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"I love having my powers [...] Yes, it is scary knowing there’s a killer out there that’s targeting people like me. But I don’t want to change who I am. I don’t want to give into fear just because there’s danger involved, you know? I want to live my life on my terms. As a meta-human."
—Renee Adler to Harrison Sherloque Wells[src]

Renee Adler is a librarian at Central City University and a meta-human.


Early life

Renee Adler grew up in a small village by a bay on the East Coast of the United States. At the age of four, she began training in ballet.

At an unspecified point in time, Renee became a meta-human with the ability to move metallic objects with her mind. Also, she started living in a small split-level house near a train station, where she owns a pet Corgi.[1]

Meeting Sherloque

In 2019, Renee bought a coffee at CC Jitters, where she ran into Sherloque Wells, who attempted to charm her. He went into detail, claiming to guess things about her, but got much too specific, creeping her out and causing her to storm out. They later reconnected, however, where upon Sherloque explained how he was a detective. She became interested once again, giving him her phone number, before leaving for work. As she left, the doors of CC Jitters swung open as she turned to wave at Sherloque, causing him to realize that she was a meta-human.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Renee and Sherloque began seeing each other, though she did not reveal to him that she was a meta-human, and in turn Sherloque did not reveal that he already knew.[2]

When Cicada II threatened the city with the meta-virus, Sherloque frantically ran to find her at the library at Central City University when Renee did not return his text messages. When they met up on the steps of the library, she claimed various reasons for not answering, before Sherloque revealed that she was avoiding him because of her secret. At that moment, Cicada II arrived and upon the dagger glowing, targeted Renee. Using the distress signal on his phone, Sherloque alerted Team Flash. Sherloque revealed to Renee that he knew of her powers, so Renee used them to move a metal bench in front of Cicada's dagger. Team Flash arrived, but Cicada escaped.

Renee later recovered on the steps of the library with Sherloque, noting how Cicada wanted to kill her as soon as she laid eyes on her. Sherloque expressed fascination with her powers, to which Renee replied that she did not initially tell him due to her fear of how he would react. Sherloque clarified that he thought the world of her and nothing would change that. Renee became worried that Cicada would try to kill her again, and while Sherloque agreed that Cicada most likely would, he also revealed that there was a way to stop that.

Sherloque brought Renee to CCPD, where Caitlin Snow was administering the meta-human cure. Renee became unsure upon hearing that the cure would permanently take away her powers and promptly left. Later, Sherloque found her sitting on a bench where she revealed that she did not want to lose her powers, even if a serial killer was targeting her for them. Sherloque realized that Renee would be safe on another Earth, and revealed the existence of the multiverse, as well as the fact that he was from Earth-221. Renee quickly believed it, since Central City was home to a giant gorilla brawling in the streets with a giant shark.[3] Sherloque arranged for some of his friends to keep her safe on Earth-221, but Renee asked him to come with her. While tempted, Sherloque decided his job was to defeat Cicada alongside his friends first, but promised to find her after. The two exchanged a fond farewell and Renee departed for Earth-221.[4]

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: At some point, Renee became a meta-human and obtained powers.[1]
    • Magnetokinesis: Renee is capable of moving metallic objects with her mind, such as opening the door of CC Jitters [1] or pulling a metal bench at high speed to block Cicada’s dagger.[4]


  • Dancing: Renee likely has skill in dancing, having engaged in ballet training since she was four years old.[1]


  • Renee sent Sherloque emojis suggesting they sleep together; however, he misunderstood it as her loving fruit.


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