook the panic at an outdoor shopping mall

Team Arrow overlook the panic at an outdoor shopping mall.

Rene and the recruits were summoned by Overwatch to help Green Arrow and the Spartan get rid of the people in the market who caused panic by shooting indiscriminately into the sky. After returning to the hideout, they found out that the others were insincere with them and did not talk about the threat Prometheus was sowing. As it turned out, the man was killing people from The List that Oiver decided to tell the recruits. This caused outrage as they did not realize that the Hood and Arrow were also Oliver. The recruits later met at Regan's workshop where they talked among themselves about the team's lies and were clearly unhappy that their mentor was a serial killer. Nevertheless, they decided to come when called and help guard any targets that could be potential Prometheus victims. Rene's target was safe, however, while Artemis's target was attacked by the killer. The latter, seeing that he had to face the Green Arrow as well, fled. Some time later, the recruits showed up at an official charity concert, to which they were invited by the mayor himself.[10]

Team Arrow meet Vigilante

Team Arrow meet Vigilante.

Rene, like the rest of the team, was training in a hideout when Felicity received a report that the bodies of two criminals - Nathan Sierra and Pablo Estevez - were delivered to the police station, indicating that a new Vigilante has appeared in the city, killing criminals. Sometime later, the team was summoned to the bank, which became the target of The Spooky Crew. When they got there, they only found Jenkins bleeding out on the floor, who died in the hands of Spartan. After deliberating in the hideout, the team decided to examine the casings they found, and to this end, they visited the owner of a certain weapons store, so they could predict the next location of the Spooky Crew's attack. They were interrupted by a new Vigilante, who intended to kill the criminals. Seeing the threat in the warrior, the heroes decided to pretend to be criminals and attract the man's attention, but he understood their plan and stunned Artemis sitting in the car in front of the building, then beat Curtis and took him with him. At the bank, he demanded a meeting with Green Arrow, threatening Holt to kill him. When the Vigilante was about to make a fatal shot, the archer stopped him and captured him, but thanks to a controlled blast he escaped.[11]

Ragman and Wild Dog with Flash and Supergirl

Rene and Rory with Flash and Supergirl.

During an alien invasion, Rene felt a distrust of Barry Allen, the Flash, as well as Kara Danvers, Supergirl, which showcased a part of his hypocrisy as he believed that the Flash and Supergirl should not deserve to be trusted, even though they have already proven themselves to be trustworthy and he had multiple times already proven it could be hard to trust him as he had once almost caused the city to be destroyed by Derek, whom he indirectly created. He was mad at them, feeling that those with superpowers were corrupted and could never do their part as heroes. It is unknown as to why he felt that way, but it was possibly because the Dominators were attacking Earth. However, after being saved by the Flash and Supergirl, his thoughts change, withdrawing his grudge against all super-powered beings.[12]

War against Prometheus[]

Team Arrow comforts Oliver

Team Arrow comforts Oliver.

Rene and Rory were preparing a Christmas dinner at Diggle's hideout so that he could spend it safely with his family. After a while they were visited by Evelyn, who brought gifts in the form of Christmas socks with the nicknames of the vigilantes printed on them. When the assassin Prometheus attacked Curtis, sending him to the hospital, the team followed the drug injected into Holt and decided to attack the enemy at Claybourne Pharmaceuticals. There, however, Artemis finally revealed to the group that she had been working with Prometheus. She admitted that the city needs to be cleansed of Oliver. With the help of a gas-dust arrow fired into the ground, she managed to escape the building with Prometheus. This surprised the team, which for the next hours tried unsuccessfully to find out who the dangerous killer was, while losing an ally - Detective Malone.[13]

After losing Billy Malone, the group had an unexpected arrival. It was Laurel, seemingly alive and well. Rene and the rest of the team celebrated Laurel Lance's return, but noticed Curtis was not entirely happy. Everything was starting to go wrong in his life, and he didn't know how to deal with it. Soon after, it was revealed that it was not Earth-1's Laurel, but her Earth-2 doppelganger. Together, they prepared a trap for the Black Siren when she wanted to meet the Green Arrow and attacked it on Felicity's orders, successfully catching her. After all the action, when Curtis returned home, he was stopped by Rene, who was trying to understand Holt's lack of energy. It was then that the man vented his emotions and confessed that Paul had abandoned him, and that he himself gets beaten every now and then and does not feel well at what he is doing. Ramirez told his friend to try to do what he can, and he was good at it. Later, the team returned to the hideout, where it was revealed that Felicity had allowed Black Siren to escape to lead them to Prometheus. Curtis decided to follow Rene's advice and instead of training to fight, he prepared a device to "deactivate" the powers of the criminal, thanks to which the team managed to catch the woman again. Holt later thanked Rene for the advice and revealed that everything would be different now.[14]

Green Arrow, Mr

Green Arrow, Mr. Terrific and Wild Dog meet Dinah Drake.

The team tried to find a worthy successor to Black Canary when Curtis released a surveillance video of an unidentified woman fighting street criminals in Hub City. Oliver decided it was worth checking, and when they found her exact location, they tried to recruit her in vain - she refused. Oliver refused to give up, however, and the team spent the next hours researching Tina's motives and her past with the police. They found that the woman lost her partner to a gunshot by Sean Sonus when a particle accelerator exploded, turning Boland into a meta-human. Another attempt to recruit a woman came when Tina tortured Declan Lin, eventually killing him. Oliver, however, refused to give up any further as he saw potential in Boland, so he decided to try again. It was then that he interrupted her confrontation with Sonus, who, as it turned out, also had meta abilities, thanks to which he stunned the woman. Tina, however, still refused to work with the vigilantes until Oliver introduced herself to her - without a mask. Together, they decided to capture Sonus, but at the climax, Boland killed the man, deciding that was what Vin wanted. The team decided to let the woman go anyway and return to Star City, where shortly thereafter Tina decided to join the team, revealing that her real name was Dinah Drake and that Boland was her disguise.[15]

When the team traveled to Russia to capture General Walker, Rene agreed to guard Quentin and prepare him for an interview with Susan Williams. For he knew the man had just come out of rehab and might not be able to cope with the woman's inquisitiveness, so he started asking questions. These, however, were so strong that Lance turned the man away, resigning from his help. After much thought, he realized his mistake and apologized to Rene who admitted he was anxious to help. After the preparations and the interview itself, Quentin went to the bunker to meet Rene. He thanked him again for his preparation and apologized for his behavior when Ramirez revealed how a policeman caught him vandalism in his youth, but let him go, believing that his life could change for the better - he might be someone. These words, according to Rene, motivated him and from his youth he wanted to do something for the world.[3]

Team Arrow finds information about James Edlund

Team Arrow finds information about James Edlund.

Rene was introduced to Adrian at City Hall by Oliver and Quentin as the new assistant mayor's secretary when Thea returned. After a short conversation in the building there was a shooting started by the perpetrator who managed to escape Ramirez. Working with the team, the man tried to find out who the attacker was, while trying to convince Queen of the law to possess weapons for self-defense. When the perpetrator was found and arrested, Rene stopped feeling sorry for his past and got an offer from Curtis that the man should try to get his daughter back. Following these events, Ramirez attended a rally outside the town hall to commemorate the people who had died as a result of the shooting in the building. It was then that the mayor announced that a law came into force allowing Star City residents to use weapons for self-defense purposes.[1]

Wild Dog and Mister Terrific fight with a Triad thug

Wild Dog and Mister Terrific fight with a Triad thug.

When Chien Na Wei, Carrie Cutter and Liza Warner escaped from the prison bus, the team's goal was to find and capture the women. Wild Dog along with Mister Terrific pressed one of the members of the Chinese Triad, thus learning about the purpose of women. They wanted to find Tobias Church's deposit, which had hidden a huge amount of cash for the rainy day. This brought the vigilantes a lot closer to capturing the women, but they were blocked by an ACU squad seeking to shut down Green Arrow for the murder of Detective Malone. When Captain Pike was finally convinced of the Arrow's innocence, the heroes found Church's deposit and turned up there along with the criminals. A fight began there, which the vigilantes would have lost, if not for the ACU's intervention, which caught the fugitives and forgave the archer at the request of Mayor Queen.[16]

Rene and Curtis talk about the T-Sphere

Rene and Curtis talk about the T-Sphere.

Curtis, following Rene's advice, went on to do what he did best and created a T-Sphere that needed a lot of refinement. It was then that it was revealed that Oliver was accused of concealing the truth about the death of Detective Malone. Hours after the Vigilante attacked Oliver and Dinah delivered a piece of his mask to the base, the heroes began chasing the Vigilante. They found him opposite the town hall, where the mayor was giving a speech, and they successfully stopped the enemy thanks to a new way of fighting criminals.[17]

Team Arrow before they face Prometheus

Team Arrow before they face Prometheus.

When it turned out that the district attorney Adrian Chase was hiding under the mask of Prometheus, the team was put on a vertical position and tried to outsmart the enemy, who was still one step ahead of them. No action could lead them to a positive result, on the contrary - they were constantly mistaken for the criminal. Eventually, thanks to Felicity, they found a clue to the kidnapped journalist, Susan Williams. Following him, they found an abandoned building with bombs in it. When they found the woman they were looking for, Green Arrow started fighting Prometheus. Meanwhile, Mister Terrific tried to get Rene and Dinah out of the rubble room with the help of the T-Sphere. When they returned to the Arrow to help him in battle, there was no trace of him and the criminal, only his bow remained.[18]

The team reunited

The team reunited.

When Rene found out that Oliver had terminated the team's activities and closed the bunker from his friends, he could not come to terms with this fact. John, however, did not intend to leave the city unprotected, especially when Prometheus was at large. As planned, the team was trying to protect Star City, and when they got information about the theft of drugs from a certain company, they went to the scene. There, to their surprise, they met Anatoly Knyazev, who revealed that he had been invited to the city and was allowed to do so. As it turned out, Oliver invited the Solntsevskaya Bratva to the city to kill Adrian. Diggle did not intend to let this happen and led the team to save the criminal by eliminating the activities of the brotherhood. While Curtis and Felicity were doing something for Helix, trying to get proof that Chase was Prometheus, the rest of the team persuaded Oliver to revert to old values ​​and successfully stopped the brotherhood from further stealing drugs. After that, Holt and Smoak brought a video showing Adrian as the killer, which was then to be delivered by Dinah to the police. Then, in the bunker, Oliver apologized to the team for his behavior, revealing a rebuilt base with suits for the new members, saying that they would defeat the enemy together.[19]

The team cooperated with A.R.G.U.S. and the police, trying to find the wanted Adrian Chase. They found his lead in an internet cafe, but this one turned out to be a mere distraction. As if that were not enough, one of A.R.G.U.S. he was murdered under unknown circumstances and the heroes, at Lyla's instigation, decided to help the agency find the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Rene and Quentin were struggling with the families of Prometheus' victims, accidentally passing on about Ramirez's daughter, whom Curtis's lawyer friend tried to help him recover, but he refused to. After much persuasion from Lance, he explained to him why. He believed that he had hurt Zoe once, because he left the soup on the gas and fell asleep drunk. The girl wanted to turn off the gas, but she got burned and her scream woke Rene. Even so, Quentin refused to give up and brought Zoe and her guardian to City Hall where she saw her father. She showed how much she missed him and expected him to take her home. It was then that Rene realized his mistake and promised that he would do everything to get her back with the help of a lawyer he knew in the near future. Sometime after that, Ramirez thanked Lance and invited him to the bar for a glass of cola.[7]

Dinah Rene and Curtis at Diggle's apartment

Rene, Dinah and Curtis at John Diggle's apartment.

When Felicity and Oliver gave no sign of their lives for a long time, Curtis, at the request of the team, went to the bunker, where he discovered that there was no electricity. Thus, he guessed that the friends were locked up there. He called the team and explained that Oliver and Felicity would run out of air in a few hours. Together, they tried to save their friends through the elevator shaft, but it soon turned out that it was impossible, because methane was rising towards them from below. During this time, Lyla provided with A.R.G.U.S. a copied version of the T-Sphere, which upset both the creator and John, who could not understand his wife's actions as the head of a government organization. Nevertheless, with the help of the device, the team reached friends who were successfully saved. This event was accused of Prometheus, who wanted to detain the band in order to get a chance to get to Oliver's son.[20]

Dinah and Wild Dog

Rene and Dinah.

The team was brought back upright when a package with a concrete skeleton was sent to Oliver's office. The vigilantes understood that Prometheus was still playing with them, and as if that were not enough, all the criminals put behind bars by Adrian Chase were released. Thus, the heroes were forced to deal with the most dangerous of them, focusing on Derek Sampson. After some time, the team caught on to Prometheus, but fell into a trap and had to let go of the dealer. It was only later that the two criminals were chased into one place, and while the recruits dealt with Sampson, the Green Arrow defeated Prometheus, contributing to his arrest in A.R.G.U.S. Enjoying the fact that they had managed to defeat the enemy, the heroes went to celebrate their victory.[21]

Dinah and Rene trying to escape

Rene and Dinah trying to escape.

Upon returning home, Rene was kidnapped, like Dinah, and transferred to a monastery on Lian Yu Island, where Prometheus' team chained them with chains. Soon after, John and Quentin joined them, and soon after Oliver, who collaborated with Slade Wilson to bring Drake a device from Holt, allowing her to reuse the powers. In this way they broke free from their chains, but shortly afterwards were forced to fight many members of Prometheus' team. After getting rid of most of them, Oliver ordered his friends to board the plane and leave the island when he would confront Chase himself. On the spot, it turned out that the vehicle was damaged and C4 loads were spread throughout the island. They were suddenly activated, destroying the location.[22][23]

Cayden James attacks[]

Rene managed to survive the blast and for the next months he worked with the team in Star City, facing, among others, Alex Faust, who was eventually caught. To their surprise, the Black Siren collaborated with a man tasked with getting captured. Thus, they attacked the police station, leaving the heroes in suspense and asking where they would attack again. The vigilantes tracked down the criminals' truck they attacked. However, as a result of Spartan's inattention, Wild Dog suffered, who was hospitalized with collapsed lungs. When he was released from the hospital a few hours later, Oliver visited him, handing him documents allowing him to try again to regain custody of his daughter. For he believed it was his fault, and because of him, Chase took away his chance to be a father. Thanks to a recommendation from the mayor, he was able to get Zoe back, which made him extremely happy.[24]

Samanda Watson interrogates Rene Ramirez and Quentin Lance

Samanda Watson interrogates Rene Ramirez and Quentin Lance.

When an anonymous individual donated a photo of Oliver wearing the Green Arrow suit to Channel 52, Curtis and Felicity spent a long time trying to use a variety of algorithms to discover the origin of the file as well as where it was taken. Rene, meanwhile, was recovering, helping the mayor by hiding him from the FBI, and telling him that lying to children was important - especially the little ones. As if the problems were not enough, Anatoly Knyazev appeared in the city, who was targeted by the vigilantes. After much thought, the technicians managed to solve the mystery, as well as rescue the hostages from the enemy's hands. When it was over, they relayed all the information to the television, clearing Oliver's name.[25]

Team Arrow in the field led by John Diggle

Team Arrow in the field led by John Diggle.

Not long after John took over the title of the Green Arrow, the team chased after Alex Faust who had previously managed to escape them. We successfully surrounded him and stunned him by putting him behind bars. In the bunker, Diggle revealed that he was not sure if their plan would work out, as someone would eventually notice that the Green Arrow was not using arrows. After the mysterious team attacked Kord Industries, the team began looking for connections and discovered the intentions of a woman named Onyx Adams and her people. They were expecting an attack on Kord's truck, so they decided to secure it. However, the team was easily defeated, the cargo was stolen and several innocent people suffered as a result of Diggle's indecision. Despite different opinions about the leader, everyone still had a goal - to stop the criminal. The heroes discovered that Rob Reynolds would be the next target of the attack, so they headed to his location. Together, they managed to defeat the criminals, which they later celebrated at the base. Holt and Felicyty revealed that they were working behind a crossbow for John to shoot arrows and handed him the Green Monster.[26]

Team Arrow storming the International Domain Name Directory Vault

Team Arrow storming the International Domain Name Directory Vault.

Each of the team members was on their own when a problem arose in the form of the mysterious and seemingly random three victims of the Black Siren. Not wanting to allow further death, Holt created a device that could track an enemy when she used her abilities. This way, they tracked her down to Helix's old hideout, where it turned out that she was working with Cayden James. Alena suffered as a result of the fight, and the vigilantes immediately transported her to the hospital. As they failed to catch the criminals, the team began looking for links between the victims of the evil Laurel. Each of them shared a boring life that was a cover. In fact, they were important figures working on the International Domain Directory, and had access to all the servers that the internet consists of. Thus, they understood that the criminals wanted to get into the server room and destroy the internet. They immediately went to the place where they began to fight the enemy who had managed to escape. Their action, however, was partially successful, because thanks to Felicity's cleverness, it was possible to save the network.[27]

Mister Terrific and Wild Dog discover the hideout of the Vigilante

Wild Dog and Mister Terrific discover the hideout of the Vigilante.

Rene had been appointed by Oliver as deputy mayor during his several days' absence, but when Vigilante set the target of Councilor Pollard, the team began looking for clues about the Vigilante. Soon after, Dinah confronted the criminal alone, discovering that her ex-partner Vincent Sobel was hidden under the mask. Based on the scales obtained from the crime scene, the heroes discovered the warrior's hideout, which contained a large supply of ammunition. The team was about to attack a criminal at Channel 52 headquarters, but Agent Watson thwarted their plans by preventing the meeting. Soon after, Ramirez was called to FBI headquarters for an interview.[28]

Diggle admits to the team being addicted to the Dragon drug

Diggle admits to the team being addicted to the Dragon drug.

In Oliver's absence, the team led by John investigated a criminal gang, but their commander managed to escape. As it turned out, thanks to the efforts of Felicity, their opponent was Ricardo Diaz - a man known by the code name Dragon, a criminal who will not bow to anything. The heroes tried to get him, eliminating most of his men, but he managed to escape again, throwing the ball towards Diggle. Upon returning to the hideout, the vigilantes rethought their actions and discovered that Diaz was behind the production and sale of a steroid that would increase combat abilities and concentration. Thanks to John's informant, the heroes obtained the address of his laboratory, where they eventually went. Unfortunately for them, everything was destroyed and Diaz managed to escape once again. After a few hours, Diggle decided to tell his friends the truth that he was taking Ricardo to get rid of the hand vibrations that resulted from the wounds he received on Lian Yu. The team accepted the soldier's apology, and Curtis agreed to help his friend in the same way he helped Smoak get out of his wheelchair.[29]

Curtis argues with Felicity about how their project works

Rene, Curtis and Felicity in the bunker.

Rene and the team visited the hideout when Oliver was arrested by the FBI. However, no one could show the city that the Green Arrow is Oliver and that after his arrest, the vigilante will stop appearing, so they decided to continue. Upon learning that Cayden James was working with the Black Siren again, they decided to attack them at the company they were breaking into. There, however, Diggle suffered a pain attack and had to send the team alone, but failed to catch the enemy. Holt, understanding the reason for the attack, took his friend to the hospital, where Dr. Schwartz looked after him. Rene acted with Quentin as deputy mayor at town hall all the time, until he finally had to put on his costume again and fight the hacker, with the help of Oliver, who was released on bail. Together with him, they discovered that James was taking revenge on the Green Arrow for killing his son - Owen Post. Despite trying to capture the criminal, he managed to escape, making the Anti-Vigilante Act into force, making it difficult for the heroes to work.[5]

Crisis on Earth-X[]

Earth-1 heroes and Earth-X rebels listens to Oliver of Earth-X's bargain

Rene with the other heroes of Earth-1.

Wild Dog traveled to Central City with Black Canary and Mister Terrific to defend their friends from the Earth-X Nazis. The heroes personally showed up in the S.T.A.R. Labs, where they stood up for Heat Wave and Killer Frost, fighting the Dark Arrow. The opponent, however, turned out to be a skilled fighter and easily defeated the vigilantes. He then ordered his men to lock them in a tube in their cells, which they were unaware of due to their unconsciousness.[30] When the other heroes abducted to Earth-X returned to Earth-1 with the support of The Ray and Citizen Cold, Ramierez and his other allies were freed from their cells by Citizen Steel, with whom he then defeated Metallo. After that, everyone went to the Waverider, where they began to prepare for a fight with the enemy, when they were interrupted by a message from the evil Oliver, who offered a truce in exchange for Supergirl's life. The heroes, however, did not agree, thus causing a fight in the streets of the city. It soon became apparent that Overgirl was becoming unstable and could explode, wiping Central City off the face of the Earth. Wells advised Supergirl to take her doppelganger high into space, where it was destroyed. Thus, the Green Arrow murdered Dark Arrow, ending the war, after which the vigilantes returned to Star City.[31]

Establishing a new team[]

Zoe Ramirez returns to the care of Rene

Zoe Ramirez returns to the care of Rene.

The entire team attended Oliver and Felicity's wedding, with Rene spending most of his time with Curtis and Dinah. The party made Holt think about relationships and breakup, which led to intoxication. Even so, he was sober enough to catch the bride's bouquet, but was unable to speak normally, and Ramirez decided to take his friend back to his own house. Quentin was kidnapped shortly after, and Cayden James made demands for a power device from the A.R.G.U.S. headquarters that the vigilantes had stolen. Oliver asked Holt to remake the device, and Holt agreed. Immediately afterwards, it became known that Oliver, Felicity and John were informed that someone on the team was going to testify against the mayor in front of Agent Watson. The three suspected Dinah, whom they rejected from the crew, confessing that they had spied on both Rene and Curtis, leading to an altercation of trust. It turned out, however, that it was Ramirez, whom an FBI agent had pushed to the wall, threatening him that if he did not help, his daughter would never see her father again. The confession upset Oliver, who kicked the man from the team. A few hours later, after talking frankly with Thea, Oliver gave the band a second chance, getting ready to get Quentin back from Cayden's hands. Even though all turned out well, the mayor kicked Rene out of the team for disobedience during the mission, and with him left Dinah, who could not trust the team. Curtis also resigned hours later, admitting he couldn't trust people who didn't trust him. Returning home, Rene picked up his daughter and took her to his apartment, assuring her that he would never leave her.[32]

Team Arrow is divided

Team Arrow is divided.

For the next several weeks, Rene avoided the rest of the team, thus getting fired by Quentin. The man took full care of his daughter until he was visited by Curtis at the end of January 2018. The men discussed what had happened within the ranks, with Ramirez beginning to feel guilty about what had happened. Some time later, Curtis, Rene, and Dinah were summoned to Felicity's house, who, along with John, presented them with discoveries that there had been a bedbug in the bunker for several months. Consequently, Cayden's team, which included Ricardo Diaz, Anatoly Knyazev and Vigilante, knew everything about the vigilantes.

New Team Arrow civilian outfit

New Team Arrow.

After this awkward conversation, Curtis and Rene made their way to Ramirez's apartment, where Dinah joined them soon after. She decided that they had to form their own band as they couldn't sit with their arms folded. Hours later, the three were invited again by the Team Arrow, and during the meeting Oliver apologized for his behavior, explaining his intentions and expecting the recruits to help him in his fight against Cayden. However, they disagreed, believing that they prefer to be in Outsiders, where they are appreciated. As a farewell, Holt handed John the repaired chip, then left the rest of the way. The three went to the hideout Curtis had prepared for their team.[33]

Rene, Curtis, and Dinah get a message from Vigilante

Rene, Curtis, and Dinah get a message from Vigilante.

The Outsiders were working in their hideout when they found out that Cayden James had mastered the city's entire infrastructure and was causing harm to innocent people from a distance. Their thoughts were interrupted by the activation of one of the T-Sphere, which began targeting the Vigilante itself. The team decided to go to the scene and check everything in order to finally be able to capture the enemy. They found nothing there, however, and returned to the base, where Curtis called Felicity to find out the location of a certain place. Immediately afterwards, they went to an underground link between two train routes, where the two vehicles were racing at each other. As neither Curtis nor Rene could separate the tracks, Dinah started screaming so hard at one of the trains that she finally stopped it.

New Team Arrow


Upon returning to the base, Holt told his friends that the information he had had been passed on to him by Vincent Sobel himself, believing that they should trust him. After discussing the details, the heroes unanimously agreed that they should use the information from the enemy, who interrupted the conversation and sent another message using T-Sphere. According to its content, the heroes went to the indicated place, but for safety reasons, they contacted the Team Arrow, with whom they decided to join forces for this one time. Together, they held back Boots's attack on a safe zone of the city, and during the fight, the Vigilante once again proved his worth by killing Sheck in defense of Ramirez. After that, both teams returned to their hiding places, ending their cooperation.[34]

The city was in fear of the recent actions of Cayden James, who continued his activities by murdering A.R.G.U.S. agents during one of the missions. Dinah continued her relationship with Vincent, who continued to feed the Outsiders. During one of the meetings, he was attacked by the Team Arrow, but Wild Dog and Mister Terrific immediately stopped them from being stupid by confessing the truth about the Vigilante. Everyone immediately went to the hideout, where all inconveniences were cleared up. Oliver, however, still did not trust Sobel, but needed him to hack Cayden's servers. Everything went as planned, but as soon as Vincent left the building, criminals caught him, seeing him as a traitor. As soon as the heroes found out about it, they set off to save him. Unfortunately for them, the original line-up of the team preferred to find the discovered bomb, rather than saving the ally, and thus only the Outsiders went to Vincent's rescue. On the spot, however, they fell into a trap and were separated. Dinah crushed the ceiling as she watched the Black Siren murder Sobel on Cayden's orders before her eyes. When Curtis and Rene arrived, it was too late to rescue the ally. Returning to base, the devastated woman thanked her friends that they had gone with her to get Vincent, then headed home.[35]


Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific brought Diaz to James.

Realizing that Dinah was pursuing Laurel Lance, Rene and Curtis decided to stop her, but to no avail. Returning to the hideout, the men received a call from John, who informed the allies about Cayden James' plans and the intention to activate the bomb in the evening. He also revealed that they could avoid this by bringing the man's allies alive to a specific place. The heroes unanimously decided that it would be best to deal with the Black Siren first, because Drake is on her trail. As expected, the vigilantes met women fighting each other, breaking them apart. After a short discussion, the heroes split up again to catch Knazev and Diaz. When they were all captured, they immediately went to the assembly point. There Laurel, wanting to upset Cayden, confessed to killing his son and approached him, beginning to insult him. Knowing that the woman was lying, he slapped her, not realizing that the bomb activator was interfering with the meta-gene blocking collar. In doing so, Laurel managed to break free and make a mess, deafening Cayden and allowing the others to escape. The heroes immediately chased the criminals who, despite their best efforts, managed to escape. Cayden himself, however, was caught and arrested. The Outsiders, however, left the bunker, believing that their joint victory still changed nothing. Oliver held Dinah out and told her that she was better than this and didn't need to kill.[36]

The Outsiders investigate the crime scene

The Outsiders investigate the crime scene.

When it became known that the city's 70 million stolen by Cayden James had been stolen again, both the Outsiders and the Team Arrow began looking for answers to who had stolen them. As it turned out, Laurel Lance was behind it all. Both teams started looking for the woman from the place where they last saw her. When the Outsiders returned to their hideout with nothing, the heroes suddenly stormed them, following the clue they found, indicating that the wanted one was in this place. There was a quarrel between the two teams, which resulted in a strong disagreement. Rene took advantage of the opportunity to argue with Oliver and attached a bug to his suit, thanks to which they could overhear their achievements in their search. Thus, after a few hours, they found out that it was Quentin who was hiding Laurel and they set off to the set place after the old team. However, they found out that they were being followed and threw out the bug,

Original and New Team Arrow face off

Original and New Team Arrow face off.

losing the Outsiders. Curtis refused to give up and used an implant implanted in John's hand to track down the vigilantes. When they got there, a fight ensued between the two teams, during which Laurel began to run away with Quentin. Ramirez fought Queen when Holt decided to run after Dinah and stop her from doing a foolishness. He managed to speak to his friend, but Lance took the opportunity to run away. Rene's condition, led to him by Oliver, meant that Rene had to be transported to the hospital as soon as possible. After waiting for a message for several hours, Dr. Schwartz said they needed to transfer the patient to a facility outside of Star City. After a moment, John and Felicity appeared, wanting to know their friend's condition. Curtis unequivocally stated that they have no right to ask about it and are not friends, ending their cooperation, all communication and acquaintance.[37]

The Outsiders reconcile with Diggle

The Outsiders reconcile with Diggle.

Curtis picked up Rene from the hospital after being away for over a month. Upon entering the house, the man spotted his daughter and Dinah preparing a Christmas greeting. Soon after, the team headed to their hideout, where they began discussing their plans, noting the Dragon's connection to the Quadrant. So they tracked down the Scorpions and destroyed the weapons cage, thus trying to provoke Diaz to leave his hideout. Unfortunately, they were attacked by Lydia Cassamento's men, prompting the heroes to flee.

The Outsiders are cornered

The Outsiders are cornered.

Diggle came to the rescue, who with the forces of A.R.G.U.S. helped friends in retreat. In the hideout, John apologized for the harm he had done to them and for the distrust he had placed in them. The conversation was interrupted by Quentin, who pointed out to the heroes that Diaz was a member of the Quadrant. This forced the heroes to take the next steps, namely to destroy the loaded trucks, but without Ramirez, who could not shake the thought of death and parting with his daughter.

The Outsiders learn Oliver was arrested

The Outsiders learn Oliver was arrested.

After the mission was over, Curtis visited Rene, wanting to know if he was going to return to the team, but Rene was not entirely sure, worried about leaving his daughter behind. Unexpectedly, Zoe left her room, revealing that she knew the truth about the activities of her father and friends. She wanted him to continue to be Wild Dog because he fights for a home - her home. Hours later, the three watched the news of Bethany Snow, who publicly announced Oliver's arrest, noting that the trial would be held on May 3.[38]

Hours before Oliver's trial, the team wondered in their hideout what to do. After a brief discussion, they all agreed that no matter what they thought about Oliver, his secret threatened their secret and went to court to support Felicity and William. Curtis is the only one who has not been questioned, which allowed him to watch Alexa Van Owen drown Dinah and Rene being forced by Diaz to tell the truth, under the threat of killing his daughter. Soon after, Diggle brought Human Target to Star City, who disguised himself as Tommy Merlyn, and told the story that he was the Green Arrow that the Spartan and Wild Dog later retook from the police. Soon after this, testimony was made by Laurel Lance herself, who stood up for Oliver and did not reveal his secret identity. However, the jury sentenced Oliver, but thanks to Rene, Christopher Chance pretended to be a judge who waived the council's sentence, finding it unfair, thanks to which the former mayor of the city was acquitted. After all, Rene and his daughter returned home and spent time with her when unexpectedly someone knocked on the door. Frightened, Ramirez took the gun and ordered his daughter to lock up in his room. In the end, it turned out that the guest was Oliver Queen himself, who thanked the man for his help and for bringing an ally.[39]

Outsiders consider attending Oliver's court hearing

Outsiders consider attending Oliver's court hearing.

Rene watched a game with his daughter on TV when armed attackers broke into their home. Ramirez hid his daughter and got rid of the criminals, realizing that this was another step for Diaz. He sent his daughter to the A.R.G.U.S. safe house and met the team in the hideout. The Team Arrow also arrived, the bunker of which was completely destroyed. As both teams had a common goal, they decided to work together. Thanks to the information from Knyazev, the heroes knew about Diaz's transport to the police station, so they attacked the truck. Seeing Ricardo fleeing, Mister Terrific caught up with him and, filled with aggression, began hitting the ground. The gangster quickly broke free and stabbed the vigilante, then quickly escaped, picking up the lost flash drive along the way. The team ordered a retreat, taking Curtis to the hospital.

Team Arrow reunited in New Team Arrow's base

Team Arrow reunited in New Team Arrow's base.

Immediately after that, they began to conclude what was the device for which Dragon had given up on killing the hero. It turned out she could keep a payroll there. They set a goal of getting it and therefore sent Lyla to the police station. Ricardo, however, discovered her cover and attacked her, forcing the heroes to attack the command. They managed to clone the data and make it back to the hideout safe, but spend the next hours waiting for decryption. However, the hideout was attacked by Diaz's unit, which gassed the entire building. Felicity and Oliver ordered the heroes to flee while they themselves waited for full data decryption. Unfortunately, the situation worsened and they too had to flee, blowing up the hideout behind them. After that, the heroes went to the headquarters of A.R.G.U.S., where they found out that the enemy had survived and they were left with nothing. Oliver, however, had a final plan - went to talk to Agent Watson.[40]

Team Arrow and the FBI miraculously escape death in a Diaz trap

Team Arrow and the FBI miraculously escape death in a Diaz trap.

Oliver made a deal with Agent Watson, and the FBI began working with the vigilantes. Together, they recaptured the command, but they did not encounter Diaz there. Anatoly Knyazev gave them a location, but it turned out to be a mined trap into which the heroes entered. Rene, fearing for his own life, called his daughter and told her that he was proud of her. Ultimately, thanks to Overwatch, we managed to get out of the way and come back on command to regroup and make another plan. Before continuing the action, Oliver expressed his pride with Rene by apologizing to him for everything. From him, too, he heard the kind words that edged the archer. The Heroes then used Quentin to get to Ricardo. The mayor, however, did not want to return without Laurel and turned himself in to the gangster, to everyone's surprise. As Oliver searched for a solution, he remembered the pacemaker in the ex-cop's heart that could track him. Immediately after being located, they rushed to the scene and began fighting the criminals. Ultimately, Ricardo managed to survive and escape the mishap, so the heroes went to the hospital with a wounded Lance. While they waited for news of his condition, Agent Watson arrived and arrested Queen. It turned out that at the expense of the cooperation, the man was voluntarily handed over to the agency, with an emphasis on immunity for other heroes. As if that were not enough, Dr. Schwartz informed the audience of Quentin's death, which broke everyone. When Oliver was transported to prison a few hours later, he pleaded guilty to reporters and cleared Roy Harper and Tommy Merlyn, and asked his friends to fight and not leave the city to their fate.[41]

A new friend[]

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With Oliver Queen in prison and no more vigilantes in the city, the crime escalated. Then came a new Green Arrow,[42] Emiko Adachi, who is actually Oliver's half-sister. Rene befriended Emiko and helped try to avenge her mother, Kazumi Adachi's death.[43] Later, it was revealed that Emiko was the leader of the Ninth Circle; which left Rene disappointed.[44]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

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During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Rene as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[45] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[46]

Erased future[]

Future Rene Ramirez

Rene Ramirez in an erased future.

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Sometime before 2040, Rene had a falling out with Dinah Drake and severed all ties with her, disapproving of his daughter's association with her. By 2040, he had become the mayor of the Glades. He was approached by his daughter Zoe Ramirez regarding her, Dinah, Roy and William's discovery of plans to destroy the rest of Star City, and were in need of access codes. After refusing to help his daughter, he was approached by Dinah outside of his office, who informed him that Felicity was murdered and reminded him of the Mark of Four that he swore to. Although he was hesitant, Rene declined to help Dinah and warned to arrest her if she ever came back. However, Dinah wasn't planning on leaving without the codes and implied that they had a fight a while back which Dinah won.[47]

It is then later revealed that Rene is associated with a group that aimed to bring the Glades to prosperity, but was unaware that they also had plans to destroy the remainder of Star City. He was visibly disturbed at the fact that the benefactor of the group had Felicity murdered for (seemingly) betraying the group.

Rewritten reality[]

Damien Darhk with his trophies

Wild Dog's mask alongside other fallen heroes killed by Damien Darhk.

In an alternate reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny, Wild Dog was killed by Damien Darhk, along with Green Arrow, Spartan, Black Canary, The Flash, Ragman, Vigilante and later Felicity. All of their masks were kept as trophies in Darhk's office.[48]

New multiverse[]

Victory over the Anti-Monitor[]

The heroes discovering that a giant Beebo was attacking the city

The heroes discovering that a giant Beebo was attacking the city.

The day after the new Earth was created, Rene had his old memories restored by J'onn J'onzz. Rene, Diggle, and Dinah mourned Oliver's death and met with Sara Lance, Barry Allen, and Kara Danvers. Rene, Dinah, Diggle, and Sara watched Barry, Kara, Ray Palmer, and Mick Rory fight a giant Beebo, to everyone's surprise. Rene celebrated the victory with the heroes and spoke to Mick, to whom he told that they also had a Rory.

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor.

Rene immediately went to Star City to join the final battle alongside Martian Manhunter, the Dreamer, Spartan, the Flash, White Canary, Superman, Batwoman, Alex and Kara, to stop the resurfaced Anti-Monitor from destroying the universe once more. Rene, Dinah, Sara, Mick, and Ray watched the tribute to Oliver with sadness.[49]

Final mission with Team Arrow[]

When Oliver's son William is kidnapped by John Byrne, Rene assists in finding William and later attends Oliver's funeral.[50]

Rene later called Sara, but she didn't answer.[51]


Rene Ramirez

Rene in his civilian persona.

"I don’t like rules... or listening."
—Rene Ramirez[src]

In his former life as a family man, Rene was vehemently against his wife Laura continuing her drug habit long after getting out of the Glades and being in a more stable financial situation. He was blunt, fierce, and dealt in absolutes, threatening to kick Laura out over continuing her addiction. Rene was also a caring and affectionate father to Zoe, and began to lose himself after she had been taken out of his custody following Laura's death. He considers himself unworthy to be Zoe's father as he couldn't protect his family from a drug dealer. For the following years, Rene was afraid to fight for Zoe, believing that he might hurt her. Only at the urging of Curtis and Quentin's efforts, the hero decided to do something.

Rene initially saw justice in his somewhat abnormal way. Getting to know Oliver and joining his team, he realized that he was an inexperienced fighter and made many mistakes. Even so, he did not obey the Arrow, believing that he was not taking orders from anyone. After some time, he explained that he could not trust his leader if he did not trust him, which affected his relationship with Queen. Acting on his own, he believed that it was better to murder criminals than to let the police arrest them, explaining that the world would be better without such people. Rene is also extremely hot-tempered and has gigantic stubbornness, as shown by taking Evelyn on a Sampson spy mission, despite Oliver's bans.

Rene hated meta-humans and others with superhuman abilities, believing that while some try to help the world, they only make things worse. However, the situation changed when Flash and Supergirl saved him, seeing exceptions in some individuals. Ramirez was initially unable to get along with Quentin, but their shared problems brought them closer together. The man often says "boom" to the former policeman, even though he knows that he does not like it.

Wild Dog

Rene as Wild Dog.

"You know what I know is, is that you used to stand up for anyone in need. It didn't matter which part of town they were from. You were a hero."
Zoe Ramirez to Rene Ramirez[src]

Rene and Oliver often butt heads having different ideas of justice. Rene is also a lot more inexperienced than Oliver Queen, causing him to make more mistakes. He also doesn't like to take orders from anyone, resulting in him often ignoring Oliver's commands. Rene doesn't like to fight battles without trusting the leader and without the leader trusting him, saying this to Oliver once he revealed himself as Green Arrow. In his work as a vigilante, Rene prefers to hunt and kill anyone who he thinks is bad instead of leaving them to be arrested by police. He does this as he believes that the world would be better without people like them, although his headstrong and impulsive traits cause him to kill and attack criminals without strategy or precision as Oliver does.

This was shown he arranged for a "recon mission" to spy on Derek Sampson's operation with Evelyn Sharp so he would be able to attack them with backup. Not only did he instigate a fight, but he also put himself in a position where he would be able to kill Derek himself and justify it as self-defense, while he would not admit to it. His lack of seeing a big picture when it comes to fighting crime surgically led him to kill Sampson without knowing that the police wanted to build a case against Sampson to get him to reveal other dealers, only seeing it a victory in there being one less dealer on the streets. Felicity Smoak even called Rene out on his stubbornness, thinking he was worse than Oliver in that regard. Rene also initially had a strong hatred for meta-humans and any super-powered individuals. He believed that although they were trying to help the world, they were only making it worse, and he didn't want anything to do with them. However, once the Flash saved his life, he realized that are some meta-humans and aliens that are actually good and he now respects Barry and Supergirl for what they're doing to protect the world.

Rene had long since resigned himself from continuing to try to get Zoe back in his custody after being placed in the foster care system. This was until Curtis dug into his past and got in touch with a lawyer, who had enough evidence regarding Rene's competency as a father to start a case to get Zoe back into his life. This showed a marked improvement between Curtis and Rene's friendship.

Rene has a habit of calling Quentin and sometimes Curtis, "Hoss". Despite the fact that his wife was killed by a criminal who was using a gun, Rene does not have a dislike for guns, as he still firmly believes that the latter does more good than bad, and can save innocent lives.

Rene loves his daughter, Zoe Ramirez very much and would do almost anything for her; such as when he was blackmailed by Samanda Watson (after she had somehow obtained evidence that he is Wild Dog) to testify against Oliver in court (regarding the latter's identity as Green Arrow) with the threat of him never seeing his daughter again - which he reluctantly agreed to; but he still felt extremely guilty and remorseful for betraying Oliver.

Rene has a sense of justice, honor and good morals; for example, he did not let Dinah Drake take the blame of being the witness who was (apparently) going to testify against Oliver in court - regarding Oliver's identity as Green Arrow (even though could have evaded blame and kept his status as the actual witness a secret; until Oliver's court date) he refrained from, despite this, he still became completely enraged and disgusted that Oliver, Felicity and John Diggle had violated his privacy, even though they were correct in believing a teammate did betray them, he still felt it is a line that he would never cross.

Rene also got tired of John and Felicity in their self-righteous attitudes towards him, acting as though his testimony against Oliver was out of a whim, when they knew full well he did this for his daughter, Zoe and nothing else, later, when Oliver finally apologizes for his (unfair/unjust) treatment towards him, along with Dinah and Curtis Holt, despite the sincerity of his apology, Rene could not return to the team, having lost complete trust and respect for the original members of Team Arrow - firstly for the violation of his privacy and trust, but foremost because they never trusted him in the first place and did not treat him as an equal (even prior to his role as a witness in Oliver's trial) as he felt strongly that he could not be part of a team where there was no trust.

Rene does not know the difference between bravery or foolishness; for example, during a violent-brutal confrontation between Team Arrow and the Outsiders (regarding the former protecting Laurel Lance from Dinah Drake) Rene went up against Oliver all by himself, the latter asked him one last time to stand down (after he had repeatedly bested him; as it was obvious that he was no match for his former mentor) out of stubbornness, he refused, which resulted in Oliver in Rene being critical injured by Oliver in the process; despite this, he does not hold any ill will against Oliver for putting him in a critical condition in the first place, as he realizes that he brought it on himself, if Rene surrendered like Oliver asked to do, there would be no need for them to go to the hospital.

Future Rene Ramirez

Rene in an erased future.

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  • Peak of human physical condition: Having been a former Navy SEAL, Rene is trained to superb physical form. He was great reflexes, enough to catch a device shot out of Curtis' hands[9] and deflect an arrow shot at him.[37]
"Listen, weren't you dishonorably discharged?"
"Not for my aim, hoss."
Quentin Lance and Rene Ramirez[src]
  • Expert marksman: Rene is able to wield his handguns with great skill, being able to take out numerous criminals in a firefight. He is skilled enough to avoid kill shots and merely wound criminals if needed, he is also able to shoot while moving and avoid being a stationary target. He also frequently shoots open locks.
"You have a good natural form."
"Because it's not natural. I've been working on it for years."
Oliver Queen and Rene Ramirez[src]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Rene is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist; as he able to go head-on against Derek Sampson for a while, but he was ultimately bested. Oliver Queen complimented him on his form as he was training on the bag, after being personally trained by Oliver, his combat skills have gradually improved, being able to go head-on against Tobias Church, holding him off long enough for his teammates to escape, to which Church complimented Rene for the effective blows he landed. During the Earth-X invasion, Rene along with Dinah Drake and Curtis Holt were able to hold their own against Dark Arrow, but were easily bested. Rene along with Curtis were able to easily subdue Ricardo Diaz when he tried to escape Star City, but it's heavily implied that he purposely held back. During the confrontation between Team Arrow and the Outsiders (regarding them protecting Laurel Lance from Dinah Drake) after being separated from Curtis, Rene was still able to fight against Oliver for a short time, however, Rene's combat skills were clearly inferior his, as he was easily bested; that resulted in Oliver putting him in critical condition. However, later after more months of training, Rene's combat skills have improved to the point of mastery, as he was able to take out 4 thugs and later fight against Bear, a member of the Longbow Hunters, for a while before being pushed back and even briefly fight on par against Silencer (a master hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist in her own right) and even managed to briefly knock her down.
    • Expert knife wielder/Knife thrower: Rene is proven to be highly skilled with throwing knives, as he perfectly threw one across a certain area to trigger a fire alarm. He proved to be able to fight in close combat with a knife against a Longbow Hunter and accurately threw it into Silencer's shoulder.
    • Skilled stick-fighter: Due to training with John Diggle; Rene has become a capable stick-fighter, being able to keep up with John in a sparring session.
    • Expert ax wielder: Rene is able to use an axe, he attempted to use one against Oliver, desperate to defeat his former mentor.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: When captured and tortured by Tobias Church; Rene was able to endure it for a week.


Original multiverse[]

"Sorry, hoss. But if the bad guys got guns, then I'm strapping up, too."
—Rene Ramirez to Curtis Holt[src]
  • Wild Dog suit: Rene wears a protective suit when he goes out fighting as Wild Dog. It's a largely black tactical suit, with a red chest plate and flares of yellow around it, with a metallic hockey mask.[4]
  • Dual handguns: Rene uses two pistols as weapons to fight criminals on the streets. He is shown as a skilled gunman, shooting two pistols with ease.
  • Sniper rifle: Rene used a suppressed bolt-action sniper rifle when providing cover for Artemis on a mission to stop a thief who stole from Kord Industries.[6]
  • Shotgun: Rene used a shotgun when trying to stop a ballistic missile from hitting the city.[24]
  • Knife: Rene used a knife when fighting Kodiak in the CDC. He later threw this knife at Silencer, hitting her in the shoulder in order to save Dinah from her.
  • Sonic dampener: Rene used a sonic dampener designed by Curtis Holt against Sean Sonus, causing him to temporarily lose his powers.[15]

New multiverse[]

  • Wild Dog suit: Rene wears a protective suit as his alter ego Wild Dog.[49]
  • Dual handguns: Rene uses two pistols as weapons to fight criminals on the streets. He is shown as a skilled gunman, shooting two pistols with ease.[49]



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Behind the scenes[]

  • In DC comics, Wild Dog is a Quad Cities vigilante named Jack Wheeler who targets domestic terrorism. While the costume and the nickname used in the show suggest that Rene Ramirez is an adaptation of the comic character, his name and ethnicity were changed. The Jack Wheeler version first appeared in a 'whodunnit' four-part mini-series, designed to highlight a non-powered, more realistic vigilante, one limited by human needs, and motivated by frequently out-of-control drives.
  • Rene acting as an advisor to Oliver Queen during his tenure as mayor of Star City makes him similar to DC Comics character Frederick Tuckman.
  • Rhys Williams was a stunt double for Rick Gonzalez in the role of Rene Ramirez.