Reuben Calderon was a powerful drug lord that employed Marcos Trachmann in order to stop Peter Aguilar from testifying against him.


Early life

At some point, during his career of crime, he killed Peter Aguilar's childrens leaving only his daughter Paloma Aguilar.

Mind controlling the Flash

In 1990, when Aguilar was about to testify against him, he hired Marcos Trachmann to mind control the Flash. Reuben lured the Flash to a church as a bait so that Marcos can neutralize him and put a ship inside his brain. Later, after that Trachmann had fun with the Flash, he saw on the monitor that the Flash found Aguilar's daughter. After that they captured her to blackmail Aguilar, he witnessed the Flash anthem to save Paloma but Trachmann ordered the Flash to stay still on a road to get rid of him. Later, he brought a mind controlled Paloma in order to murder Aguilar, but when the Flash interfered, Trachman ordered the Flash to bring him at them but at this moment, the gloves stopped functioning giving the possibility to the Flash to arrest Trachmann while Aguilar chased and arrest Reuben. Days later, Reuben had confessed to his crime during trial.[1]


The Flash


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