The Rifle is a dangerous hitman who was hired by Alice to kill those capable of reproducing a weapon that could kill Batwoman before using it on her.


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Early life

At some point, The Rifle became know for leaving death and destruction behind.

At some point, he went on missions to Jakarta and Metropolis before being hired by Alice in Gotham.



  • Master Marksman: A notorious assassin Rifle is known for killing his target with precision shots. He is able to shoot with great accuracy with a variety of firearms.
  • Expert Tactician: A trained assassin Rifle is able to track his targets and plan to take them out.
  • Stealth: Rifle is able to sneak around unnoticed.
  • Expert hand to hand combat: Despite known for using ranged weapons Rifle can handle himself in close range combat. Rifle was able to fend off Julia in a brief scuffle and knock her down long enough to make his escape.
  • Acrobatics: Rifle was able to leap over walls and agily make his escape when his assassination attempts got stopped.



Season 1


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