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"Oh, Montoya. Last I checked, you traded that big shiny pin for a basement desk in the city hall. What's it again, Freak Squad?"
"The Rogues unit."
Kevin and Renee Montoya[src]

Renee Montoya is a former police detective of the Gotham City Police Department and the leader of the Rogues unit. Renee is also the ex-girlfriend of Pamela Isley.

Renee blackmailed Ryan Wilder into working with Beth Kane in order to get the Bat trophies off the streets before they fell into the wrong hands. This was ultimately nothing more than a façade in order to hide her true agenda—to find Pamela and free her from captivity due to her regret for betraying the woman that she loved years earlier.


Early life

At some point, Renee began studying criminal law at Gotham University, where she met botany student Pamela Isley and eventually despite of their initial differences they began a romantic relationship. After Pamela was kidnapped and made a guinea pig by Marc LeGrand for one of his experiments, Pamela became obsessed with saving the planet and punishing anyone who destroys it. This extreme new way of thinking caused her relationship with Pamela to crumble.[1] During her career as a police officer, Renee's partner was injured by Pamela, now known as "Poison Ivy", which caused a major shake up in their relationship. When learning that Pamela planned to destroy the Gotham City dam, Renee herself would later reach out to Batman, imploring the bat vigilante to help neutralize Pamela.

In response, Batman gave Renee a desiccation formula of his own design and proposed a plan to capture Pamela by luring her using Pamela's past connections with Renee as incentive, with Renee herself having to be the one to administer the formula for she is the only one who can get close enough for the deed. Renee met Pamela at her apartment, pretending to sympathize with her plan to destroy the dam, before tearfully injecting Pamela with the desiccation serum, putting Pamela in suspended animation.[2] With their trap succeeded, Batman promised to imprison Ivy somewhere no one will find her, never divulging to Renee exactly where. What became of her beloved weighted on Renee for sometime and was left with the theory that Gotham's Dark Knight buried Pamela somewhere beneath of the city where no sunlight or water may reach, since such an environment would render Poison Ivy next to powerless and thus impossible for her to escape, even with her powers.[1]

At some point, Renee left the Gotham City Police Department to lead the Rogues unit for mayor Michael Akins.[3]

Investigating the Batman trophies

After being informed of several murders committed by a second Mad Hatter, Renee (who was first seen asleep in her dreary office) began investigating. She told the newly-elected Mayor Hartley that this Mad Hatter is not the original and asked her to listen to her before the city became Jim Gordon's Gotham all over again. Later, Renee turned on the Bat-Signal and waited for Batwoman to arrive. When she arrived, Renee revealed that she is aware of her civilian identity due to a deal she made with Alice. She then asked them to work together to retrieve the Batman Trophies.[3]

Renee helped the Bat Team on the case of the new Killer Croc, though she was worried that Alice had escaped when she fried her electronic anklet, but Ryan calmed her down when she retrieved Alice.[4] She also helped with Mr. Freeze's missing liquid nitrogen case.[5]

When a man was killed with whip marks, Renee suspected that it was Catwoman's whip and asked Alice and Batwoman to investigate. They discovered that it wasn't Catwoman's whip and Alice stayed with Montoya to search the files for new suspects. Alice then found a large Poison Ivy file and asked Renee why she is so obsessed with her like this, suspecting that Montoya's motives for hunting down the Batman Trophies were far less about keeping them from coming into anybody's possession and more about securing, in particular, Poison Ivy's vine and more importantly its source. Renee then revealed that she and Ivy were once lovers.

Alice later discovered a new suspect, the criminal "Flamingo". She also passed to Renee some dead samples of Poison Ivy's vines in a plastic bag, leading to Montoya giving Alice a funny look, seemingly under the impression that the other woman brought some low-quality cannabis to share and smoke between the two of them - "have a good time". Alice makes her intentions clear, denoting what those withered vines actually were and Renee takes it then immediately inquired Alice from where she obtained them; for such plant-life only withers if they infected someone, hinting that a helpless victim could be out there. But more importantly, Poison Ivy could still be alive and at large in Gotham by that very moment.[1]

Discovering the new Poison Ivy

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After finding Chris Hayner smothered by plants and bees, Renee sent him to Mary Hamilton's clinic. Unbeknownst to her, Mary was actually responsible for the attack. Renee was later called by Mary informing her of a "Poison Ivy sighting" in the Gotham Botanical Gardens. When Renee arrived, she was attacked by Mary as Poison Ivy. Later, she hooked up with Sophie Moore after meeting at a bar.[6]

Renee's true agenda revealed

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Renee is a righteous and pragmatic woman with a very personal mission to help clean the streets of Gotham City in the right way, by whatever means necessary.

Renee severely despises Crows Security due to the fact that they stole her best cases in a failed attempt to prove that they were better then the Gotham City Police Department, but mainly because of their immoral and dishonorable ways. But in all fairness, the dirty side of the GCPD is likewise far from secret.

Renee is proved to be a competent manipulative-liar; for example, she deceived the entire Bat Team (except for Beth Kane) into believing that she wanted to get the Bat trophies off the streets before they fell into the wrong hands. She also manipulated them into helping her find her ex-girlfriend, Pamela Isley, so she can free her from captivity and it was implied that she formed the Rogues unit explicitly for that purpose. Renee feels tremendous guilt, shame, and remorse for betraying the woman that she loves despite the fact that Pamela became irrational and dangerous.


  • High-level intellect/Expert investigator/Leader: As a former police detective of the Gotham City Police Department, Renee is a highly intelligent individual and an excellent investigator, as she is able to follow every lead to discover the truth behind any crime; she, in particular, is well-versed with Batman's old nemeses having kept filing cabinets of compiled information not only concerning those said rogues, but also those of the first and second Batwoman, and was familiar enough with the real Poison Ivy's vine-work to recognize a fake one brought into her attention, along with the implications should such real vine wither and die. Renee is a very capable leader, as she leads the Rogues unit in their operations, despite the fact that said unit is evidently undermanned with only Renee herself present there at nearly all times.
  • Expert of deception/Manipulator: Renee is a highly in the art of deception and manipulation; she was able to force Ryan Wilder into reluctantly working with Beth Kane by threatening to expose her identity as "Batwoman" to the public if she did not comply. Renee also deceived the entire Bat Team (except for Beth) into believing that she wanted to get the Bat trophies off the streets before they fell into the wrong hands, but in truth, Renee was actually manipulating them into helping her find and free her ex-girlfriend from captivity.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: As a former police detective, Renee is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, as she had received training as all Gotham City Police Department members do; she, while armed with a baseball bat (apparently one of Marquis' collected personal sports paraphernalia), was able to overpower several security guards at Wayne Enterprises relatively easily.
  • Expert marksman: As a former police detective, Renee is highly skilled in the use of firearms.


  • Guns: Renee is very proficient in using guns.



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