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"Return" is the first chapter of the comic book series Arrow: Season 2.5, and the first chapter in the Blood arc. It was released digitally on September 1, 2014. It was released in a printed collection on October 8, 2014.


An all-new digital season starts here! Picking up where Arrow Season 2 left off, Oliver and Roy team-up to take down a gang of drug runners. Only one problem—they have to do it at 30,000 feet!.[1]


Oliver Queen reminisced of his former goal to save his city. Succeeding in that, in future it would still be up to him to protect his friends, family and home, and so in doing that he had to continue being "something else".

Six years earlier, a man was abusing a woman whilst holding a gun in his other hand. His son, Caleb, watched on and pleaded as his father reasoned that murder was the only option. He watched in horror as his father, whose name was revealed to be William Green, shot the woman, followed soon by himself. Caleb then proceeded to weep over the bodies.

In present day, The Arrow and Roy Harper grappled on to a "drug plane" and climbed up on top. They struggled to hold on while Felicity, back at their base, tried to hack the plane's Wi-Fi. Unable to get a clean signal, Dig suggested to go with "plan B". Oliver proceeded to stab an arrow in to the plane. The arrow exploded and the two of them jumped in to the plane. As the occupants began shooting at the men, they began fighting back. Oliver fired an arrow at the pilot, which opened up at the end to reveal a ball, hitting the man in the face. As Roy mused over the new "boxing glove arrow" (a term Oliver claimed to hate), Oliver started to fly the plane back to stability. He placed an autopilot device on to the controls and busied himself with fighting back the remaining occupants of the plane. Roy was momentarily distracted by a comment from Oliver calling him Speedy. In this moment, one of the Spanish-speaking men attempted to fire his gun at Roy, only to get an arrow to the chest. Unfortunately, Roy was hit by a bullet and began falling from the plane.


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