Rene Ramirez (died October 2019) was the head of security of Queen-Merlyn Enterprises, as well as a secret associate of Tommy Merlyn.


Early life

At some point, Rene became an associate of Tommy Merlyn and assisted him alongside Dinah Drake in his vendetta against the Glades because of what happened to Thea Queen.[1]

Triggering the Undertaking

Rene and Dinah destroyed by antimatter

Rene and Dinah consumed by the antimatter.

In 2019, after an incident in Malcolm Merlyn's office involving Green Arrow and the Dark Archer, Rene was present when Dinah asked questions about Malcolm's involvement in the criminal world, he then professionally stopped her from asking anymore questions and escorted her out, later, when Oliver Queen confronted Tommy, Rene shot a tranquilizer dart at Oliver's neck. He assisted in taking Oliver to Tommy's hideout.

Tommy dismissed him and Dinah from the hideout, and they left, after Tommy was defeated by Oliver and he surrendered himself, he possibly gave up Dinah and Rene who were arrested by the SCPD and brought in. He was being booked when a wave of antimatter destroyed Earth-2, vaporizing Rene.[1]


  • Expert marksman: Like his primary counterpart, Rene is an expert marksman. He accurately shot Oliver Queen in the neck with a tranquilizer.



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