"I've heard it said that nine-tenths of reality is perception, and in my trade, it's eleven-tenths. Ah, you see? If a mage can't completely change your idea of what's real, well, then... the trick don't work."
John Constantine[src]

Revealing spells are used by John Constantine to see something invisible. They may be a separate class of spells on their own, or dispelling of other spells (depending on the origins of incantations).


Revealing spell

John Constantine casting a spell in Hungarian.

The spells' incantations and casting rituals depend on the situation. John Constantine used an English incantation to dispel Felix Faust's cloaking spell, and also a Hungarian one to reveal the hidden Egyptian glyphs left by the practitioners of the Egyptian dream temple technique.[1][2]


Five elements of the earth, I respect and invoke thee. From the six directions, converge here. Lift all concealments, reveal thy truth (English)

Fold es a levego, hogy igaz legyen reveal, A titok. (Hungarian)


John Constantine used magic to lift a cloaking spell from Haskins Railroad Yard. A stone of true seeing given to John by Felix Faust was also enchanted with the power to reveal invisible creatures, such as Karabasan. Later, investigating the case of the Egyptian dream temple technique, John needed to use a spell to reveal the magic glyphs needed for the ritual.[1][2]


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