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"London, 1895. How do I say this? There's a vampire. Half dozen men, snatched off the streets, only to have their bodies dumped three days later completely drained of blood."
"Vampires, I've waited my whole life to kill one."
Nate Heywood and Mick Rory

"Return of the Mack" is the fifth episode of the third season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the thirty-eighth episode overall. It aired on November 7, 2017.




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"Return of the Mack" begins with a woman being pursued in London in 1895. She shouts and the man is pursuing her — or who she believes is pursuing her, that is — is Rip Hunter.

The two stumble upon a body who's blood has been depleted, and Rip sees that there are two teeth marks on the carcass' neck — implying he's been slaughtered by a vampire.

On the Waverider, Ray is chatting with Jax about needing to isolate from Stein. Ray infuses Jax with a serum he says will permit Jax and Stein to isolate.

Stein, Sara, Amaya, and Zari are eating. Zari converses with the gathering about going into the future to 2041, so she can spare her sibling's life.

Nate comes over the boat's declaration framework, revealing to them he needs to have a gathering. At the point when the group accumulates, Nate starts discussing the time misplacement map he's been exploring. He performances in on an occurrence in 1895, telling the gathering that there have been reports of vampires in London. They choose to go look at it.

The gathering — dressed as cops — visits the coroner where the vampire casualty's body is. While there, the clinical inspector has a savvy that starts ringing. Associating he's a part with the Time Bureau, the time addresses him and discover he found the watch somewhere else. The group wipes his memory and leaves the scene to look at a burial ground.

While at the burial ground, the time stumbles over a grave and they're stunned to see Rip creep out of it, requesting the Legends help.

The group rendezvous on the Waverider with Rip and he's reconnected with the remainder of the group. Ray and Jax wonder away from the gathering to discuss Jax's symptoms of the serum when Stein tails them and inquires as to why they're asking acting peculiar.

Stein's little girl calls and requests that he sing to his grandkid. Ray consents to keep helping Jax separate from Stein.

Amaya approaches Zari and the two get into a contention and when the two of them do, both of their emblems light up and they understand they're associated some way or another, yet they don't have a clue why.

Rip is disclosing to Sara, Nate, and Mick why he needs their assistance. The Time Bureau hasn't affirmed of his time misplacement pursuing and he's creeping back. They consent to accept him back on the off chance that he cancels the Time Bureau from pursuing them.

To draw out the vampire, they consent to have Nate fill in as the snare. Nate's strolling in a yard when he's diverted by a man who resembles Stein. While diverted, another man strolls up behind him and takes him out with a cloth splashed chloroform.

Nate awakens and discovers he's tied to a table and snared to a contraption that will deplete his blood.

Nate's ready to get back to the Waverider and can give a depiction to Gideon, who at that point uncovers the man who stole Nate is Sir Henry Stein, a removed progenitor of Stein's.

The gathering discovers the senior Stein — and whomever he's serving — is anticipating doing a custom utilizing Nate's blood.

Rip , Sara, Mick, Zari, and Amaya leave the Waverider to examine more. They're at a gathering facilitated by the senior Stein and a lady he claims can speak with the dead. The lady diverts Zari, guaranteeing that she needs to talk with an as of late left cherished one.

Rip and Sara split off from the gathering searching for Nate.

Ray and Jax are on the Waverider, taking a shot at discovering who dropped the savvy before. Ray concedes that they need assistance from Team Arrow.

Back at the gathering, the lady starts shaking and when she stops, she talks in a more profound voice — the spirit of Zari's sibling has dominated. Amaya and Mick step in to make her stop.

Another researcher has stepped in the room where Nate is being held and uncovers the gadget they've been utilizing the channel individuals of their blood is a two dimensional syringe of sorts, taunting the teeth of a vampire.

Curtis from Team Arrow brings in to Ray and Jax and uncovers the character of the individual who dropped the savvy.

It's Damien Darhk and the blood takers plan on utilizing the blood and function on him.

The Legends start battling with everybody at the service, attempting to get away. Sara, Rip, Nate, and Mick advance back to the Waveride.

Rip discloses that they have to permit Damien Darhk in light of the fact that it will help in their halting of Mallus, the large awful implied before in the season. A resentful Sara clarifies the requirement for them to keep Damien dead.

Zari and Amaya are talking. Zari concedes that she permitted her sibling to kick the bucket in 2041 and removes her symbol, not needing it any more.

Ray and Jax keep taking a shot at approaches to separate Firestorm when Stein strolls in and makes sense of what they're chipping away at. He gets furious that they didn't let him know and exits.

Stein runs into Rip, who utilizes a Time Bureau code to put the Waveride on lockdown. He will get off the boat and planning something for Damien Darhk.

The gathering sees Zari is missing — she's returned to talk with Eleanor, the lady who can talk with the dead.

The lady discloses to Zari that she can possibly bring the dead on the off chance that she has a momento and Zar expeditiously hands over the symbol. The lady right away thumps Zari out, uncovering it was all only a ploy to get the emblem.

The Legends on the Waverider take off attempting to figure out how to get off the boat.

The function is starting and Eleanor commits it to Mallus. When they flip the change to restore Damien Darhk, Rip ventures forward to stop it, a screen opens up and extra Time Bureau specialists come in.

Rip requests to talk with Mallus and Eleanor's body trembles as in the past and her voice is more profound. The voice expresses that Rip's past the point of no return and Damien becomes alive once again.

Sara orders Jax to fire rockets at their own load cove trying to open the boat from lockdown.

Back at the service, Damien Darhk is taking a shot at killing constantly Bureau specialists when immediately stops time to attempt to kill Damien. Time returns to max throttle and Damien gets Rip by the throat and starts stifling him out.

The Legends speed in to help Rip. Zari's ready to get her symbol back however it's past the point of no return, Damien and Eleanor time jump away.

Jax and Stein are eating grapefruit on the Waverider. Jax uncovers that he got Ray to reestablish their clairvoyant association. He persuades Stein that he ought to return home to his grandkid, and Stein consents to help chip away at the detachment.

Amaya strolls into Zari's room and they talk about her special necklace. Zari says that when the symbol flew back to her, she felt her sibling there. Amaya says she thinks the two will become incredible companions and battle whomever crosses their way.

Sara approaches Rip and inquires as to whether he comprehends that Time Agents are dead a result of him. She reveals to Rip that she can't confide in him and Agent Sharpe appears at remove Rip to show up before a court — they think Mallus is phony.

On out, Sharpe affirms that the Legends are allowed to travel time however they see fit.



  • The title is a reference to the song of the same name by R&B singer Mark Morrison.
  • Rip frequently acts like Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes, such as deducing a number of things based on a cadaver's appearance, as well as using one of his catchphrases, "the game's afoot".
  • In the morgue, Jax pretends to have an English accent. His actor, Franz Drameh, is actually British.
  • Mick Rory is reading Bram Stoker's Dracula throughout the episode. His actor, Dominic Purcell, portrayed Dracula in the 2004 film Blade: Trinity, based on characters from Marvel Comics.
  • Mick ties garlic around his neck and Sara quips that he's a "regular Van Helsing", Nate explaining him to be a character from Dracula.
  • When searching for the supposed vampire, Nate hopes for a "Kristen Stewart-type, all broody and sparkly", referring to Edward Cullen and elements from the Twilight saga.
  • Sir Henry Stein quotes a line from Act 2, Scene 2 of William Shakespeare's Macbeth.
  • There were two total lunar eclipses in 1895: May 18 and November 11. However, only the November one was visible from London, England, almost coinciding with the episode's airdate of November 7.[1][2]
  • Nate suggests they prop Darhk "up in a convertible like Weekend at Bernie's", referencing the 1989 film.
  • When Dahrk "rises" from the coffin that was holding him, the style (body straight and stiff from flat to 90 degrees) is exactly how the vampire Nosferatu from F. W. Murnau's 1922 silent film classic, Nosferatu, rises out of his coffin.
  • When making a risky move in the Waverider, Ray suggests they hold hands, to which Nate replies that it's "not Toy Story 3", referencing the 2010 film in which the climax sees all of the toys holding hands as they are seemingly about to be incinerated.
  • Zari plays Mortal Kombat II as Liu Kang, fighting against Raiden.
  • Mallus' name is likely derived from the Latin word "Malus", which means, among other things, "evil", "bad", "wicked", "ill", "harmful", and "noxious".
  • Mallus warning Rip that he will die if he looks upon the demon's true form might be a reference to H.P. Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos. In his novels, human characters face inhuman alien entities that normal human worshippers claim to be gods. These deities, when looked upon, destroy the characters' sanities or them completely.
    • Interestingly, Lovecraft's stories often take place in a Victorian setting during the late 1800s and early 1900s, with some even featuring possession, vampires, and time travel - all central themes of this episode.