Renne Chandler is the ex-wife of Chas Chandler and the mother of Geraldine Chandler. She's aware of the occult world, but isn't active in it. After an incident at a bar, Chas, along with 47 others were killed but due to a protection spell, Chas was resurrected, with 47 souls now bound to him, allowing him to die and rise again until all souls are released. However they grew estranged eventually leading into divorce.


Early life

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Renne married Chas with whom she had a daughter with. After her husband was the sole survivor of a bar fire their marriage became tense resulting in a divorce with Renee being the primary caretaker of their daughter.



Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Renee Chandler is Chas Chandler's wife and mother of Geraldine Chandler. She is seen ragging on Chas for things that usually lead back to John Constantine, Chas' best friend, as she has a strong dislike of John. Renee has left Chas before, after he was possessed by Nergal. Chas was gone for a while, and during that time had been possessed by Nergal, leaving bits of Nergal inside him. So when Chas got home he beat Renee. So she left him. However, after Chas made sure to rescue 'Our Nicky' from a various series of problems, Renee and Chas sat down and talked things through like mature adults.
    • In TV Show, she is younger and more attractive than her comic counterpart, although she retains her hatred for John Constantine.
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