Ricardo Diaz, also known by the alias Dragon, founded a criminal organization sometime after his time in the Scorpions.

With the incarceration of Diaz at Slabside Prison and later his death, it is unclear what the status of the organization is, though it is now likely disbanded.


Ricardo Diaz founded his own criminal organization after his time in the Scorpions. He took his time buying the city's officials. He made contact with the Quadrant killed two of its leaders eventually took over the group and added it to his own.

The group is heavily involved in drug operations, however, it's true purpose is to take over Star City. Diaz and his organization allied with Cayden James, joining his cabal in order to destroy Star City and avenge his son's death, but only served to prime the city for a takeover just as Diaz had planned.

Multiple city officials work for Diaz, including former Captain Kimberly Hill, former District Attorney Sam Armand, and many corrupt officers. According to Armand, the entire police force and a number of city hall officials are under Diaz's control. When Diaz infiltrated the Quadrant and had two of its leaders killed, the organization became a part of his organization.

However, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow turned himself over to the FBI in exchange for their help in taking down Diaz, his criminal empire began falling as well as his entire influence over Star City was destroyed and he was forced into hiding.

Diaz finally comes out of hiding in an attempt to use a bomb to destroy all of Star City to get revenge on Oliver for destroying his criminal empire; however, this attempt of his was stopped by the new Green Arrow and John Diggle the two who took him down, after which Diaz is arrested and sent to Slabside Maximum Security Prison, and later dies as burning to death; leading to his organization becoming inactive, if not disbanded.

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