Renne Chandler is the ex-wife of Chas Chandler and the mother of Geraldine Chandler. She's aware of the occult world, but isn't a part of it


Early life

At some point, Renee married Chas Chandler and they had a daughter, Geraldine.

After Chas was the sole survivor of a bar fire, his and Renee's marriage became tense, eventually resulting in the couple divorcing. Afterwards, Renee became the primary caretaker of Geraldine.[1]

Saving Geraldine

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Renee reunited with Chas after Geraldine fell into a mysterious coma, though wasn't happy to see him again. However, after Chas saved Geraldine's soul from Felix Faust, Renee began making amends with her ex-husband.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Renee Chandler is Chas Chandler's wife and mother of their daughter, Geraldine Chandler. Renee despises John Constantine and opposed her husband's work with his time. Renee left Chas when he assaulted her while possessed by Nergal, though the couple reconciled once Chas was free and explained himself.


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