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"A man in a yellow suit tried to steal another tachyon prototype last year."
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The Reverse-Flash suit was a protective suit presumably created by Eobard Thawne which he uses as the Reverse-Flash, which veils his identity from his victims.


Original suit[]

Harrison Wells looks at the modified yellow suit

Eobard Thawne looks at the modified yellow suit.

It is almost exactly the same as the Flash suit worn by Barry Allen, but made from a more leathery/rubbery material, and instead of being red with yellow lightning bolts, it is yellow with red lightning bolts, and the yellow fades to black starting from the torso and ending with the limbs (similar to the Arsenal suit). The symbol on the chest is backward, seemingly a reference to his title of being the "reverse" of The Flash.

While in the suit, and using his speed to blur himself, Eobard Thawne becomes very disturbingly animalistic, becoming more confrontational and howling at his enemies. He seems to enjoy his anonymity in the present, hence his more vicious demeanor.

A holographic projector is installed into one of the gloves of the suit which he can use to talk to Gideon.[1]

Young Eobard before attacking The Flash in their first meeting

Eobard Thawne wearing his Reverse-Flash suit.

The suit seems to have the same if not superior technology to that of the Flash's suit, including that it is friction-proof, and contains not only a holographic interface with Gideon, but can also be stored in Thawne's ring as well, a capability that Barry's suit has only recently been equipped with, thanks to Ryan Choi.

During Grodd's second rampage, Cisco Ramon came up with an idea to use a spare Reverse-Flash costume which was found in the time vault and wore by Harry Wells in order to pretend to be Eobard and gave an overdose of Caitlin Snow's serum.[2]

Barry decided to destroy the suit as it served as a reminder of the pain Eobard had caused. However, the suit was not destroyed as Harry donned it in order to help train Cisco's vibe abilities more effectively as fear triggers these powers.[3]

SS suit[]

Eobard Thawne (Crisis on Earth-X)

Eobard Thawne's suit while aligning with the New Reich.

At some point, Eobard Thawne joined the New Reich of Earth-X, during which time he made some changes to his suit. The red lightning bolt emblem on his chest has been replaced with the double-lightning runic symbol of the SS, used on members of the paramilitary's uniforms, and some sort of retractable mask was placed on the mouthpiece.[4]

Ripped from the timeline[]

In the erased future that Nora West-Allen hailed from, at some point in or before 2032, the Reverse-Flash suit and Eobard Thawne's tachyon device were put on display in the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains.[5] Later, Trevor Shinick contacted Dexter Myles to make sure that the suit and the ring in it got buried with its owner, who was about to be executed. However, Eobard escaped and used the suit to face off with the Flash and his daughter. Due to Cicada's dagger's being destroyed this future was erased, but Eobard escaped that timeline with the suit and the ring, meaning that this suit was ripped from this timeline.[6]


Harrison Wells as Reverse-Flash

Harry Wells wearing the spare Reverse-Flash suit

  • Identity concealment: Eobard used a yellow mask to conceal his identity from his victims and stay anonymous. As of re-appearing on Earth-X, Eobard wears a nanotech mask that only covers the large mouth hole on his Reverse-Flash suit, leaving the glowing-red eyes exposed. For reasons unknown, he has not used it since.
  • Force resistance: Like the Flash's uniform, Eobard's Reverse-Flash suit is designed to be resistant to extreme physical forces and protect the wearer from it.
  • Holographic interface: The suit has a computer-like connection to Gideon, giving the user portable access to the A.I. It has a holographic projection of Gideon in the center of the suit's palm.
  • Earpieces: The suit has wireless communication capabilities through its built-in earpieces, though it is unclear what Eobard uses them for, as he is not shown to have any other allies other than Gideon and Grodd. It's possible in his Post-Flashpoint iteration that he uses it to communicate with his teammates Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk, although Eobard prefers to wear a black leather jacket instead of his suit, and as such tends to use wireless earpieces to communicate with them.

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  • For whatever reason, when Eobard took his suit after he was found out, he took the mannequin pod with him as well, and it's unknown what he did with it. Although this may have been because he needed it to hang his suit while he hid from Team Flash until he was done working on the particle capsule he created for the accelerator, even though he had his ring.
  • According to the concept artwork, the second suit was called "Dark Flash" but the suit's name has never been mentioned in the show.

Behind the scenes[]

  • While fans have been perplexed as to why the suit is not completely yellow (like in other media), it's likely to keep dirt and other stains from being visible on the suit. Compared to the dark red of Flash suits, the yellow shows such stains better.