The Reverb suit is a protective suit presumably created by Francisco Ramon, that he wore as Reverb.


Francisco Ramon presumably created the suit sometime before he joined Zoom.

He wore the suit throughout his life of crime while working with Zoom, Killer Frost, Deathstorm, and Black Siren, the suit consisted of all black clothing including a black leather jacket, another black jacket which was worn underneath the leather one, black jeans and boots, he also wore glasses which helped him look into different universes.

When Francisco was killed by Zoom it is unknown what happened to him or the suit, but the glasses where taken by his Earth-1 counterpart to help boost his powers after his versions were proven to be useless on Earth-2.[1]

His Earth-1 counterpart later wore a version when he and Caitlin Snow disguised as their Earth-2 counterparts to fool Laurel Lance.[2]


  • Identity concealment: While also to help him control his powers, the glasses on the suit can presumably help to hide his identity.

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  • The suit seems to be based on Vibe's suit from the DC comics.


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