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"I want you to bring my sister back to life."
Laurel Lance demanding that Malcolm Merlyn resurrect Sara Lance

"Restoration" is the third episode of the fourth season of Arrow, and the seventy-second episode overall. It aired on October 21, 2015.



Jeremy Tell

Jeremy Tell

Diggle and Oliver nearly catch one of the "Ghosts", but despite Diggle removing his poisoned tooth, he escapes using an electric shock. Afterwards Diggle turns down an offer to join Felicity and Oliver for a drink while they wait for a DNA analysis of the tooth; he returns home instead. There he's surprised to find an A.R.G.U.S. agent delivering on a favour he promised Lyla: he found out it was Mina Fayad who hired Deadshot to kill Andy Diggle, and she's just been flagged entering the country. At that moment, Fayad is meeting with Damien Darhk, accompanied by a solution to Star City's "vigilante problem" - a meta-human who can turn his tattoos of playing cards into deadly weapons. Darhk agrees to pay him to kill the members of Team Arrow.

Malcolm and Nyssa are "sparring" when Thea and Laurel arrive at Nanda Parbat. They have brought Sara's corpse, but Malcolm refuses Laurel's request to use the Lazarus Pit to bring her back to life, claiming that such a thing has only been done in legend and that there is no guarantee that what comes out will really be Sara. Nyssa agrees, and later tells Laurel that the price Sara would pay for the pit would be too high, urging her to accept her sister is gone.

Felicity's DNA analysis on the tooth reveals that the "Ghost" had only half the regular DNA markers, which should be impossible. They get news of a robbery attempt, but Diggle - who is tailing Fayad - ignores Felicity's call, so Oliver goes alone. The robbery is a trap - the meta-human is there, and the two fight, Oliver forced to retreat when he is injured. Diggle is discovered by Fayad's men, and she escapes while they fight with him. Back at HQ, Felicity reveals that the assassin is Jeremy Tell, a meta-human from Central City who was getting a tattoo when he was hit by the dark matter wave from the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, and whom Cisco has named "Double Down". Felicity gives Diggle and Oliver a serve for not having each other's backs, ordering them to stay in HQ and sort out their problems while she seeks help at Palmer Technologies in understanding Double Down's powers. Oliver understands he lost Diggle's trust after kidnapping Lyla, but not why he won't give him a chance to earn it back. When Oliver reveals that the meta-human mentioned Fayad's name, Diggle tells him they have to go "someplace where I'm gonna try to trust you again".

Malcolm speaks with Thea about the bloodlust she has been experiencing thanks to being revived by the Pit, first advising her to give in to the impulse to kill so it will subside for a time; when she protests, he agrees to take her in the morning to a sage who lives in the mountains who might be able to help. Instead, two members of the League attack Thea, and she kills them both; Merlyn lied to placate her, and sent the assassins to assuage her bloodlust for a few weeks. He explains that the only way to stop the bloodlust is to kill the one whose injury made her use the Pit, but Ra's al Ghul is already dead, so her only option is to take out the bloodlust on others. Furious, Thea wakes Laurel and plans to get away from Malcolm immediately, but to appease her he says he will use the Pit to resurrect Sara. Nyssa wants them to stop, and Thea has her doubts, but Laurel is sure. Sara's body is submerged, and at first nothing seems to happen, but then she leaps out of the pit and has to be restrained.

At Palmer Tech, Felicity meets with Curtis Holt, who is working on some impressively advanced technology, including a small spherical autonomous communications device, and asks him to analyse a card recovered from Double Down, arousing his suspicions with her cover story about finding it while gambling casino. Felicity a couple of times notes that her phone has been acting up, but ignores it. Holt works out what the card is made of, but Double Down is able to track the card to the lab and attacks them, revealing Felicity's connection to the Green Arrow. They escape into the HQ, but Double Down follows them, knocking Holt unconscious before Felicity can get a lucky shot off, injuring the meta-human. Visiting him later, he reveals he is happy to know she is helping to make the city a better place, but Felicity is distracted; she realizes the glitch on her phone is actually a message - directed to her personally.

Diggle tells Oliver about his investigation into H.I.V.E. over the last two years, and the link to Fayad and Darhk. Darhk meanwhile is berating Double Down for failing to kill Green Arrow, and Fayad for being compromised, especially when she responds to a comment about his "associates" wanting to move to "phase three" by mentioning "Genesis". Darhk orders Double Down to kill him, then uses his powers to stop his card and kill Fayad, injuring Double Down to make his dominance clear. Felicity helps track down Fayad, but when Oliver and Diggle arrive they find only her corpse. Diggle regrets not telling Oliver about his investigation, since together they might have found Fayad while she was still alive. With Felicity's help, they track Double Down to his car on his way back to Central City. Oliver takes a card in the chest to save Diggle as they capture Double Down, but he refuses to talk about his employer because they don't scare him half as much as he does. They send him to Iron Heights.

Sara is chained up, behaving like an animal, unable to speak; Nyssa, outraged at Sara's resurrection, has used a contingency plan of her father's to destroy the Lazarus Pit. A furious Malcolm restrains her, but she just tells Laurel that what's happening to Sara now is on her hands.

Slam crops on Lian Yu

Oliver guarding the farm

In flashbacks to Lian Yu, Oliver is still working as a guard on Baron Reiter's opium farm. He learns that the farm is producing "Slam", a hybrid crop of heroin and cocaine which is highly addictive. When some of the drug goes missing, ruthless fellow guard Conklin gathers the slaves together and starts shooting them in order to discover who took it. Oliver stops him, offering to use torture instead of killing to get results, and it works: a woman who spoke up about an elderly slave's pain runs forward, admitting she took the drugs and has already given all of it to some of the overworked slaves to relieve the pain of their injuries, though she refuses to say who and faces death. Oliver stops the other guard from shooting her, saying he will make her disappear somewhere her body will never be found, though the other guard sends an escort with them. Oliver manages to trick the other guard into stepping on a land mine and asks the slave to trust him so they can both stay alive.


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  • This is the second episode of Arrow to feature a meta-human as a main villain. The first was "Broken Arrow".
    • This is also the first episode in the Arrowverse that a meta-human appears while a main character from The Flash doesn't.
  • When Curtis is showing Felicity his technology, he shows her what appears to be a metal sphere with the letter "T" imprinted on the side. This device resembles the artificially intelligent, flying "T-Spheres" used in the comics by Michael Holt, better known as the superhero "Mr Terrific", a member of the Justice Society of America.
  • Felicity's bumbling explanation to Curtis as to why she needs Double Down's playing card analyzed is reminiscent of when Oliver first came to her with similar requests at the beginning of his crime-fighting career (i.e. asking her to retrieve data from a bullet-ridden laptop, claiming he'd spilled a latte on it).


  • Curtis says that the name "Felicity" refers to the ability to find the right words to express one's thoughts. The name, however, is derived from the Latin word "felicitas" and simply means happiness or good fortune.
    • However, a secondary definition of "felicity" does indeed refer to the ability to find the right words to express one's thoughts, so Curtis was not entirely inaccurate.


Preparation ran from July 24 until August 4, 2015. Shooting began August 5, 2015 and ran until August 17, 2015.[1]