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"There is no saving me from this! Okay? You ever think that's the point? Maybe you're not supposed to." "I'm not giving up... and you're not giving up either." "Oh, no, no, no, I'm not giving up. Maybe I'm giving in. You see, I've been outrunning death for a while now. The Siege, the island... but when Diaz shot me, that felt different, like I was finally at the end, and I made my peace with that. And maybe it's time you did too."
Quentin Lance and Oliver Queen

"Reset" is the sixth episode of the eighth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixty-sixth episode overall. It aired on November 26, 2019.



Oliver awakens on the sofa in his home. Mia, Connor, and William come in and are astonished to see him, needing to realize what he's doing there. They disregard the majority of what happened already with Lyla sedating them and it turns out to be entirely certain that something is off. Oliver is normal at an extravagant occasion, but gets together with John who uncovers that they were sedated two days back. Lyla and Diggle attempt to streamline things too. Oliver knows something isn't right - particularly since Palmer Tech is back and Quentin Lance is fit as a fiddle and furthermore the city hall leader.

Quentin knows about Oliver going to jail. He was likewise shot by Diaz, but in this course of events - Quentin endures. Oliver says he recollects things unique. Rene interferes with his discussion with Quentin to uncover an issue at the police headquarters, so Quentin and Green Arrow go to help. Quentin chooses to go in and talk with the lawbreakers as they have requested while Green Arrow goes around back to help. Quentin occupies the lawbreaker and Green Arrow shows up to make all the difference yet that is when things are uncovered: Oliver is stuck in a type of Groundhog's Day-like circle and it won't be over until he stops it.

The day begins once again. A confounded Oliver approaches thing a piece contrastingly and heads to the gathering, again attempting to converse with Diggle about the circumstance. He reveals to Diggle he believes he's in a period circle and that there's a bomb in the police area. He likewise educates Quentin concerning it, with Quentin asking him how he can help as Quentin really trusts him. He additionally finds, over the span of this second circle he's not the only one. Laurel is likewise caught in a period circle, and when time resets for a third time they endeavor to cooperate. They figure out how to stop the bomb, yet it doesn't stop the time circle. Oliver awakens at home once more.

They make sense of that Quentin's demise is the reset point and Oliver makes sense of that sparing Quentin is the way to stop the loop. That makes sparing him their new objective. As Laurel is leaving, Lyla approaches her, and Laurel isn't having it. She says that she's going to uncover her once this time circle is finished. Oliver goes to attempt to defuse the bomb and Diggle goes to converse with him and, yes Oliver educates him regarding the time circle once more. Turns out the bomb isn't the key Oliver thinks he is. Diggle gives him a motivational speech and afterward consents to get him into Argus. At the fortification, Laurel remains with Quentin and she comes clean with him of her world – Laurel enlightens him concerning his passing. Quentin reveals to her that his demise, sparing her, was the most ideal way he could have gone. At the point when Oliver calls with data about the merc's den, they go to help him. Turns out, it was a snare. Everything goes blast and afterward out strolls Lyla. She discloses to Oliver he's overlooking what's really important and can't battle things – and afterward she shoots Quentin, again at a reset.

This time, Lyla isn't at the gathering and Laurel and Oliver attempt to make sense of how they get out. Oliver is attempting to associate how everything functions and he sifts through that this time circle is a test. They return to the merc's safehouse and debilitate the bomb and afterward do the following stage of their examination concerning who needs Quentin dead. It drives them to an organization somewhere near the docks and Quentin quickly gets shot. Quentin has a sad farewell with Laurel, with Laurel disclosing to him that he is the explanation she's improved as an individual and she reveals to him the amount he intends to her. She gets an opportunity to bid farewell. It closes Laurel's time circle.

Yet, Oliver is still in a loop. Lyla comes to him in the Bunker to reveal to him that and discloses to Oliver that Mar Novu needs him to become familiar with his exercise – things are inescapable and he can't battle his destiny. Oliver and Quentin start legitimately at the business on the docks and immediately go under assault with Oliver despite everything keen on sparing Quentin. Quentin attempts to talk some detect into Oliver and reveal to him that possibly he needs to come to accept things – he has. Oliver stays difficult yet Quentin removes his vest and surrenders, leading to another reset.

This time Oliver approaches things in an unexpected way. He stops to value his kids and reveals to them he's pleased with them. At the gathering, he is solemn and goes to talk with Quentin. They have a second together and Oliver says thanks to Quentin and bids farewell. He at that point meets with Lyla who uncovers that he has at last comprehended. He can't change his destiny. Lyla likewise uncovers that she's been working with The Monitor for some time and for similar reasons Oliver is. While acknowledging that she and Monitor caused this "trouble" for putting Oliver and Laurel in a time loop (in addition for not telling the truth to her team), Lyla also reveals to him that Oliver is the main possibility they need to endure Crisis – and each crucial's was a test, yet the entirety of his missions had a reason to confront the Crisis. She gives him another mission.

Oliver and Laurel wake up. They're back in the correct course of events. Laurel's time with Quentin was a blessing, an award for not deceiving Oliver. Oliver's exercise was that he needed to discover that he was unable to battle his destiny. The scene closes with Oliver and Laurel finding that they are certainly not in Star City, but on Lian Yu island.


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  • This episode marks the screenwriting debut for Maya Houston, and her only Arrow episode she has co-written to date.
  • The title references Oliver going through a time loop.
  • Unlike the previous episodes of this season, this episode included far fewer callbacks to previous seasons.
    • More so, this episode included themes of Season 6 and Season 7, mostly the relationship Oliver and Laurel had with Quentin; how both saw him as a father-figure, and Oliver's involvement with the police as he was shown to be working with them.
      • Laurel's test was to say goodbye to Quentin, after he saved her in "Life Sentence". The time loop of this episode showcases what happened if Quentin survived the events of the same episode.
        • This episode also foreshadows Quentin's fate on Earth-Prime where he survived after the events of Season 6.
  • Dinah uses Sara's canary cry device she gave to her.
  • In their last conversation, Oliver and Quentin recall their messy personal history, with Quentin attributing their later alliance to Laurel and Sara's trust in Oliver.
  • Foreshadowing: Quentin refers to cheating death during his first meeting with Oliver, and John later calls attention to Oliver's absolute refusal to give up. These are the exact reasons why the Monitor placed Oliver in the time loop, although Oliver's stubbornness keeps him from putting two and two together until the very last loop.
  • The note doc contained several references including a Stranger Things Easter egg.
    • The name Jay Nedra combines the first names of co-writer Maya Houston's real-life brother and mother.
    • Bean, Bauer, Callie, Watson and Cofax are the names of the real-life dogs that belong to several Arrow crew members. Showrunner Beth Schwartz is the Bean's owner.
  • This is the fifth and the last episode of the series to feature a member of Team Arrow (in this case, Lyla Michaels) as an antagonist, after Roy Harper in "Seeing Red", Oliver Queen in "Al Sah-him", Sara Lance in "Haunted", and Dinah Drake in "Collision Course".