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"Good evening National City, it's Cat Grant. Yes, I've been away for a while but I'm back. Now I can imagine that you're feeling afraid and feeling like your world is spinning out of control but, believe me, you have power and right now you have a job to do: resist. Resist these invaders with everything you've got. They come with empty promises and closed fists. They promise to make our world great again and yet they know nothing about the people that make this world great. They think they can con us and if that doesn't work, what, they're going to beat us into submission? They have no idea what they're up against. Aliens and humans, we need to band together and we need to stand up and fight back. Everyone needs to be a superhero. Everyone needs to get up and say, 'Not in my house.' Let's prove to these thugs that we're strong and we're united and we're not going to be conquered. And Tiara Woman, if you and your minions happen to be listening, you have come to the wrong town. Yeah, I'm Cat Grant, not going anywhere."
Cat Grant and Winn Schott

"Resist" is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the forty-first episode overall. It aired on May 15, 2017.




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Lena Luthor asks Mon-El Where's Supergirl

Lena Luthor asks Mon-El "Where's Supergirl."

"Resist" opens with Lena Luthor lying in bed inside a Daxamite cruiser. Rhea says that she saved her from Supergirl and that Lena is bound for more importantthings. Rhea says that Lena is where she belongs, ruling over 'Earth'.

The camera at that point zooms out: Lena is on board the Daxamite cruiser. It then slices to the Daxamite armada attacking National City. Daxamite shock troops teleport to the ground and start assaulting National City's citizens, including the police. Maggie kills a couple of the troops and afterward calls Alex for help, however the DEO's central station rapidly falls enduring an onslaught as well. As D.E.O. specialists tumble to the Daxamite's powers, Winn seeks shelter and covers up inside the DEO base while Alex jumps off the overhang caught by Supergirl just before hitting the ground. Supergirl says they have to cover up as Rhea announces National City to be "New Daxam."

Back on the Daxamite cruiser, Rhea converses with Mon-El about the invasion. She says she anticipates modifying Daxam on Earth, subjugating people simultaneously. Mon-El says that humankind (and Supergirl) won't fall so effectively, yet Rhea has plans to deal with both, by wedding Mon-El off to Lena Luthor.

Winn, Alex, and Supergirl set up an impermanent DEO base inside the Alien Bar. Martian Manhunter is still trapped in a nightmare. James appears at the bar and says that the Daxamites have immediately dominated. Supergirl additionally can't take a few to get back some composure of Superman either. Maggie flies into the bar as well, yet things despite everything look entirely dismal. Abruptly, Lillian Luthor shows up at the bar (how did EVERYONE know to head there) and offers to help.

Lillian says that she needs Supergirl's assistance and they plainly need her assistance. All things considered, Lillian is a specialist of freeing the Earth from an outsider danger. Lillian likewise calls attention to that the Daxamite cruiser has a kryptonite gun, so Supergirl can't get on board. She says that she simply needs to spare Lena, however Alex and Supergirl both reject her offer. Lillian leaves a burner mobile phone on the off chance that Supergirl alters her perspective.

Cat Grant and President Marsdin speak with Rhea

Cat Grant and President Marsdin speak with Rhea.

The leader of the US, Olivia Marsdin talks to Rhea and requests that she cancel her attack. Rhea says no and uncovers that she's on Air Force One and heading towards National City. As the circumstance raises, Cat Grant steps in (she's exhorting Olivia) and attempts to get them to talk harmony. Be that as it may, Rhea close off the line and the cruiser shoots Air Force One. As the plane falls apart, Cat flies out the side, however she's immediately saved by Supergirl. The remainder of Air Force isn't as fortunate. Supergirl fears that the president is dead, yet the president rises up out of the wreckage in her Durlan form.

Cat and Supergirl carry the president into the improvised DEO central command. Cat clarifies that she "hitched a ride" with the president when the attack broke out and calmly specifies that the president is an outsider. The president clarifies that she's an outcast from an alien world - which clarifies why she's a major devotee to refugree rights. She arranges Alex to utilize the DEO's positron laser to destroy the Daxamite cruiser, over Supergirl's complaints.

Daxamite Marriage Ceremony

Daxamite Marriage Ceremony.

Rhea brings Mon-El and Lena into her royal chamber and says that they'll proceed with the wedding or she'll explode the Luthor Foundation Children's Hospital. Rhea likewise needs them to create a beneficiary, which she can make utilizing their hereditary examples.

Alex reveals to Supergirl that she's proceeding with the president's arrangement, despite the fact that Supergirl says its wrong. Supergirl storms outside and stops for a moment to chat with Cat Grant. Supergirl says that her closest companion and sweetheart are both on the ship and that her life would be crushed in the event that they destroyed that transport. Supergirl says she's simply being childish, however Cat says that she's simply being human. Cat Grant reveals to Supergirl that she was disturbed in National City and inevitably found that it's not about what you do, it's about who you love. Cat’s discourse rouses Supergirl to make a move and spare her companions. Furthermore, Supergirl's initial step is to discover Lillian Luthor.

Supergirl takes Lillian back to the bar with Hank Henshaw. Lillian will likely utilize Superman's Phantom Zone projector to ship Henshaw to the Daxamite cruiser, where he would then be able to bring every other person on board. When Supergirl spares Lena and Mon-El, Alex would then be able to explode the ship Cat volunteers (with Winn) to make an interruption. Before they leave, Winn plants something on Henshaw, apparently to keep him in line.

Supergirl, Henshaw, and Lillian effectively enter the Phantom Zone, as Rhea manages Lena and Mon-El's wedding function. In the interim, Cat returns to her office (appalled at what James has never really spot) and sets up a communicate.

Supergirl's group teleports into the Daxamite ship and begin battling their way through the inside. Directly before Rhea completes the service, Cat's communicated interferes with them. She encourages National City to "oppose," and persuades the city to precipitously begin retaliating once more.

Henshaw effectively hacks into the Daxamite framework. He discovers Lena, similarly as Lena and Mon-El stage their own breakout endeavor. In the mean time, Alex prepares the positron cannon to shoot the ship similarly as Supergirl discovers Mon-El and Lena on board. Lillian snatches Lena and teleports away, leaving Supergirl and Mon-El behind. Lillian then calls Alex and advises her to fire the gun. Alex, believing that Supergirl is with Lillian, energizes the huge weapon.

Lena discloses to her mom to walk out on, however Supergirl is out in front of her. Turns out that Winn bothered Henshaw so that Supergirl could remote control him. Supergirl advises Mon-El that he needs to teleport away, yet that she's going to remain behind and allow his mom to give up smoothly.

Daxamite fighters teleport into CatCo to target Cat, however Guardian appears and knocks them out. After Guardian deals with the Daxamites, Cat expresses gratitude toward him and uncovers that she knows James Olsen is behind the head protector.

Mon-El teleports into the Fortress of Solitude and connects with Alex. He attempts to wave Alex off, yet the president orders Alex to shoot the Daxamite cruiser down.

Supergirl attempts to get Rhea to give up, however she's absolutely unaffected. Rhea uncovers that she has another stunt at her disposal, as a heat vision impact impacts the DEO's cannon. Supergirl pivots and gets punched in the face by Rhea's distinct advantage: the Man of Steel himself, Superman.




  • This is the first episode of the series in which Kara appears only as Supergirl.
  • This is the first appearance of Cat Grant since "The Last Children of Krypton".
  • Winn references the 1996 film Independence Day, in which an alien mothership hovers over a large portion of Earth, including New York City, similar to the Daxamites' mothership hovering above National City.
  • Cat refers to walking in on Olivia 's true form as "E.T.", referencing the 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
  • Cat uses the phrase "up, up, and away" and Kara uses "faster than a speeding bullet", both traditional catchphrases of Superman .
  • Kara refers to Hank Henshaw as "R2", referencing the droid R2-D2, and his ability to open any door locked by an electric key, from the Star Wars franchise.
  • This episode shows the first appearance of Silver Kryptonite.
  • The revelation that the President is an alien and the subsequent agreement by the D.E.O. to cover this up creates a controversy as to whether or not the US Constitution on Earth-38 prohibits a non-natural born citizen from becoming President of the United States. In the Superman mythos, the prohibition is repeatedly stated as being in effect, as it is used to explain why Superman (or Supergirl) could not be elected President.
    • It was revealed in Season 4 that this clause is indeed in effect, leading to Olivia's resignation when her true identity is exposed.
  • Brenda Strong and Teri Hatcher also worked on the series Desperate Housewives, a series that also starred Neal McDonough.


  • When Supergirl found out about the new D.E.O. headquarters, J'onn explained that this is one of many secret locations the organization owns.[1] Yet when the Daxamite invadors attack, they retreat to Al's Dive Bar.
    • It's possible the Daxamites have infiltrated these other locations off-screen, given how long Rhea, and perhaps her subordinates, spent undercover on Earth, forcing the D.E.O. to improvise.