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"I would not create a perfect world just to watch it die. As a matter of fact, the only thing that is set to expire is you. And do you know why? Because I finally did what I set out to do all those years ago. I killed you as a child. You can do that all night long. But the fact remains, at the stroke of midnight, my timeline will solidify... And you will cease to exist. And your precious Speed Force cannot help you now, because in this timeline, she chose me. And Iris chose me. I've won. I finally won. Who's faster now?"
Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen[src]

Reverse-Flashpoint was an alternate timeline that was created by Eobard Thawne when he traveled back to several different points in time so that he could usurp Barry Allen's role as the Flash. However, with Damien Darhk's help, Barry ultimately prevented Reverse-Flashpoint from ever happening.


In November 2021, Eobard Thawne raided S.T.A.R. Labs, causing a radiation spike and for it to be shut down. He then later wore Barry Allen's face to frame him by killing civilians on the news and conducted the murder of Joe West using the Negative Still Force by reversing the timeline. Afterwards, Thawne ran back in time and killed Barry as a child then forced himself to be struck by lightning in 2013, thus becoming the Flash and Barry becoming his nemesis, the Reverse-Flash.[1]

Thawne and Team Flash prepare to take on Barry.

In 2021, when Iris West-Allen and Deon Owens discovered that someone used the Negative Still Force to rewrite the timeline, Deon gave Barry a boost via the still force so that he could run to the future. There, Barry witnessed an engagement celebration between Eobard and Iris alongside Team Flash, Alex Danvers, Ryan Choi, and Ryan Wilder, who were all unhappy to see Barry.[2] Eobard revealed he was behind everything all along and created the "Reverse-Flashpoint". Barry turned to Damien Darhk for help to retrieve a particle eradication distributor from S.T.A.R. Labs, which they planned to combine with Damien's time stone to restore the timeline. After retrieving the P.E.D., Damien discovered that Barry isn't the Barry from his timeline. However, Barry managed to convince Damien to help him after showing his sacrifice to save his daughter, Nora, in his timeline via the time stone. In order to restore the timeline, Barry would had to reach Mach 20 to open a time portal, prompting him to run around the world in order to build up enough speed. This caused several natural disasters to occur across the globe in the process, thereby causing the Armageddon that Despero witnessed, and had claimed was Flash's fault.

Thawne chases Barry as he attempts to restore the timeline.

Damien encouraged Barry to cause Armageddon in the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline, by using his love for Iris, his family, and friends. When Barry began Armageddon, Eobard followed Barry but lost him, allowing Barry to successfully restore the timeline.[1]


Barry takes Thawne's speed away.

After the timeline was restored, Eobard Thawne returned to 2021 and claimed that he will change the timeline again.[1] A short time after this, however, he came to CCPD in his Reverse-Flash persona and stated that he needed the Flash's help; he wasn't supposed to exist in this timeline, and needed Team Flash to save him. Ultimately, Barry kept Thawne from being erased from existence by overloading Eobard with electricity, causing the latter to "short out", permanently stripping Thawne of his powers. The de-powered Thawne was then taken into A.R.G.U.S. custody.[3]

Known participants

Changes between Pre-Reverse-Flashpoint and Reverse-Flashpoint timelines

Changes between Pre-Reverse-Flashpoint and Post-Reverse-Flashpoint timelines

  • As a result of Reverse-Flashpoint being undone, Eobard Thawne is no longer supposed to exist. Instead of continuing his life as manifested negative tachyons in meta-human form, Eobard now can't have his powers and continue existing. In order to keep Thawne from being erased altogether, Barry had to strip Eobard of his powers.


The Flash

Season 8


  • Reverse-Flashpoint's name is a spin on Flashpoint, a similar event where Barry changed the timeline for his own benefit.
  • This is the second alternate reality or timeline created by Eobard in which he is a celebrity, the first being Doomworld.

Behind the scenes

  • Reverse-Flashpoint features the switch of Barry Allen's and Eobard Thawne's suits, much akin to the Flashpoint event from the main DC Comics continuity, both of which indicated Eobard Thawne's involvement.